The Message of Power Rangers: Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Power Rangers movie (2017) - Pink Ranger

Power Rangers is the latest film adaptation of the popular Saban television show. Lionsgate has reimagined the franchise for the modern audience. The movie boasts a diverse cast, in keeping with the traditions of the original shows, although some characters have different ethnicities from their original TV counterparts.

Actress Naomi Scott, who is playing Kimberly Hart/Pink Ranger, answered a series of questions from Screen Rant and its readers on Twitter today. When a fan asked about the most important message in the upcoming Power Rangers movie she had a simple and powerful response about the importance of diversity.

That is certainly in keeping with the themes inherent to the original TV series and its many small screen iterations. Scotts assertion that the film makes good on the message offers fans another reason to go see the film, beyond the special effects and/or nostalgia for the series' once-dominant pop culture footprint. It also points to an attempt in the filmmakers to create a film with convictions such as the importance of diversity. Check out Scott's tweet below:

.@NaomiScott @finnsbodhi asks, what’s the most important message on the #PowerRangersMovie?

— Screen Rant (@screenrant) March 1, 2017

Diversity only makes us stronger, so embrace it ?

— Naomi Scott (@NaomiScott) March 1, 2017

Hashtag #BlueRanger #YellowRanger #RedRanger #PinkRanger #BlackRanger and @ThePowerRangers will donate to #ThirstProject #TogetherWeAreMore

— Thirst Project (@thirstproject) March 1, 2017

In addition, Power Rangers has teamed up with Thirst Project on Twitter to launch an important social media campaign. If fans use the hashtags #BlueRanger, #YellowRanger, #BlackRanger, #RedRanger, #PinkRanger and tag @ThePowerRangers, the movie (i.e., the studio), will donate money to Thirst Project and help their goal to bring clean water to those who need it all over the world.

Power Rangers teaming up with Thirst Project is an absolutely wonderful thingIt really brings the heroism that the characters are supposed to represent on screen into the real world in a way that fans can understand. On top of that, fans have been invited to participate in a very real way that not only does some good in the world, but helps to promote the film.

There will certainly be a contingent of fans that don't like the mixed message in a marketing move like this. After all, Power Rangers is just a movie and Lionsgate is a movie studio. Why not just have them stick to that? Some moviegoers just want their entertainment to be entertaining and nothing more. Still, it's nice to see a film promote such a positive message, and to see it try and get its potential audience involved in doing some good. There's very little effort required to help raise money for Thirst Projectmaking this one campaign worth looking into.

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Source: Naomi Scott, Thirst Project

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