Power Rangers Set Photos Reveal Alternate Rita Repulsa Costume & Ranger Weapons

Power Rangers Elizabeth Banks

The upcoming reboot of Power Rangers comes to mind as a movie that has the potential to take a great idea and make it better. Over the years, the many iterations of the Power Rangers have left a vast array of mythos from which filmmakers can draw in order to make an adaptation worthy of its name. Some skeptical fans may have been encouraged with the release of several set pictures, most of which are focused on Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect 2) as Rita Repulsa, the villain to the squadron of teenage heroes that make up the Power Rangers team.

Now, a new series of images of the set have been released. Once again focused primarily on Banks, the new images may confirm a rumor regarding the film’s plot.

YVRShoots released the images earlier today. The pictures provide a stark contrast to the earlier images, in which Banks donned a green power suit and appeared ready for battle. The new images show a more ragged look for Repulsa, perhaps confirming the rumors that the movie will follow the character’s escape from prison after 10,000 years.

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Power Rangers (2017) - Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

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As the show’s fans will attest, Rita Repulsa’s prison break jumpstarts the events of the series, with the villain set on revenge against the powers that confined her for so long. The haggard look of Repulsa in the new images suggests the movie will follow a similar path, detailing the origins of the villain as well as the formation of the Power Rangers team.

With the release of the initial set images, many fans were left wondering if Rita Repulsa wasn’t already in possession of the powerful Dragon Coin. In the series, the Dragon Coin is the artifact which grants powers to the villainous Green Ranger prior to his joining the Power Rangers as their new leader. Could it be that Rita uses the coin for herself, explaining her green costume? It’s certainly possible, and the contrasting looks of the new images certainly suggest that Rita will have multiple forms over the course of the movie.

In addition to the new look for Rita Repulsa, Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System provided an image of a series of six brightly colored objects that each correspond to a color of a Power Ranger. It's difficult to tell what these objects might be, but it seems we've gotten our first look at Power Rangers weaponry. Intriguingly, included in this image is a silver color, which may indicate the White Ranger's appearance in the movie. While this has yet to be confirmed, it would make sense if the movie is dealing with the Dragon Coin.

With everything we’ve seen so far, and everything we can infer from that, it appears as though Power Rangers is set to do justice to the series which inspired it while updating the concept for newer audiences. The original series famously incorporated footage from the old Japanese series, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger. The low-budget approach to the series as we know it now made it difficult for many to fully appreciate the ideas and concepts being explored, despite its incredible popularity. The opportunity to draw in more fans with this incarnation of the franchise may also prove reboots don’t always need to be a bad thing. With updated characters and an updated approach, Power Rangers might just rule the world once again.

Power Rangers is expected to hit theaters on March 24, 2017.

Source: YVRShootsThompson-Nicola Regional District Library System (via CBM)

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