30 Things That Make No Sense About Power Rangers

Power Rangers Movie Cast Photo 1995

There are many series and franchises that have left an undeniable dent on pop culture, but there are few that have as much as resonance as the Power Rangers. Nobody could have predicted the whirlwind of success that the Power Rangers would experience. A humble gamble on a quirky series that reused footage from overseas “Sentai programs” turned out to be a phenomenon that would not only become a hit, but also span a wide list of imitators and open the doors for “import programs.” Power Rangers was an out-of-the-box show, even if it was incredibly repetitive in its storytelling, which meant that potentially anything could become a winner in the series.

Plenty of similar series have come and gone through the years, but Power Rangers is the only one that has survived through the years. This is partly due to the legacy that it left behind. The franchise understands its history and its fanbase. Not all of the Power Rangers series have been successful, however, but they’ve all tried to do something unique and have brought their audience along for the ride.

Power Rangers has spanned over several decades and has even survived a popular reboot. It’s clear that the Power Rangers aren’t going anywhere, but this also doesn’t mean that the franchise is perfect.

We love the whacky series, warts and all, but here are the 30 Things That Make No Sense About Power Rangers.

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30 Why Does Nobody Have Parents?

Power Rangers is supposed to be a property that kids can easily connect to, so it makes sense that episodes focus almost entirely on children and leave adults out of the picture. According to Power Rangers, there’s nothing that adults can do that children can’t, and so realistic, fair representation of family dynamics are not the show’s first priority.

Parents and guardians are missing in almost every Power Rangers show or movie.

In fact, in most cases we never even see their parents. It's unusual, but it may actually explain a lot. Is this lack of parental figures a prerequisite for Power Ranger duty, or just a coincidence?

29 The Suit Change In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie

Power Rangers The Movie Metallic Suits

It was a big deal when the Power Rangers hit such a level of mainstream popularity that they received their first feature film. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie was a reason for many fans to celebrate. However, the movie also featured some strange decisions that definitely led to some head scratching.

In the first movie, the Rangers’ suits are different fro th eshow and there’s no explanation why this is. These suits then go back to normal once the movie is over. They're definitely the same characters, but the events from the movie are also basically never mentioned again. These new suits have a much more metallic look than the softer spandex style of the show.

28 Putties And Giant Monsters Are Made From The Same Machine

Power Rangers Finster Makes Monster

Power Rangers is full of various types of monsters that aggravate the Rangers to different degrees. A pack of Putties isn’t going to concern the original Power Rangers the same way that a city-demolishing monster will. It’s logical that Rita Repulsa would have some kind of foot soldiers to handle her general dirty work, but what’s hard to believe is that they have the same origins as her finest creations: Finster’s Monster-Matic.

Putties and Rita’s strongest monsters are brought to life through their monster maker. However, this doesn't explain why there is such a discrepancy in their power levels. Putties don’t have nearly the same skillset as the other monsters and Rita never turns them into giant threats.

27 Shouldn't Angel Grove Be Abandoned?

Power Rangers Angel Grove Scenic

Angel Grove is the location of a never-ending onslaught of monster attacks. Rita Repulsa specifically focuses her negative energy and frustration towards the peaceful community because it happens to be where the Power Rangers are located.

After so many city-destroying battles, you would think that people would either move away entirely or that the community's way of life would change into some kind of police state to handle this epidemic. Power Rangers actually takes the opposite direction and everybody who lives there is incredibly calm about the endless destruction. They don’t even talk about it.

26 Why The Rangers Never Go Straight To The Source

Power Rangers Monster-Matic Machine

There’s definitely a certain charm to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in terms of its simplicity and the obvious formula that it repeated. In each episode, Finster sculpts a monster that he then bakes in the patented Monster-Matic. Rita then puts her own personal touch on Finster’s creation and uses her magic wand to make these monsters grow.

Rita and her evil cohorts fail most of the time, but it seems like they have an endless supply of monsters thanks to their machine.

