Power Rangers Honest Trailer: The Family Issues Are the Best Part

Screen Junkies decided to target Power Rangers for their newest episode of Honest Trailers. And Voiceover Guy is surprised to find that he quite likes the high-school drama plot developments, even if they do remind him of The Breakfast Club.

When the rebooted version of Power Rangers was released by Lionsgate in March, it's fair to say that it got "mixed" reviews (you can see SR's opinion here). The original plan was for 5 sequels to be produced following the release of the first. But with the overall consensus that the film has been a box office disappointment, that isn't looking very likely now. Although a sequel could still feasibly happen, due to a massive increase in toy sales linked to the film's merchandising. Any further news on that front is yet to be decided by Saban and Lionsgate.

In the meantime, Screen Junkies fans have used the excuse of the home media release of the film to request the Honest Trailer treatment of the movie, and they have responded with this episode. As can be expected, Voiceover Guy takes an instant dislike to the film for being too close to The Breakfast Club, and states the fact that it's basically "90 minutes bonding with each other, and 30 minutes of a generic episode." But unexpectedly, rather than totally blast the family drama issues as they're depicted, he actually gets drawn into the social dilemmas and later states that underneath all the cheesiness, "there's a really good high school drama that's worth exploring in a sequel." It's quite forgiving for the group that normally mercilessly tear into big budget productions like this (especially Catwoman).

Having said that, Voiceover Guy stills rips into the character of Rita Repulsa ("Austin Power's Goldmember"), the constant references to Krispy Kreme ("the most blatant product placement in movie history"), and the fact that a character looks identical to musician Ed Sheeran. They also raise the question as to why the population of Angel Grove happily cheer and applaud the destruction of their own town.

As with most of the Honest Trailers, it's good natured fun that brings out the worst points in a non-spiteful way, while happily pointing at them and giggling behind the microphone. It's also sort of endearing that they refuse to throw shade at the character drama and even half-heartedly point to a direction for a sequel ("maybe what about them rebuilding Angel Grove?"). And if even Screen Junkies doesn't hate it completely, maybe there is hope for a sequel after all. But we wouldn't place money on it.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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