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With only two weeks left until the release of Power Rangers, fan theorizing about what twists and surprises await the Rangers have reached a fever pitch. One such theory posits that Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) was a Green Power Ranger, which first surfaced last May, after an eagle eyed Redditor noted the similarities in Rita's costume to the new Power Ranger suits. Another is that Zordon (Bryan Cranston) was the Red Power Ranger, a theory that stemmed from a recent, and since deleted, Instagram post by Andrew Gray of Bryan Cranston writing "to one Power Ranger from another" inside a copy of Cranston's autobiography A Life in Parts.

Now, new spoilers have apparently confirmed two popular fan theories. However, take the coming news with a grain of salt; none of this is confirmed and could very well turn out to be little more than baseless speculation. Still, if these rumors are true, it will add an interesting layer to the new movie.

According Bleeding Cool, the film does open with a long-rumored flashback to thousands of years before the main action, in which we see Rita Repulsa as the Green Ranger and that she vaporizes the Red Ranger, revealed to be Zordon, into the disembodied form he occupies for most of the movie. Both of these theories have been discussed before, and are two of the most popular circling the web.

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Both these theories would add an extra layer of emotion to the film, giving Rita more motivation and backstory and giving Zordon a new dimension. It would also work in the film's favor, as both Banks and Cranston are strong actors. Giving them more to do in the film other than just earn a studio paycheck would help elevate the film. If these spoilers are true, expect the film to pack a little more punch.

Bleeding Cool also states several other potential spoilers that are interesting, though again are currently unconfirmed. Despite rumors saying he will make an appearance, Lord Zedd does not actually appear; Trini (Becky G), the Yellow Ranger, is "queer"; and one of the Rangers will die. However, unlike the Rita Repulsa theory and the Zordon theory, these have not been previously mentioned and may be less likely to be true.

As we said at the start of the article, take this all with a grain of salt. The Rita Repulsa and Zordon theories are popular, and could've inspired some "leaker" to write what amounts to be fanfiction about the film. However, if true, expect fans to be excited that their theories turned out to be correct. The reboot has been keeping plot details as secret as possible, so even if these spoilers are true, expect a lot of twists and surprises still to come.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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