Though the Rangers always defeat these monsters, perhaps a better way to fight would be to destroy the monster maker or take away Rita’s wand. It would make life a lot easier.

25 Necrolai, The Queen Of Vampires, Is A Galaxy Warriors Spectator

Power Rangers Necrolai Queen Of Vampires

Power Rangers Mystic Force brings some absolutely creepy supernatural characters into the fold, like Necrolai, the Queen of the Vampires. Curiously, Necrolai is seen as a random spectator of “Galaxy Warriors” in Power Rangers Ninja Steel and she also shows up as an unimportant prisoner in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

While this is surely just the show recycling Necrolai’s costume rather than providing an actual appearance from the character, it’s still very problematic. Why incite confusion like this? All of this is even more troublesome since Necrolai turns into a human named Nikki at the end of Mystic Force and shouldn’t look like this anymore.

24 The Glaring Weak Spot Of The Z-Putty Patrollers

Power Rangers Z-Putty Patrollers Pose

You’ve got to hand it to Rita Repulsa; she never gives up and she always has ideas that she tries to recycle and make new. Rita knows that her Putties can be a decent distraction, but they’re never going to take out the Power Rangers alone. Accordingly, Rita attempts to spice up her formula with new and improved Z-Putty Patrollers.

To Rita’s credit, these Z-Putty Patrollers look extremely creepy, but it’s a pretty colossal design oversight that they’re defeated by tapping the giant Z emblem on their chest. It’s pretty hard to miss. These villains would be a lot more penancing and dangerous if they didn't have such an obvious weak spot.

23 The Heavy Focus On Space

It’s one thing for the threats in Power Rangers to come from space, but it seems unnecessary to set several series in space. It’s obviously appealing to try and push the Power Rangers into new and exciting situations with each new series, but it’s also important to understand your limits and know what should be out of bounds.

There’s something just off about these teenagers leading fleets in space. There’s nothing “everyday” about that. The fact that the Rangers eventually become space pirates is proof of how off base the series becomes and how far it’s moved from where it began.

22 Lothar's Plan For World Domination

Power Rangers Ninja Sotrm I Love Lothar TV Show

Power Rangers villains often have evil schemes that are just as ridiculous as they are. Power Rangers Ninja Storm’s Lothar isn’t the most intimidating Power Rangers antagonist. That being said, while most villains decide to use brute strength to show off their power, Lothar’s the only one who decides to take a pacifistic approach. His efforts for world domination may still crash and burn, but the guy deserves points for ingenuity.

In the episode “I Love Lothar”, Lothar creates a sitcom in order to win the hearts of Earthlings. It's certainly an original approach for a Power Rangers villain, but it's unclear how his plan is actually supposed to work.

21 Everything About Super Putties

Power Rangers Super Putties

As a franchise as grown over the years, it’s not surprising to see each new series try to top the ones before it. Rita decides that Putties are the most efficient distraction for the Power Rangers, but when this repeatedly doesn’t bring results, she decides to up the stakes with Super Putties.

Super Putties are actually quite threatening since they can multiply and cannot be defeated without an integral weapon, the Thunder Slinger.

While this is interesting, why are the Super Putties so weak against Thunder Slingers? Furthermore, why doesn’t Rita just stick with Super Putties instead of returning to the regular variety after this?

20 Bulk And Skull Become Police Officers

In the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Rangers have plenty to worry about when it comes to super powered bad guys, but they also have some very human enemies, too. Bulk and Skull are Angel Grove’s resident bullies, and while they might not be the greatest villains, they do pick on the innocent and vulnerable.

Somehow, Bulk and Skull pass all of the qualifying tests to get into the police force and they soon become the neighborhood's law enforcers. Bulk and Skull are nothing but trouble, and even if Angle Grove is tiny, there’s no way that these guys would be able to become police officers. There's no way that they would be qualified.

