Power Rangers Reboot Gets Official Runtime & New International Poster


Saban's Power Rangers reboot is soon to be released, and it's fair to say there's an ever growing buzz surrounding the movie. For many, it's a welcome return but much-needed reboot of the franchise that enjoyed the peak of its fame in the nineties. Fans of the show then, are likely to be awaiting Power Rangers with eager hope; will Saban and Lionsgate have done the franchise justice, giving us plenty of nostalgia while also delivering something new?

The initial trailer, plus the revelation of new, sleek, suits that bear close resemblance to Iron Man, perhaps got Power Rangers off to a rocky start. Since then, however, the movie has redeemed itself somewhat with more trailers that were infinitely stronger and more enjoyable, as well as plenty of images that hint at this being an altogether decent reboot.

Lionsgate have now confirmed Power Ranger's run time will be 124 minutes, and they have also released a new international poster. Take a look at the new poster, below.

At a little over two hours, Power Rangers' run time seems pretty good; allowing the movie to tell a complete tale in an unhurried manner, but also (hopefully) not dragging on for too long. Certainly Power Rangers has a lot to set up and then deconstruct; introducing the new Rangers, letting new viewers become familiar with the origins, and so on. It should also give us  plenty of time to enjoy the fight sequences as well as the CGI action.


The international poster gives a look at the Rangers in costume but without their masks; something that is sure to help an audience connect with the newcomers. In the background, the Ranger's Dino Zords can be seen in action, something that has already featured on previous posters, but the Rangers have been center of the poster with their masks on. Power Rangers stars Dacre Montgomery as Jason, the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, RJ Cyler as Billy, the Blue Ranger, Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger and Becky Gomez as Trini, the Yellow Ranger, all of whom are pictured in these posters (wearing their helmets, that is). Rounding out the cast is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and Brian Cranston as the alien Zordon.


The movie will follow the five teenagers as they are forced to work as a team in order to defeat Rita Repulsa. Saban and Lionsgate are looking to establish a new franchise here, and they should do it, provided the movie is entertaining enough and succeeds in drawing a new audience in as well as faithful Power Ranger fans.

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Source: Lionsgate

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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