10 Strongest Power Rangers Teams (And 7 Weakest)

When it comes to power scaling, the twenty-something Power Rangers teams are hard to rank. For one, they have many different types of power sources they use, ranging anywhere from man-made technology from the year 3000 that opens time portals to mystic coins that summon the spirit of ancient ninja animal spirits for protection.

Most people will argue that, since the Power Rangers franchise doesn’t stand up to scrutiny since it’s so absurd, inconsistent, and nonsensical, accurately ranking any teams’ power over the other is a futile effort best saved for playground debates.

Nevertheless, it can be done. Each and every Power Ranger is strong in their own right, but not all Ranger teams are created equal. Who’s more powerful than who, and which ones are towards the bottom of the power totem pole? Discovering the true answers may seem impossible, but after watching over 700 episodes of Power Rangers over the course of two decades, there's got to be a way to do it. As the Wild Force team once said: "Never give up!"

Ay yi yi, Zordon! The results are in. Here’s a list of 10 Strongest Power Rangers Teams (And 7 That Are Worthless).

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17 Strongest: Dino Charge/Super Dino Charge

Pink Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Black Ranger, Red Ranger, Gold Ranger, Aqua Ranger, Graphite Ranger, Purple Ranger, SIlver Ranger

What if the show was wacky (and maybe a little bit tacky)? It’s better than Ninja Steel.

The Dino Charge kids have the power of the energems behind them, which is really freakin’ powerful. There are a ton of Rangers in this season: 11 - which is, to date, the most Rangers a show has ever featured. Anyone watching in the audience could feel the raw power behind their blasts and punches in each and every battle.

Are they more powerful than DinoThunder, though? Although the DinoThunder teens do have special mutant abilities outside of costume (as most Disney era Rangers tended to), they’d be outnumbered and outgunned by the plethora of Rangers on the Dino Charge roster. Say it ain’t so, Dr. O!

16 Worthless: Lightspeed Rescue

This one’s going to sting.

Lightspeed Rescue is an excellent series with a strong cast, tightly written stories, and (maybe) the most courageous leader ever. It’s also the most experimental iteration of PR this side of RPM and Lost Galaxy.

When compared to most other teams from the franchise, however, the Lightspeed Rangers don’t have as nearly many resources at their disposal. They used what are essentially man-made prototype interfaces to tap into the Morphin Grid. Yes, RPM did too, but they had the advantage of using futuristic technology to do so; the LSR team were based in the year 2000. An alternate version where inhabitable space stations existed. But still...

The Lightspeed Rescue team didn't face extraterrestrial threats, either, which means that if most of their zords and weapons could be destroyed by demon attacks, they probably couldn’t handle a full-scale alien invasion like even the MMPR teams could.

15 Strongest: RPM

RPM is held in high regard in the PR fandom for good reason. Executive producer Eddie Guzelian wrote the show to appeal to an older demographic that the Neo-Saban era couldn't care less about pleasing. RPM takes ingredients from Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, and Mad Max and remixes them in the styles of Sam Raimi and Josh Schwartz.

The cast - arguably the most recognizable outside of MMPR - is also strong. The RPM Rangers face unimaginable danger every single day. They survived the apocalypse, for crying out loud. So what if their zords have googly anime eyes? They can still kick the crap our of Venjix's army of tin soldiers any day. Oh, and in case you were wondering, that is not spandex.

In fact, the RPM Rangers could save the world on their sheer hubris alone. That, folks, is where the rubber hits the road.

14 Worthless: Turbo

Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Pink Ranger

Power Rangers Turbo is a highly underrated series. Truth be told, there are quality episodes to be found in both halves of the show. (Any “Shadow Rangers” fans out there?) And the feature film that started it all of is secretly the best Power Rangers movie ever. It made absolutely no sense at all, and that’s why it’s so great.

But the Turbo team had issues. Their high turnover rate and the fact that they were constantly being overpowered and outwitted by Divatox - who ultimately won their final battle, by the way - keeps them from being effective at defending the earth. Plus, the whole car theme is off-putting after the exploring the mystique surrounding the Zeo Crystal’s powers.

Judging by their similar color schemes, it would seem the Turbo Powers harnessed the Zeo powers. Why bother? Also, they blew up both of their Megazords - on purpose.

13 Strongest: Mighty Morphin Season 2 Lineup

They’ve got a power and a force that you’ve never seen before. They’ve also got three new cast members, a set of amazing zords, and plenty of victories against the insidious Lord Zedd to tally up. Yes, folks, the MMPR season 2 crew is strong. They’ve taken on multiple giant monsters at once, with only two megazords. That sort of thing wasn’t commonplace until much later on in the franchise. Granted, all of this was portrayed through poorly spliced together footage, but still - it happened.

