Power Rangers TV Spot Offers Better Look At Megazord

Power Rangers Movie Megazord

With just two weeks to go (go) before the rebooted Power Rangers movie hits theaters, fans are eager for as much content as they can get regarding the franchise. In anticipation of the new movie, Twitch is streaming every single episode of the series. Despite those decades of content to draw from, the new film will stick to the original series as a source of inspiration, while also updating a number of things. Recently, two clips from the movie have showcased some of those differences, with one teasing the Rangers' underwater journey of discovery, and the other showing off Alpha 5 and Zordon's lair.

Meanwhile, rumors have emerged regarding a number of fan theories for the film, it's been confirmed that the movie will have a post-credits scene, and TV spots continue to pour in. A recent one showed the Zords in action, as they come to blows with Rita Repulsa and the monstrous Goldar. To take the villain on, however, the Rangers are going to need to combine their power and create the mighty Megazord. A recent toy gave us the best look yet at how all the Zords fit together to form the behemoth, but now there's a better look at how it'll appear in the film.

Now, thanks to Lionsgate's latest TV spot for the film, which is titled 'Lock & Load', the Zords come together in their fight against Rita and Goldar to form the Megazord. The shots offer the clearest view of the towering warrior yet, showing just how powerful it is.

Power Rangers Movie Megazord

The spot also highlights the humor that will be present in the film, as the formation of the Megazord immediately leads to a mini-dance party. It's good to know the kid-focused franchise won't be going too grim and gritty for the reboot, as humor will help ground the fantastical nature of the movie.

On top of the spots mentioned above, a number of others have focused on Rita and her plans for power, and how the Rangers will go from misfits to heroes. So far, all of the marketing for the film has been doing wonders for the attention surrounding it. Fans of all ages seem eager to check out the new offering, which may just provide Lionsgate and Saban with a burgeoning, family-friendly franchise.

The film is also set to focus on diversity and representation, and how they can make us all stronger. It's certainly a message many will be happy to hear, even from a sci-fi film geared toward kids. After all, it's never too early to start spreading ideas about empathy and understanding, and there's nothing wrong with wrapping that message in plenty of alien-fighting action. Hopefully, the whole package works. We'll know soon enough, as Power Rangers is just a couple of weeks away from premiering.

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Source: Lionsgate

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  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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