Power Rangers: 15 Strongest Sixth Rangers (And 10 Laughably Weak), Ranked

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are known for their cheesy heroics and colorful spandex. Every Ranger gets their own color, and most of the time each color corresponds to a specific set of character traits. The Red Ranger is usually the strong, brave leader. The Blue Ranger is often the brains of the team. The Pink Ranger is typically level-headed, and the voice of reason amidst the silliness. Most of these colors carry over from season to season, but there is always one Ranger who stands above the rest: the Sixth Ranger.

Every Power Rangers team has a additional member that shows up halfway through the season — sometimes they're friendly, sometimes they're villainous, but they are always unique. They get overpowered weapons, redesigned outfits, their own personal Megazords, and they usually become the strongest Ranger on their team-- or at least, they're supposed to. While plenty of them are iconic one-man armies, some Sixth Rangers aren't all they're cracked up to be.

For this list, we're going to rank all of the Sixth Rangers in Power Rangers history to see just how strong (or totally weak) they can get. Keep in mind that the term "Sixth Ranger" isn't literal — sometimes they're the fifth member of the team, sometimes the seventh, and sometimes they're just "Ranger allies"– but the show uses "Sixth Ranger" as a catch-all term. Therefore, any "special" Ranger who joins the team later in the show is up for consideration, whether they are sixth member or not.

Time to channel your favorite dinosaur and morph into action — here are the 15 Strongest Sixth Rangers (And 10 Laughably Weak), Ranked.

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25 Weak — Sam (S.P.D.)

He has the power to slow down time as if he were in the The Matrix, but the Omega Ranger unfortunately lands in the "Weak" category on this list. In Power Rangers S.P.D., Sam is actually from the future. Cool, right?

Sam is hardly ever around, his backstory is barely explored, and every other S.P.D. Ranger outshines him in combat.

The arbitrary rules of time travel make it so that he can only appear as a floating ball of light when unmorphed, so Sam never receives any actual character development. He also wears a roman numeral VI on is chest when he's really the seventh S.P.D. Ranger. What gives, Sam?

24 Strongest — Phantom Ranger (Turbo, In Space)

There isn't much to say about the Phantom Ranger, mostly because the guy is an enigma. With a mysterious identity and a backstory that was never revealed, the Phantom Ranger made appearances in both Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space as a lone wolf who would help the team in desperate situations.

He has a bad case of "ask-me-about-my-dark-past" syndrome, but none of the Rangers ever do, so he manages to maintain his cool-factor by being a big help. He has his own spaceship, too. Phantom Ranger isn't much compared to the other Sixth Rangers, but considering he's the Sixth Ranger after both Tommy and Jason, he's not half bad.

23 Strongest — Orion (Super Megaforce)

Orion has an undeniable advantage over the other Rangers. In Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the Rangers can turn into any previous Ranger that wears their respective color. They then inherit their suit, weapons, gadgets, and any extra superpowers they may have had as Rangers. Do you see where this is going?

In the case of Orion, he can transform into any previous Sixth Ranger regardless of their color, meaning he has all of the strongest abilities in Power Rangers history at his disposal. He's a pretty weak Ranger otherwise, but at least he's got the tools for success.

22 Weak — Daggeron/Solaris Knight (Mystic Force)

Mystic Force features a handful of debatable Sixth Rangers, though Daggeron is the best of the bunch. Daggeron morphs into the Solaris Knight, a flashy, armored Ranger that harnesses the power of the sun — quite literally. As cool as that sounds, he's still one of the weaker Sixth Rangers.

Daggeron doesn't get the chance to do much besides look cool.

His season tends to ignore the larger cast in favor of focusing solely on the Red Ranger. Unfortunately, this is a common problem in Power Rangers and it makes this Ranger look like style over substance. He does have a magical train Megazord than can travel to different dimensions, though, so that's neat.

21 Strongest — Antonio (Samurai, Super Samurai)

Samurai is one of the rare instances where the intellectual Ranger also happens to be the strongest on the team. Antonio, the Gold Samurai Ranger, has the power to move as fast as light.