19 Alpha Is Able To Defeat Some Putties

Power Rangers Alpha-5

When it comes to monster fighting, the honor typically falls on the series’ titular heroes, the Power Rangers. However, though is a show that’s all about the Power Rangers, they also have some helpful assistance by their side. Alpha and Zordon tend to be the brains behind the Power Rangers’ missions, though they never venture onto the battlefield.

Alpha is built to handle numbers, which is why it’s so ridiculous when she is able beat up some bad guys on her own. Granted, Alpha has the help of a ridiculous singing squash, but Putties can be hard to defeat and Alpha isn’t a fighter. If Alpha can take down some bad guys, then clearly anyone can.

18 Everything About Powers Rangers RPM

Power Rangers RPM Rangers Group

It was definitely a bold, controversial move when Power Rangers RPM opted to turn the Power Rangers’ Zords into cars, planes, and other vehicles in a Mad Max-like post-apocalypse. It’s beyond ridiculous and really isn't a theme that meshes well with the rest of the franchise and its lore. This series just embraces race cars and vehicles, and what’s so creative about that?

The RPM Rangers’ suits have tires on the helmets, just in case you didn’t pick up on the apparent car motif. Even before this, Powers Rangers Turbo also turned to cars. Both series didn't offer much and are better off ignored.

17 Astronema's Psycho Rangers

Power Rangers Psycho Rangers

It's always entertaining to watch heroes face and battle evil dopplëgangers. We've seen evil dopplëgangers appear in a few series, as the Power Rangers are occasionally forced to deal with them. One of the more notable occasions happens in Power Rangers in Space, when the show's villain creates evil versions of the Power Rangers, which are known as the Psycho Rangers, because... well, why not?

Astronema forces the Psycho Rangers to take on the Power Rangers. These dopplëgangers even have elemental Zords as well, for some reason, which made them a challenge for the Rangers. However, we don't see these dopplëgangers show up often. It also seems odd that Astronema can make evil versions of the Rangers that are exactly the same as the original and thus not stronger. Wouldn't it be more efficient to create stronger versions? Also, how does their Zord science work?

16 The Logistics Behind Venjix In Power Rangers RPM

The premise surrounding Power Rangers RPM involves a dangerous virus called Venjix, which wipes out most of Earth's population. This means that the Rangers are the only heroes left to protect the survivors.

While this is an interesting  plot for a Power Rangers series, you’d think that the circumstances behind something as important as Venjix would be better explained.

Though basic information about the virus is provided to us, there’s a lot that is never explained. Things become even more confusing when the Rangers get no answers from Dr. Z. Though it's clear that Power Rangers RPM wanted to use the virus to set up a darker in tone series, it's strange that we aren't given any more details about Venjix.

15 Blue Senturion

The Power Rangers team up with a number of strange allies during their many quests across space and time. However, someone who makes a particularly strong impression is the vigilant Blue Senturion. The Blue Senturion character is a mash-up of different sci-fi concepts. He’s a time traveling space police android who goes back in time in order to warn the Turbo Rangers about the dangers that lie ahead.

Time travel can be difficult for shows to cover, since it can create a lot of plot holes. For example, why doesn't Blue Senturion's future android police force send back agents whenever there is trouble? Also, why don't they ever try to work alongside the Rangers in the future?

14 The Super Megaforce Gold Ranger

Powers Rangers Super Megaforce Sixth Ranger All 20 Badges

Power Rangers has turned into an institution, as it’s provided decades of entertainment and still isn’t showing signs of slowing down. When the Power Rangers series was approaching its 20th anniversary, the franchise decided to do something special for the occasion and go all out.

While this is understandable, Power Rangers Super Megaforce decided to make its Silver Ranger absorb the power of all of the previous 20 Sixth Rangers. This created an extremely overpowered character that raises a lot of questions. Plus, the super tacky "Ranger Badge” look of his suit leaves a lot to be desired.

13 The Power Rangers Get Trapped In A Musical

Musical episodes tend to be polarizing installments for series. Fans either love or loathe these stylistic departures. However, in the case of Power Rangers, it doesn’t even look like the cast was particularly excited about the episode.

