Power Rangers Funko Toys Include Rita Repulsa

The cast of The Power Rangers Movie

The dawn of 2017 means we're one step closer to the year's biggest films. Coming in just two months, we'll get the premiere of Saban's Power Rangers reboot and can finally decide whether it holds up to the original series. The new film looks to be heading in a darker, more alien direction, as the various trailers have teased updated takes on the Rangers' costumes and powers. We've also seen a few images showing how Elizabeth Banks will look as Rita Repulsa, who appears briefly in the trailer. On top of that, various toys have given us our first, good looks at a number of supporting characters from the film, including the Zords the Rangers will use.

We first got a better look at the new Alpha 5 (being voiced by Bill Hader) thanks to the release of a new figure for the character. Since then, a slew of toy releases have beat the film's marketing department to the punch by revealing a number of things from the new movie. We discovered how the new Putty Patrollers would look and learned that the Rangers' classic phrase would be in the movie. Most shockingly of all, we got a glimpse of how the film's version of Goldar would look, and fans were none too pleased.

Funko has now released images of their upcoming Pop! vinyl line for the film, and while it doesn't spoil anything, it does prove that Rita will be joining the Rangers as a cute, little figure. Take a look in the gallery below:

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All five Rangers can be purchased in keychain form, with the vinyls coming soon. Though they're in the standard Funko style, they still give us a pretty good look at the Rangers' new suits and helmets (including some sort of weird belly button portal they all share). The same goes for the Rita Repulsa Funko, which will be exclusive to Hot Topic. The Rangers would surely approve of having to head to your local mall to complete your collection. Hopefully, the line will continue to expand and feature the other characters from the movie once they've been officially revealed.

Though we got our first, small look at Bryan Cranston's Zordon in the new movie today, it'd be great to see the floating head turned into a Funko. The second line could then be rounded out with Alpha 5, Goldar, and a Putty Patroller — maybe even the Megazord to complete it. As the movie's release fast approaches, we're sure to get much more merchandise.

We'll bring you all the latest Power Rangers news as it arrives, so stay tuned.

Source: Funko

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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