'Power Rangers' Concept Art Reveals New Zord Designs

Power Rangers leaked concept art

Planet Earth is once again set to be imperiled, but luckily a new group of chosen fighters are getting ready to defend us in the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot from Lionsgate and Saban. Little is currently known about the movie's plot and casting announcements have yet to be made, but it's being scripted by X-Men: First Class screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, and Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) is set to direct.

Power Rangers is still some way off from actually filming, but development is underway and several days ago some images appeared online showing what looked very much like leaked concept art for the Pink and Red Zords. For those who are a little rusty on their Power Rangers terminology, Zords are the giant fighting machines that the Power Rangers use to battle monsters, which together transform into mighty Megazords (even bigger fighting machines used to battle even bigger monsters).

The legitimacy of the concept art became much more likely after the images began rapidly getting pulled down off fan sites. We don't yet know if Lionsgate was responsible for this, but the studio would certainly have the strongest motivation and it seems unlikely that fake concept art would receive the same kind of attention. Bleeding Cool has three of the photos still live... for the moment. One shows an option being considered for the Red Power Ranger's Zord, while the other two show the Pink Power Ranger's Zord in two different states: stationary on the ground with the entrance open (and the Pink Power Ranger getting ready to enter), and in flight above the clouds.




Power Rangers in Megazord

Many of the previous Zords have been based on animal forms - including dinosaurs - and these designs definitely have something lifelike about them. The Red Zord looks like some kind of flying beetle, while the Pink Zord - particularly in its stationary position - looks like a pterodactyl. Its clawed 'feet' are pretty cool, and overall these early designs are very promising... if they're real, of course.

Its worth noting that both Zords are capable of flight, and if two of them are them it's possible that all of the Zords will be able to fly around. It would certainly make it easier to battle airborne monsters, and to assemble themselves into a Megazord.

Power Rangers hits theaters January 13, 2017

Source: Bleeding Cool

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