His super speed makes him a powerhouse in combat — he is able to defeat several foes by standing seemingly still.

Despite being the smartest and fastest on his team, his claim to fame is accidentally getting turned into a fish in the episode "Trading Places" during Power Rangers Super Samurai. It doesn't look great on his Ranger resume, but we'll chalk it up to the show's campy charm and give him a decent spot on the list.

20 Strongest — Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers 2017)

The divisive Power Rangers reboot doesn't feature the Green Ranger in the same way the show does. The Green Ranger is actually the evil witch Rita Repulsa.

The film's prologue depicts Zordon as the original Red Ranger from the distant past. Zordon is fighting Rita, who happens to be wearing the Green Ranger armor — albeit a very dark shade of green. In this continuity, Rita betrayed the original Rangers and managed to defeat them all. Zordon technically survives, but you get the idea. She may be a crazy witch in the modern day, but that doesn't change the fact that she once defeated all of the Rangers herself.

19 Weak — Sir Ivan (Dino Charge)

The Dino Charge Gold Ranger is Sir Ivan of Zandar, a medieval knight who was trapped in the body of a monster for hundreds of years.Sir Ivan gets free in the modern world and joins the team, and that's basically all there is to him.

He doesn't have any awe-inspiring superpowers that the other Rangers don't possess.

Sir Ivan's only unique trait (besides being especially chivalrous) is his speech, as he tends to use medieval English phrases every now and then. Sounding like a proto-Shakespeare is hardly a superhero skill, making him one of the duller Sixth Rangers on the list.

18 Strongest — Cameron Watanabe (Ninja Storm)

Cameron wears a lot of hats on his team. He is Ninja Storm's tech expert, mission handler, and even a teacher at the Wind Ninja Academy. He's also the son of Sensei Watanabe, the Rangers' mentor for the season. As a result, he's one of the most skilled warriors on the team — all before he acquires any powers.

He helps the Rangers quite a bit before becoming Green Samurai Ranger, but with those added abilities, Cam is one of the most versatile Sixth Rangers ever. Cameron is both the strongest and smartest member of his team, and not someone to underestimate.

17 Strongest — Merrick Baliton (Wild Force)

Power Rangers Wild Force isn't the most interesting team, but it does have quite the Sixth Ranger. Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger, is thousands of years old. Long ago, Merrick went on a quest for the mask of Zen-Aku — a piece of armor from an ancient warrior that was said to possess untold powers. Upon wearing the mask he was unable to remove it, becoming possessed by Zen-Aku and a major threat to the present-day Rangers until he joined the team.

He spent 3000 years fighting an internal battle and won.

He also has three Zords for his own personal use, so it's pretty hard to call him a weak Ranger.

16 Weak — Levi Weston

This one is a little unfair since Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is still running, but it's difficult to decide where Levi Weston belongs on this list. Levi is actually Aiden Romero, brother of Red Ranger Brody Romero, but is living under a different name to hide from the season's villains. Levi Weston is just the Gold Ranger's secret identity — or at least it would be secret if he wasn't a world-renowned country music artist.

He's a fine Ranger, but he lands in the "Weak" category for his ridiculous backstory.

Don't even get us started on the design — it's like he wants people to know who he is!

15 Strongest — Ryan Mitchell (Lightspeed Rescue)

The Titanium Ranger has a lot going for him: a rad outfit, an axe that turns into a gun, and even a cool backstory. He's rarely present because the crew shot very little footage of him, but he manages to make up for that by being proactive. In the later episodes of Lightspeed Rescue, Ryan goes on the offensive.

He constantly seeks the villains out — unlike his teammates, who often wait around for evil to strike instead.

He might not be the most reliable, but the Titanium Ranger is committed to the job-- even if he has to go solo to do it.

14 Strongest — Zhane (In Space)

A lot of fans really love Zhane. He has a sleek look, an awesome Megazord, and the always cool blaster-that-becomes-a-sword weapon. He has unreliable powers (something about "leaking" Ranger energy), but he's a compassionate Ranger who is willing to make sacrifices for the job.

