Forget Power Rangers 2, A Hasbro Reboot Is More Likely

Hasbro has acquired the rights to several Saban brands, the most notable of these being Power Rangers. In a deal said to be worth $522 million, Hasbro is now expected to move forward with growing the Power Rangers brand, or "unlocking its full potential" as it was put in a statement.

Power Rangers turns 25 years old this year, and was rebooted in 2017 when Lionsgate brought a new Power Rangers movie to the big screen. The movie tried to update the rangers to fit modern times, but had troubles at the box office and with critics. Even so, fans of the movie have been hoping for a sequel, and if things had gone differently, they might have gotten one; there were originally 5 sequels planned. But with the Hasbro deal now in place, that seems increasingly unlikely. If anything, Hasbro will go for a reboot of the entire franchise once again.

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2017's Power Rangers Was a Critical And Commercial Failure

There was a lot of excitement surrounding the release of Power Rangers last year. Rebooted with a fresh, young, exciting cast, Power Rangers tried to combine teen drama with its usual campy take on the superhero genre.The film definitely has its fans, but the low box office and poor critical reviews darken its hopes of a sequel. The performances from the cast members were hit and miss, highlighted by RJ Cyler, who impressed fans and critics alike with his portrayal of the Blue Ranger, Billy, who has Autism. Ultimately, though, the small, dedicated fanbase was not enough to make the movie a financial success. Power Rangers grossed just $142.3 million worldwide against a $100 million budget. That means, after accounting for marketing costs and factoring out the theaters' cut, Power Rangers lost millions of dollars. Critics were not smitten, either. Power Rangers was dismissed for lacking both the campy fun of the original TV show and the blockbuster pull of larger superhero franchises.

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In the time since, all of the cast have expressed an interest to reprise their roles, and it's certainly something fans of the movie would like to see. Power Rangers also had a post-credit scene that set up a sequel nicely, by hinting at the arrival of the fan-favorite Green Ranger. There was even some (controversial) talk of the Green Ranger being female. There was a little more money seen through toy sales, and a sequel was in consideration at one point, but we're talking about the Power Rangers. Toy sales will follow any incarnation of the franchise, and Hasbro is going to want that incarnation to be one they build from the ground up.Ultimately, though, it's hard to see Hasbro making a sequel to a movie that was a critical and commercial failure after investing half a billion dollars acquiring the franchise when they could just reboot completely with a fresh slate.

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