After the leftover components of season 1 like Jason, Zack, Trini, and the Green Ranger powers were written out and Adam, Rocky, Aisha, and the White Ranger were brought in, the team found a powerful groove. Not even huge, multi-episode events like Rita and Zedd’s wedding or being flung backwards through time more than once could bring them down.

Those were the days.

12 Strongest: Ninja Storm

As far as ninja teams (MMPR season 3, Ninja Steel, maybe Alien Rangers) go, the Ninja Storm crew is the most formidable by far. They’ve got the attitude of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles written by Joss Whedon combined with the sharp reflexes of Daniel Wu in, well, anything Daniel Wu is in.

The Ninja Storm gang were literally professional ninjas. They went to an accredited ninja school to get their education - and not an online one, either. They had the confidence to succeed, the skills to accomplish their goals, the graceful speed of the wind, and the mighty power of pure thunder. Plus, the cast is perfect.

The Ninja Storm Rangers’ arsenal was extensive and weird, but even if those were destroyed, these ninjas would have the wherewithal to figure out a new solution. Can this show have a second season? Please?

11 Worthless: Mighty Morphin Season 3 Lineup

MMPR’s third season is its finest. The stakes are high, the drama is rich, and there’s plenty of rainbow-colored ninja fun to be had. The arsenal - featuring the agile Ninjazords and the mysterious Shogunzords - is equally fantastic.

That’s why it hurts to admit this team could not keep it together well at all, racking up more losses than they did during the previous seasons. Sure, they blew up the monsters-of-the-day, but they were constantly losing in the long run against Rita and Zedd, two villains they had experience facing. When Kimberly left and Kat came aboard, things rapidly declined for the Mighty Morphin team.

Plus, when the season 3 team got turned into kids, it took them ten episodes to return to normal. When the exact same thing happened to the season 2 crew, it took them only two.

10 Strongest: SPD

Power Rangers SPD

Power Rangers SPD, another series that has a devoted fanbase, also has one of the best casts. This team was just a tiny part of Space Patrol Delta (S.P.D.), an interplanetary police force that has jurisdiction over the whole galaxy. They rely on an impressive amount of highly advanced technology to bring peace and order. For example, giant, exaggerated police vehicles that are capable of crushing innocent pedestrians. Good idea, right?

What’s really interesting is that although major conflicts existed between characters - like the ongoing rivalry between Jack and Sky, for example - the team was still strong enough to juggle multiple intergalactic threats throughout the series’ uneven yet exhilarating run. Even if the lack of a legitimate civilian identity for the Omega Ranger was a misstep, the Shadow Ranger was strong enough to make up for it.

9 Strongest: Lost Galaxy

Lost Galaxy is the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine of the Power Rangers franchise. Yes, there were multiple production issues that nearly derailed the entire series while it was being filmed, but that just resulted in a more creative, if strange and erratic, overarching storyline that salvaged remnants of the Zordon Era in a fascinating way.

The Galaxy Rangers overcame countless cosmic peril throughout the series’ run with the help of several magical items of untold strength. The Quasar Sabers, ancient Excalibur-like swords, were the source of their powers. The Galactabeasts, strange gigantic animals of unknown origins, were the basis of their zords. And the Lights of Orion, a 3,000 year-old energy source that was never fully explained in the show, was their power-up in times of need.

With the added help of the Magna Defender and a redeemed Astronema, you’ve got the makings of a remarkably strong team.

8 Worthless: Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers

Despite having most of their mini-series slogged down with Beetleborgs levels of goofiness, this team expanded the Power Rangers universe and set the stage for the transition into Zeo, a milestone that the franchise could never repeat again.

But think about it: they aren’t that powerful. They don’t have zords; they have Battle Borgs. While those are impressive, they can’t form a Megazord together. So what’s the point?

The Alien Rangers from Aquitar also refer to themselves as actual "alien rangers," which makes no sense at all. They also constantly needed to be near a source of water in order to defend the earth. That said, they do have the advantage of being actual ninjas and not stuntmen in onesie pajamas.

Still, these Aquitians fulfilled their mission to protect our earth and babysit our cute little Power Rangers with old man Billy, and they did it well.

7 Strongest: Time Force

Time Force is a favorite among PR fans everywhere - and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of the more, um, “mature” attempts at reformatting the Power Rangers franchise, although most of that stems from the story elements the writers heavily borrowed from its Sentai source material, Timeranger.

Still, the Time Force Rangers were an extremely strong bunch. Not only did most of their members and weaponry hail from the year 3000, but they also had futuristic military training expertise, which came in handy when hunting down Ransik in the year 2001. Each Ranger’s character had a strong sense of conviction to boot, especially Jen, their leader. And the Quantum Ranger? Not a sixth Ranger to be trifled with.

