Rumor Patrol: 'Chronicle' Writer Working on 'Power Rangers' Reboot

Power Rangers Reboot screenwriter rumors

Lionsgate has made a bundle on genre entertainment targeted at the young adult crowd - with such properties as The Hunger Games and Divergent - so it makes sense for the studio to be behind the Power Rangers film reboot in development. There's a rumor floating about that screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle) has been recruited to work on the new Power Rangers project, though Landis has already (sorta) denied any involvement with the movie. Whether there's more to the story than that, is the question at this point.

Power Rangers co-creator Haim Saban has been very smart - and very shrewd - when it has come to growing the Rangers crop over the last two decades - as discussed on this past week's Screen Rant Undergroud Podcast episode, following the official announcement of a Power Rangers movie reboot being developed by Saban and Lionsgate. As such, it would make sense for Saban and Co. to seek out the services of a writer such as Landis; a hot up and comer, who's already got one re-imagined take on an iconic property - Frankenstein - arriving in 2015.

Hence, the claims by Schmoes Know's sources - assuring that Landis has only just turned in a Power Rangers script draft to Saban, as well as producers Jim Miller and Alison Shearmur - actually seem fairly reasonable. The official description for the reboot mentions "a group of high school kids who are infused with cool and new super powers," which is up the alley of the writer behind the sci-fi found footage/teenage parable Chronicle. Much like that film's director, Josh Trank, is now working on a Fantastic Four reboot which features younger versions of the eponymous superhero team, it wouldn't take a stretch to imagine Lionsgate turning to Landis to re-imagine Power Rangers for the YA (and under) crowd in the early 21st century.

Power Rangers: Megaforce Cast

However, there's a problem - namely, that Landis says that the rumor isn't true. Or, to be more exact, he claims to not be "directly involved" with the Power Rangers reboot right now, though he's avoided ruling out the possibility that he has been connected to the project in the past - or could be in the future. Case in point:

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