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Back in the nineties, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the show to watch, and though some of the special effects and monster costumes might have been laughable, the show was thoroughly entertaining. Now, more than twenty years later, it's more than worthy of a decent cinematic reboot. Hopefully, that's what it's getting, in the form of Power Rangers, from Saban and Lionsgate.

There have been some issues, not least with the furor over the female Rangers' costume design, but Power Rangers trailers have looked promising so far, and all things point towards the movie both honoring the original, plus updating it and bringing something new to the proceedings. With luck, Power Rangers might well succeed in entertaining both old and new fans of the franchise. Ahead of Power Rangers release comes even more new posters, these ones made by a fan earlier this month and focusing on the characters accompanied with the franchise's classic tagline, "It's Morphin' Time."

Take a look at those fan-made Power Rangers movie character posters by artist Chris Christodoulou in the galley below:

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Power Rangers stars Dacre Montgomery as Jason, the Red Ranger, Naomi Scott as Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, RJ Cyler as Billy, the Blue Ranger, Ludi Lin as Zack, the Black Ranger and Becky Gomez as Trini, the Yellow Ranger, all of whom are pictured in these posters (wearing their helmets, that is). Rounding out the cast is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and Brian Cranston as the alien Zordon.

Like the original TV show, Power Rangers brings together the ragtag group of teenagers from Angel Grove in order that they might defeat Rita Replusa's evil ways. Previous trailers have shown the teens all discovering their new-found powers, as well as the moment they morph into their superhero alter-egos. The line "It's Morphin' Time," has been used throughout Power Rangers history, so it's good to see that some things never change.

Power Rangers - Dino Zords

As is to be expected, though, the Ranger costumes have changed, and dramatically so. Gone are the snug latex-style suits in garish colors, and in comes the sleek body armor in muted shades of red, blue, and so on. The posters above make a good attempt to show the morphing process, and in fact, it also makes it harder to see the 'boob armor' on the Yellow Ranger, which caused much internet discussion when the costumes were first unveiled. However, it's very much in place on the Pink Ranger poster; perhaps to remind us all that pink is a feminine color?

Costume design aside, it seems as though Power Rangers is a worthy and valid effort to reboot a much loved and fondly remembered franchise. We'll get to find out for certain whether director Dean Israelite has indeed managed to deliver the goods when Power Rangers hits theaters next month.

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Update: Article changed to link to original artist of the fan-made character posters.

Source: Chris Christodoulou

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  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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