Power Rangers: Is Goldar Rita Repulsa's Zord?

Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers

We're now just two months away from the big screen reboot of Power Rangers, and while we've seen more images of the Rangers' costumes and the Zords they'll be piloting, there's still a good bit that remains a mystery. Following the release of its first trailer, it's been clear that the 2017 movie reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will differ greatly from the original TV series. The costumes look more alien, including the one Elizabeth Banks wears as the villainous Rita Repulsa, and even Alpha 5 looks like a bizarre E.T. One of the more polarizing redesigns has been that of Rita's henchman Goldar, whose movie update seems to have taken his name rather literally.

Thanks to the latest trailer for the movie, we now not only have a better idea of the plot, but finally got to see the Zords and Goldar in action. The climax of the new Power Rangers trailer sees the metallic monstrosity take on the fully assembled Megazord, in what looks to be one of the key battles of the film. While many have assumed that Goldar is simply enlarged in the same way many of Rita's minions are when they go to take on the Rangers, another theory has recently emerged.

Goldar might not simply be a giant version of the bad guy in the movie, but Rita's own version of a Zord. While this may seem like a somewhat absurd claim, a new toy posted on Power Rangers Now looks to all but confirm the theory.

New Goldar Zord Toy with Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers Movie

Seeing as a toy first tipped us off to how Goldar would look, it's fitting that the evidence for this new theory comes from a similar source. As you can see, the new giant-size Goldar toy comes with a tiny Rita Repulsa that fits into a chamber on the beast's chest. While this certainly seems to indicate that Rita will be using Goldar like the Rangers use their own Zords and/or Megazord, it could just be creative license. Perhaps it illustrates Rita controlling Goldar, or it could even be that once he's enlarged he merely carries Rita inside his liquid metal body.

Either way, it's yet another twist on the lore that could well divide fans. Given that Goldar was more or less comic relief in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV show, however, it makes sense the grittier movie would want to alter the character slightly. Making him a Zord-like entity is certainly a bold decision, but we'll just have to wait until the movie premieres to see how it actually works on screen.

Stay tuned for all things Power Rangers and we'll be sure to provide updates on the theory as we learn more.

Source: Power Rangers Now

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