Also they actually traveled through time. That's important to mention.

6 Worthless: Power Rangers 2017

Power Rangers (2017) - Red Ranger without helmet

This isn’t because the movie didn’t gross as much as the studio (or fans) were expecting. It’s not even because of the whole Krispy Kreme thing, though it was quite possibly the worst product placement in the history of product placements. It’s because of other, more obvious reasons.

Such as: taking weeks on end figuring out how to morph - for the first time. Nor was prioritizing Facebook drama over following their higher calling. Plus, leveling the small town of Angel Grove in the process of saving it from that unsightly hunk of computer-generated junk that called itself Goldar? Not okay. Come to think of it, neither was a lot of stuff in that movie.

It was like I Know What You Did Last Summer meets the 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe film with scenes from a Transformers sequel spliced in towards the end. Reboot the reboot, Saban!

5 Strongest: Mystic Force

Power Rangers Mystic Force is under-appreciated. Most of the fandom absolutely hates it, but compared to what came immediately after it (Overdrive) and what came later down the line (Neo-Saban), it’s really not that bad.

Overlooking certain quality issues, Mystic Force has, technically speaking, one of the most powerful Ranger teams. Their powers were rooted in The Xenotome and ancient elemental magic. These Galwit Mysto Rangers cast potent spells left and right, wielded the power of truly awe-inspiring zords, and had what might be the fanciest looking power-ups in Ranger canon: Legend Mode. Those lion staffs with the rotary dials were a real trip, weren’t they?

One downside to the Mystic Force team is that they had little to no chemistry whatsoever. Also, Nick, the Red Ranger, virtually dominated the show's storyline at the end. Who does he think he is, Tommy Oliver?

4 Worthless: Ninja Steel

Ninja Steel has a fun cast, but their team is lackluster.

Ninninger, the Super Sentai series it adapted was underwhelming too, so it makes sense that one of the most mediocre Sentai teams in decades would also be one of the most worthless set of Power Rangers known to mankind. This is not meant to insult the kids, who all have good enough chemistry to get by. But the powers, the zords, the weapons - none of it is really powerful at all. They look like Fisher-Price toys.

The cowboy Ranger thing is hideous. Remember when sixth Rangers had bright golden shields emblazoned across their mighty torsos? Yeah, this guy has a sparkly poncho. No thanks.

Super Ninja Steel, the sequel series that’s currently airing as of this writing, is no improvement either.

3 Strongest: Zeo

Because they derive their powers from a magic crystal whose power keeps magnifying over time, Zeo ranks up among the strongest. Theoretically speaking, the Rangers could have relied on the power of the Zeo Crystal to defend the earth for a lot longer if they didn’t somehow need to swap over to a car motif because of real-life production issues. But no, they had to make the transition.

The Zeo Rangers are one of thestrongest Ranger teams in existence because of their firepower alone. They had a plethora of new, interesting, and downright weird zords that could fend off massive attacks orchestrated by the Machine Empire, one of the strongest set of villains found in any series. Who can forget Pyramidas?

2 Worthless: Operation Overdrive

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is an unpopular season. Since the series features memorable plot twists, serialized storytelling, and a far more ambitious scope than most series aired during the vanilla-flavored Neo-Saban era that followed shortly afterward, the general consensus that "Overdrive sucks" is slightly unfair.

That said, the team itself is the root of the problem with this show. Sure, they had enough zords, weapons, and power-ups to fuel an extra Super season  - and then some. But since they didn't have selfless, altruistic, and focused team-members who are dedicated to their cause, none of it mattered.

The Overdrive Rangers were constantly bickering with each other, busy being distracted by their career goals, or getting caught up in self-serving shenanigans that would make Bulk and Skull cringe. They even quit being Rangers for weeks/months on end - during the 15th-anniversary episode event. Sheesh, you guys.

1 Strongest: Super Megaforce

This might get some flak from many a hardcore fan, but it’s true: Super Megaforce is one of the strongest teams in Ranger history. How can a team that is completely backed up by all the past Ranger powers in the history of the franchise - including a few we’ve never seen or heard of before - with Zordon’s apprentice as their mentor not be strong?

Even if Gosei was little more than a giant morpher installed into the wall of a cave somewhere (which was never shown from less than 500 ft) and the episodes consisted mostly of Gokaiger footage - or Goseiger, depending certain episodes and scenes, those were darn good action scenes that demonstrated the legendary powers of Super Megaforce.


Which is your favorite Power Ranger team? Let us know in the comments!

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