Power Rangers: Final Trailer Cracks an Iron Man Joke

Power Rangers poster with Rita Repulsa (cropped)

As we move further along into 2017, the film slate will quickly turn from offering a few movies that interest general audiences, to a slate that sees big releases arriving on a weekly basis. March will be the early kick off to the summer season once again, with the likes of LoganBeauty and the Beast, and Kong: Skull Island being among the biggest films set for release. Included in this busy month is Power Rangers, a high-budget, live-action adaptation of the popular television show.

The marketing for Power Rangers has been slightly divisive, what with the Rangers' new suits resembling Iron Man's, and their Zords now being similar to Transformers. However, the first rocky trailer has been followed by a better second trailer that showed the team suited up and in action. Now, the final trailer for the Power Rangers movie has arrived, thanks to a strong online push.

The official Power Rangers Facebook page challenged fans to help them receive 75,000 reactions to unlock the final trailer. That goal has now been reached, which has led to the official release of the final big piece of marketing that the film will receive. Check it out, above!

Power Rangers - The Rangers walk out of the space craft
The Rangers walk out of the space craft

The fact that Power Rangers takes the Iron Man comparisons to heart and even makes jokes about which superhero these new heroes are most like, shows that Power Rangers will have at least some degree of self-awareness. The humor is more heightened here than in trailers past, with even Bill Hader's Alpha 5 joining on the jokes and throwing down the Pink Ranger. Most of these new jokes come from that of RJ Cyler, the Blue Ranger, continuing to push him as a potential breakout star.

The trailer is short in length, but does still feature a fair amount of new footage. Whether it is the comedy aspects mentioned before, or seeing how Rita Repulsa forms Goldar, there are some nice new scenes shown. For those that are familiar with the original show, the background song that brings in the "Go, Go Power Rangers" lyrics of the original theme song, may help bring back some longtime Power Rangers fans that could have been turned away by the film's marketing thus far. It will be interesting to see what the reaction to the trailer is over time, as Lionsgate and Saban are hoping to launch a new movie franchise with this one.

Source: Lionsgate

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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