Zhane took a bullet for Andros, the Red Ranger — an incident that left him in a coma for two years. After he awoke, it didn't phase him. He even leads the Space Rangers at the end of the season while Andros is away, proving that he's both a skilled leader and a team-player.

13 Weak — Tyzonn (Operation Overdrive)

Operation Overdrive's Sixth Ranger is just as lame as the season itself. Tyzonn is the Mercury Ranger, a name referencing both his color as well as his ridiculous backstory. Tyzonn is "Mercurian" — an alien from the planet Mercuria who has the power to turn himself into mercury. Is that safe?

Tyzonn's main character trait is not being the coolest of the bunch, but instead being a fish out of water.

He's constantly struggling to adjust to life on Earth and it sometimes makes him a liability to the team. He's not the worst Sixth Ranger ever, but he's definitely not a standout. The ugly outfit doesn't help much, either.

12 Strongest — Trent Mercer (Dino Thunder)

Despite being the fifth member of Dino Thunder, Trent is often considered one of the best "extra" Rangers in the show's history. Not only is he a formidable Ranger with his own Zords, but he has the powers of super speed, Predator-like camouflage, and the ability to create laser projectiles. Trent also has one of, if not the coolest-looking Power Rangers outfit.

Much like Tommy during his time as the original Green Ranger, Trent is an unwilling participant in the battle against evil. The villain is his own father, after all. He is possessed by his powers initially, but after overcoming them, Trent turns into an invaluable teammate.

11 Strongest — Magna Defender (Lost Galaxy)

Everything about the Magna Defender is awesome. He's a caped knight who wields a shotgun-sword with a bull for a Megazord. He even grows to become as big as his Megazord, and then he wears it like a suit of armor. He's also got a gritty backstory about avenging his son, who looks like a smaller, cuter Magna Defender.

A well-developed character with lots of abilities and cool gear? He checks all the boxes of a great Sixth Ranger.

Even when Mike Corbett takes up the mantle, his morphing sequence is literally a fiery explosion. His Ranger-status might be debatable, but how could we leave him out?

10 Weak — Spirit Rangers (Jungle Fury)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Jungle Spirit Rangers

Originally, these three Rangers were the morphed forms of three martial arts masters: Master Phant, Master Finn, and Master Swoop. During Jungle Fury, the trio is brainwashed into using their powers for evil until the Rangers manage to free them. One would think that these three warriors would then proceed to join the team, but not this time.

Instead, the masters let the Jungle Fury team summon their Ranger forms for some assistance in battle, turning the supposedly powerful trio into glorified special attacks. That's nowhere near as cool having a legendary martial arts master at your side, but perhaps it's better than no assistance at all?

9 Strongest — Eric Meyers (Time Force)

Eric Meyers prefers to work alone, and with good reason — he doesn't need teammates holding him back. While the Time Force Rangers are heroes in their own right, Eric is a Ranger team all his own-- aside from a little help from his Q-Rex Megazord.

Unlike most of the other Sixth Rangers, he's never really a villain. The Quantum Ranger is simply out to prove himself. He doesn't like the Rangers because he believes he's the only hero capable of making the hard choices. He eventually learns to be a team-player, but the Quantum Ranger is a force to be reckoned with — and perhaps one of the most underrated Rangers in history.

8 Strongest — Anubis Cruger (S.P.D.)

Despite sporting a "100" on his chest, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger is the sixth Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.D. and commander of the rest of the team.

When he finally decides to morph, he proves himself to be one of the baddest Sixth Rangers in history.

In an attempt to save an abducted ally and avenge his fallen family, Doggie transforms into Shadow Ranger — an armored version of the S.P.D. powers totally unique to him. He then proceeds to defeat a hundred enemies single-handedly and without so much as a scratch. After his first appearance, Doggie continues to support the team with insane swordsmanship skills and strategic leadership. Did we mention he's also a giant dog?

7 Weak — Gem And Gemma (RPM)

Power Rangers RPM has two Sixth Rangers: Gem and Gemma. They're listed as one entry because they both appear at the same time, but also because these twins are practically the same person.