Power Rangers Zeo contains an episode titled “Another Song and Dance”, in which Tommy and Tanya become victims to a bizarre spell that forces them to sing everything that they say. Needless to say, it's a fairly absurd plot and neither of the actors were professional singers. Also, in what situation would this curse ever lead to an opponent’s defeat?

12 Master Vile's Orb Of Doom

It’s not enough that the various villains throughout the many Power Rangers series are usually horrifying monsters - they also need to have special gadgets that give them an even great advantage in battle. For example, Master Vile from Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers wields a weapon that can transform characters back into their younger selves.

Vile uses his Orb of Doom against Bulk and Skull, which is a bit odd. Why not use it against the Rangers themselves? Not to mention, the mental toll that such a transformation would put on Bulk and Skull would probably leave them permanently messed up.

11 The Power Rangers Watch... The Power Rangers

Power Rangers SPD with Dino Thunder Rangers in Wormhole

Powers Rangers Dino Thunder gets rather ambitious with the idea in "Lost and Found in Translation". A number of the Rangers are flipping through television when they stumble across a show from Japan that's based on the Power Rangers. This is, of course, just footage of Dino Thunder's Sentai equivalent. However, it is extremely badly dubbed. It pokes fun at the Powers Rangers’ biggest flaws.

However, for some reason, none of the Rangers are really that surprised by the existence of such a show.

Shouldn't it be odd to find a show that is based on the lives of you and your friends? You’d think that they'd be a little more freaked out.

10 The Universe's Science And State Of Technology

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Astro Megaship

There are many things about the Power Rangers shows and movies that take a leap from logic. However, you know there’s something really wrong when a series about teenage fighters decides to focus on science and tech instead of fighting.

In Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, the people of Earth finally get fed up with so many persistent monster attacks and decide to build a city-sized spaceship for a new civilization. As implausible as this all is, it also happens in 1999, when such technology was not yet available. This spaceship carries an actual city and travels through space until a new hospitable planet is found. Everything else in the series is outdated, so how were they able to do this?

9 Power Rangers Operation Overdrive's Red Ranger Is A Robot

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Mack Hartford Robot Head

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is problematic in many ways, but one of the biggest issues involves something that happens halfway through the season. It is revealed that Mack, the Red Overdrive Ranger, is in fact a robot that his father, Andrew Hartford, built after he learned that he couldn't have children.

This development causes a lot of issues with the show and opens the gates to a ton of unanswered questions. However, maybe the weirdest part of this arc is the fact that Mack turns into a real boy at the end of the series for no reason. Though it was surprising to find out the main character of the series was actually a robot, it was even weirder to see said robot eventually transform into a human. It's supposed to be sentimental, but it's just weird.

8 Why Don’t Past Rangers Ever Lend A Hand In Battle?

Power Rangers Every Ranger Mass Group

One of the reasons why Power Rangers has become so popular with audiences is due to the fact that it is able to reinvent itself over the years. Because of this, the franchise is able to try out new ideas. The franchise could have attempted to tell one continuous story through all of its series, but it instead decided to introduce new casts and sets of Rangers whenever a new show or movie was made.

In Power Rangers Super Megaforce, it is established that past Rangers can return under the right circumstances. However, this raises a question: why don’t the Rangers stick around or help more often with the bigger threats? Sure, it can’t be a party all of the time, but having these guys appear more than once may do more harm than good.

7 Ninja Steel Gold Ranger's Guitar Sword And Gold Cowboy Ranger’s Burger Morpher

Powers Rangers Ninja Steel Cowboy Poses

Power Rangers Ninja Steel really embraces the whole Ninja aesthetic. However, for some reason, it decided to go in a completely different direction for its Sixth Ranger. The series instead decided that the Sixth Ranger should represent the U.S. (for a reason that's never really explained). This Ranger’s sword is a guitar and his Zord is basically a giant mechanical bull-like all-terrain vehicle. Unfortunately, he never gets to headline a rock concert that’s made up entirely of Sixth Rangers.

