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Many people consider March the unofficial start of the summer movie season, with the pending release of several surefire blockbusters opening during the month. Kong: Skull IslandLogan, and Beauty and the Beast, are just some of the major motion pictures set for release. However, there is one movie that has as good of a chance as any other to become a huge hit:  Power Rangers. The reboot of the popular '90s television show is directed by Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) and features the star power of Bryan Cranston (Why Him?) and Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games), as Zordon and Rita Repulsa respectively.

The marketing push for Power Rangers by Lionsgate has shifted into a higher gear recently, with the release of the first full trailer and new advertisements around every corner. The most recent marketing was posted to the Power Rangers official Instagram account and focuses on the five Rangers landing for battle in what Deadpool tagged "the superhero landing," while declaring the film's new tagline, "Let's Get Mighty.

The "superhero landing" may be the most recognized cliche in the growing film genre, that may only be equaled by shots of the hero walking away from an exploding building in slow motion. The landing is when the (typically costumed) hero jumps from a high elevation and lands in a perfect three point stance, which is followed by a long dramatic pause for the audience to soak up the moment.

Dropping in with some serious attitude. #MorphinMonday #PowerRangersMovie

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On further inspection it's hard to fault the filmmaker for implementing the overused film trope. Mostly due to the fact that the landing is an iconic piece of the fabric that created the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers world in the 90's. The original TV show utilized footage from Super Sentai, a little known Japanese program, and simply redubbed English dialogue over the live-action actors. Part of the original charm of the series was the campy nature of the show that seemed dated... because it was.

The upcoming movie has been described as a gritty, "Dark Knight"-styled reimagining of the property according to Cranston. Adding these small Easter eggs and nods to the original source material gives the movie a chance to connect with multiple generations, while keeping some of campy charm of the original show. Hopefully, Israelite has created a film that manages to balance both the old and modern filmmaking techniques, while creating something that will take the franchise into the future.

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