The RPM Gold and Silver Rangers are geniuses, but they're also childlike and vaguely annoying.

They don't get much development or many moments to shine, so there isn't much to them aside from cheerful attitudes and gaudy costumes. Gemma features in a reunion episode with a slightly more nuanced personality, but that can't save her from being lumped in with her brother. The Sixth Rangers are supposed to be the very best, but unfortunately Gem and Gemma are pretty lame.

6 Strongest — Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger (MMPR)

Tommy Oliver in Megaforce Power Rangers

Tommy has worn a handful of different colors, but green is a fan favorite. At the time, Tommy gave the Rangers their biggest challenge yet.

He was the very first Sixth Ranger and he set the standard for years come.

The original Green Ranger has the coolest outfit in his season. he also had a dagger that he played like a flute to summon a robotic dragon from the sea. It was epic, and you know it. The only reason the Green Ranger doesn't rank higher is because his powers were temporary. Tommy eventually moved on to another color, but this one remains a classic.

5 Weak — Blue Senturion (Turbo)

Like the Phantom Ranger, Blue Senturion doesn't necessarily count as a Sixth Ranger, but since he has his very own Zord, he earned a spot on the list.

Blue Senturion acts like a temporary member of the Turbo team, but he's hardly worthy of Ranger-hood.

His claim to fame is delivering the "Millennium Message" in the episode of the same name, where he reveals that he is from the future and must prevent the United Alliance of Evil from conquering the universe. The Rangers manage this in Power Rangers in Space without him, and after being beaten, abducted, and turned evil more than once, Senturion is never heard from again.

4 Strongest — Jason Lee Scott (Zeo)

Jason Scott is definitively one of the best Power Rangers in history. While he proves that as the original Red Ranger, he's an even bigger powerhouse in Power Rangers Zeo. Keep in mind that this is the only guy to have ever beaten Tommy Oliver in a fight.

As the Gold Zeo Ranger, not only does Jason have the coolest suit in a season full of silly ones, but he has a magic staff, a massive carrier Megazord, and all of the qualities that already made him a formidable hero. Courageous, strong, resolute, plus the season's strongest abilities? Jason is seemingly unstoppable — especially when he's wearing gold.

3 Weak — Robo Knight (Megaforce)

Power Rangers Megaforce Robo Knight

It's hard to find something about Robo Knight that doesn't suck. In Power Rangers Megaforce, he is supposed to be the Earth's most powerful guardian, but he happens to have been "asleep" for centuries.

When he finally wakes up, he's unnecessarily cold and uncooperative with the Rangers.

Like the Blue Senturion, Robo Knight is turned evil more than once and is believed to have lost his life on two separate occasions. After the Rangers spend entire episodes mourning and searching for him, he shows up in the last episodes of Super Megaforce with no explanation. This is the world's greatest protector? Some hero you are, Robo Knight.

2  Strongest — Tommy Oliver/White Ranger (MMPR)

Although the Green Ranger powers were finite, the White Ranger powers are on a whole other level.

Tommy is at his peak as the White Ranger.

He had a grand two-parter introduction, a brand new suit, new Zords, and living sword that could talk and shoot lasers. He had taken over as the team's de-facto leader, and even carried these powers into future seasons as the White Ninja Ranger. Tommy would go on to wear three more colors, but his tenure in white makes him the best Sixth Ranger in the history — at least, as far as the show is concerned.

1 Strongest — Lord Drakkon (BOOM! Studios)

Lord Drakkon is the evil version of Tommy Oliver from the BOOM! Studios comics — armed with a hybrid of the Green and White Ranger powers, Drakkon wants to take over the multiverse and destroy every other Power Ranger along the way.

Not only can he evolve by absorbing other Rangers' powers, but he's everything Tommy is-- and then some. He's defeated Rangers from different dimensions as well as his fellow teammates, and he has own personal Ranger army. Did we mention he conquered his own universe? Without contest, Lord Drakkon is the strongest Sixth Ranger there is.


Who's your favorite Sixth Ranger in Power Rangers? Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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