Street Fighter’s Chun-Li Becomes a POWER RANGER in POWER RANGERS: Legacy Wars

The Power is with Street Fighter's Chun-Li, as she takes the form of a Power Ranger to battle foes old and new in Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Chun Li

The Power Rangers have gained a new member in their ongoing battle against the forces of evil: Chun-Li. The high-kicking Interpol agent of Street Fighter fame will be gaining a Morpher of her own as a part of the mobile game Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. She was already in the game as her usual self, but now she’s rocking a new alternate Morphenomenal form, with some new tricks to boot.

Released in 2017 to promote the then-upcoming Power Rangers reboot film, Legacy Wars (not to be confused with the console-based Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid) is a free-to-play fighting game with touch-screen combat featuring heroes, villains, and, eventually, even giant robots known as Megazords from all seasons of the long-running action series. In May 2018, franchise owner Hasbro joined forces with Capcom to bring various Street Fighter characters to the title, allowing the likes of Ryu and Guile to join the Rangers in order to take on M.Bison and Lord Zedd.

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Now some of those fighters are donning the iconic helmets and spandex themselves. As CBR reports, a new character is set to join Legacy Wars' roster in the coming months: a blue-and-gold-clad heroine appropriately named the Chun-Li Ranger. In the story of the game, Chun-Li will gain this new form via a special Power Coin, a mystical artifact which gives the Rangers their titular costumes and powers. With it, she will be able to unleash the power of the Phoenix on M. Bison and his band of corrupted Rangers, as depicted in a new YouTube trailer released a few days ago. She’s got all of her moves from the Street Fighter series but now is infused with the power of a Ranger as she takes on the wicked crime boss once more.

Chun-Li isn’t the first Street Fighter character to tap into the Morphing Grid, as Ryu was granted the power of the gold-and-white Ryu Ranger in a promotional video Power Rangers Legacy Wars-Street Fighter Showdown. This is all part of Hasbro and Capcom’s renewed partnership for the game, which will allow players to purchase DLC versions of both the Power Rangers and Street Fighter characters.

There’s no word on this yet, but it’s possible other fighters might get Power Ranger forms of their own someday to fight alongside, or even against, Ryu and Chun-Li. Just imagine a Green Guile Ranger, taking down Putty Patrollers with the power of his Sonic Boom attacks. Or maybe a pair of Crimson Hawk and Spinning Bird Zords? We might even get a Street Fighter-themed Megazord at one point! M. Bison might want to take Guile’s advice about going home to be a family man now…

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Source: CBR/YouTube

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