Power Rangers Opening Almost Featured More Original Rangers

Bryan Cranston as Zordon in the Power Rangers 2017 Opening Scene

The opening sequence of the Power Rangers reboot was initially supposed to feature more of the original Rangers. Dean Israelite's reboot of the popular franchise finished its worldwide box office run with a middling $140 million total off a $100 million budget. Despite the hugely underwhelming box office performance and lukewarm critical response, the new Power Rangers movie franchise is likely to continue, with a sequel already set up in a mid-credits scene and talks for the follow-up already taking place.

Power Rangers did have its fair share of spectacle, especially once the modern-day Rangers finally suited up and began battling Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). There's also the opening scene; taking place in the Cenozoic era, it largely centers on original Red Ranger Zordon (Bryan Cranston) and Rita's betrayal of him. The rest of the original Rangers are largely nonexistent in the opening, but Israelite said that the reboot wasn't always supposed to start off the way that it did.

Speaking about his work on the Power Rangers reboot to Comic Book, Israelite revealed that the already-epic opening sequence was originally supposed to be much bigger than the end result. He said that more of the team was originally going to be by Zordon's side, rather than focusing almost entirely on the central battle between him and Rita (with just a brief glimpse at a dying Yellow Ranger).

"There was an original drop that I read when I came onto the movie that had a more extensive battle in the beginning of the movie. And it had, I think, if I remember correctly, some of the other Power Rangers in there. ... I always wanted to make it very subjective, very personal and this kind of intimate opening that set your expectations, that you know that you're going into a superhero movie that's going to try to do something a little bit different with the genre. It's trying to be this more sort of personal character-driven story as opposed to a big fantastic opening that I think we've come to expect from a lot of movies. And I felt that the salient point, the story point, was really all about Zordon and Rita, and the rest just cluttered that drama."

Israelite does have a point: the new Power Rangers focused more on heavier coming-of-age themes than most other versions of the heroes depicted on screen. A bigger opening scene could have taken away from that if it were too over-the-top or focused too much on characters that don't factor much into the rest of the movie. It certainly didn't hurt the movie to put more emphasis on the past conflicts between Zordon and Rita.

Given the mixed reviews Power Rangers ultimately received, it's fair to say not everyone found to approach fully successful. With that sequel still planned, though, Israelite still has plenty of opportunities to figure out what worked and what didn't as he works toward improving upon the first installment.

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Source: Comic Book

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