Power Rangers Colossal Megazord Toy Reveals Where Each Zord Fits

Power Rangers - Colossal Megazord Toy

With Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers and Ghost in the Shell releasing next month, March is shaping up to be full of potential blockbusters. Power Rangers sits at number 14 on our Most Anticipated List as fans wait to see how the upcoming reboot fares in translating the '90s children's TV series into a more mature big-budget film and possible franchise.

The first trailer for Power Rangers established a "teenager out of water" vibe for the film, which made the five Rangers appear as social outcasts before becoming heroes. The final trailer for the movie played up the movie's humor, as well as giving viewers a brief glimpse of the comedic relief provided by Alpha-5 (Bill Hader). However, it was the second trailer for the movie that revealed the Zords and the Megazord. Up until that point, the Rangers' Zords had only been teased in posters.

Just before Christmas 2016, toys promoting the Power Rangers movie began showing up on shelves. For the most part, the toy line featured standard action figures and adjustable toy Zords. Later, Toys 'R Us exclusively released the most elaborate and certainly the largest toy from the film -- The Colossal Megazord.

Power Rangers - Colossal Megazord Toy Official

The exclusivity for the toy seems to have expired, as the Colossal Megazord is now available at multiple retailers -- both online and in stores. Standing 28-inches tall and weighing in just over 7 pounds, this action figure definitely lives up to the name "Colossal". Unlike other Megazord toys, which come pre-assembled, this Megazord is built from its corresponding Dinozord parts -- Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabertooth Tiger. You can purchase each of these Zords separately or buy the entire lot for $100.

Looking closer at the Colossal Megazord, we can see confirmation that the movie version of the Earth-defending robot doesn't mimic its TV counterpart. On the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show (and the ensuing first movie), the Megazord was built as follows:

  • Tyrannosaurus (Red Ranger) - Head and Torso
  • Pterodactyl (Pink Ranger) - Chest plate and Wings
  • Mastodon (Black Ranger) - Back and Arms
  • Triceratops (Blue Ranger) - Left Leg
  • Sabertooth Tiger (Yellow Ranger) - Right Leg

The movie version of the Megaszord appears to be slightly different:

  • Tyrannosaurus (Red Ranger) - Head and Shoulders
  • Pterodactyl (Pink Ranger) - Wings and Weapons (sword on the toy)
  • Mastodon (Black Ranger) - Right Leg
  • Triceratops (Blue Ranger) - Left Leg
  • Sabertooth Tiger (Yellow Ranger) - Torso

Though many things are different between the TV show and movie, when it comes to the Megazord the only things that remain the same are the head, the wings, and left leg. In the original show, the head of the Mastodon became a strong shield. That doesn't appear to be the case with this updated Megazord, as the head is part of the robot's foot. While toys can give fans a sense of how an item will appear in a movie, they are most often exaggerated and rarely resemble anything seen on screen. However, comparing this massive action figure to a still from the trailer, the toy seems to correctly represent the actual movie Megazord.

If you'd like to watch one of these Colossal Megazord toys being assembled, watch this video by Power Ranger Talk to see how it's done:

Source: Toys 'R Us

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