Power Rangers Ninja Steel Trailer Arrives

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the Power Rangers franchise, with a new live-action feature film being among the year's most hotly-anticipated blockbusters and lines of re-launched "classic" merchandise targeted at older fans continuing to be hot sellers at retail. But the weekly TV series incarnation of the property is also still kicking, and will continue this year with its 24th season under the banner of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Now, the first trailer for the new series has dropped, giving fans their first look at the new Rangers and their new mission.

As with all of the prior incarnations of the franchise, Power Rangers Ninja Steel was created as a loose adaptation of a previously-aired Japanese series from the "Super Sentai" franchise - in this case the 2015-2016 series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. That series opted to take the long-running franchise in a "back to basics" direction emphasizing classical Japanese visual aesthetics and a ninjutsu-oriented storyline for the first time in almost 15 years. Power Rangers Ninja Steel will focus on a modern day ninja clan attempting to stop the revival of ancient monsters.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel

In keeping with Power Rangers production tradition, Ninja Steel will utilize effects, props and re-dubbed/re-edited action footage from Ninninger combined with new "out of costume" scenes featuring English-speaking actors in order to create a storyline of its own. As the series opens, the new Rangers will find themselves tasked with defending Earth from Galvanax, an alien conqueror whose empire is managed in the form of a popular intergalactic game show which broadcasts the attempts by his monster contestants to destroy targeted planets in the style of a competitive sporting event.

Will Shewfelt leads the new team as Brody, the Red Ranger, while Chrystiane Lopes will portray Sarah the Pink Ranger, Zoe Robins as White Ranger Haley, Peter Sudarso as Preston the Blue Ranger and Nico Greetham as Calvin the Yellow Ranger. As is the case with most other Sentai series, other characters were added to the cast of Ninninger as it ran and presumably will also become part of Ninja Steel, but no casting has yet been announced for those roles.

While the Power Rangers franchise has maintained a loose internal continuity from season to season, it is not immediately knowm to what (if any) direct extent the new series will connect to its predecessors or the events of the upcoming live-action feature film, which is based on the original 1990s version of the series.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel will premeire on Nickelodeon in January 2017.

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