If all of this wasn't enough, in the Sentai equivalent series from Japan, the Gold Cowboy Ranger's Morpher is a hamburger, so things can somehow get even more ridiculous.

6 The Power Rangers Get Baked Into A Pizza

Power Rangers Baked Into Pizza

The Power Rangers have faced plenty of unusual predicaments throughout their monster-fighting careers, but Power Rangers Turbo really goes overboard. The episode "Trouble by the Slice" features an eccentric villain named Mad Mike Monster who decides to defeat the Rangers with a rather unconventional method.

According to Mad Mike Monster, it's easier to eat the Rangers than to beat them. 

Mad Mike Monster traps the Rangers in a huge oven, adds ingredients, and bakes them into a pizza. This raises a lot of questions. After all, shouldn't the oven's high temperatures eliminate the Rangers?

5 The Badges Of Darkness

Power Rangers Putties With Dark Badges

Season one of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers had to establish the tone and set the stage for the many follow-up series that would be created in the future. As a result, a few plot holes are excusable.

For instance, the episode "Mighty Morphin' Mutants" sees Goldar acquire Badges of Darkness. Not only do these items sound intimidating, but they also have the power to change Putties into evil versions of the Power Rangers. This raises a few questions: How can it do this? Does this only happen if they're put on Putties? Why aren't they used more often? The Badges of Darkness even give Putties the ability of speech, which opens up a whole other can of worms.

4 Bulk And Skull Are Turned Into Chimps & Become Invisible

Bulk and Skull first appeared in Power Rangers as simple-minded bullies. They may have gotten a little over the top at times, but their schemes were usually always grounded in reality. y.

By the time that Power Rangers Turbo came around, though, the series really struggled to figure out what to do with the mischievous duo. Because of this, the series puts them through situations that make no sense whatsoever. At one point, Elgar turns them both into chimpanzees. They then become human again after a random explosion, but somehow they're suddenly invisible. The invisibility doesn’t last for the rest of the season, but it's still crazy. Why chimpanzees and why invisible?

3 Tommy Kicks A Dinosaur, Survives, & Wins

Powers Rangers Tommy Kick Dinosaur

In order to properly enjoy a Power Rangers series, you have to understand that some wacky things can happen. However, one element that stays relatively grounded in the franchise is the Rangers’ human personas. They may have tons of power when they’re in their Ranger suits, but when their suits are off and it’s no longer Morphin' Time, they’re just everyday people.

 However, this doesn't explain how Tommy is able to defeat a dinosaur.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder sets the bar especially high during its first episode. In it, Tommy has a Ph.D in paleontology and, at one point, somehow kicks a T-Rex in the face and survives. What?!

2 The Power Rangers Exist In The Same Universe As The Ninja Turtles

Sometimes there are crossovers between properties that make a lot of sense due to similarities between the two. Then, there are mash-ups that fall into the category of the truly baffling. However, this is not to say that they aren't also extremely entertaining.

In the episode “Shell Shocked” of Power Rangers in Space, the Ninja Turtles from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation show up to give the Rangers a hand. Not only does Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation not take place in space, but this sort of crossover creates more questions than it answers. Worst of all, it happens in the Power Rangers’ show and not in the Ninja Turtles’, so the Ranger's continuity suffers the most.

1 Why Are The Power Rangers Teenagers?

Power Rangers 2017 movie cast

Power Rangers is meant to be a franchise that appeals to young adults. However, it doesn't really make any sense for the defenders of the universe to be a bunch of underdog teens.

From a logistics standpoint, the whole idea of the Power Rangers is that they are supposed to be the individuals who are best suited to save the world. So why does this honor always fall on high schoolers? Granted, some Power Rangers series like Time Force, SPD, and RPM feature grown protagonists and the show's heroes certainly age as the series goes on. However, it seems like adults would be better suited to protect the Earth.


Are there any other things about the Power Rangers that make no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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