15Squadron Sport Ranger

Squadron Sport Ranger

It’s amazing to think that it took until 2006 for someone to come up with the idea of melding Power Rangers with the wonderful world of sports. Given the Rangers’ natural athleticism, you’d think it would be an obvious move but it was Thai-based series Squadron Sport Ranger that

eventually pulled the trigger on the concept. Running for two seasons, SSR sees five teenagers recruited by Dr. Earth and dressed in colorful armor in order to protect some magical medals from the evil Starhunter aliens.

In Power Rangers, each protagonist had their own unique dinosaur theme but, predictably, Squadron Sport Ranger sees each member specialize in their own sport with Boxing, Soccer, Swimming, Gymnastics and Tennis making up the five selections. The show also features the use of mech robots to round off the Power Rangers inspirations and is more or less identical to the show both in visual style and tone. SSR does include some surprisingly dark moments however, such as the three male Sport Rangers sacrificing themselves to save the world in season one. Chivalrous.

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