Original Power Rangers Star Reveals Legend of the White Dragon [Updated]

Original Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank teases the Legend of the White Dragon mystery project, a unique spin on the Power Rangers story.

Power Rangers Legend of the White Dragon Jason David Frank poster

Original Power Rangers actor, Jason David Frank, has been building hype for a mystery project that appears to be a grittier take on the Power Rangers story. Frank famously appeared as Tommy in the 1990s Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series, taking on the mantle of the Green Ranger, before moving on to become the White Ranger. The actor has returned to the franchise throughout the years to reprise his role and, never too far away from Angel Grove, Frank also appeared in the 2017 Power Rangers movie reboot in a cameo alongside the original Pink Ranger actress, Amy Jo Johnson.

Outside of Power Rangers, Jason David Frank will soon make his pro wrestling debut, but has also been busy promoting a mystery project with fellow former Power Rangers stars Jason Faunt, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ciara Hanna, Chrysti Ane and Yoshi Sudarso. All those involved have been teasing the project over the last few months, posting behind-the-scenes shots and promotional material without confirming the exact nature of the movie. Images posted to Instagram show the cast in color-specific helmets and feature a picture of Frank's hooded character with the tagline, "Legend." The project comes from Bat In The Sun and seems to be directed by Aaron Schoenke.

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In Frank's latest series of posts on his Instagram page, the actor reveals a new spiky, metallic, White Ranger-esque helmet design and suit, as well as a short teaser ahead of a full trailer set to drop tomorrow.

UPDATE: The film's title has now been confirmed as Legend of the White Dragon and a trailer is available to view below from the official Kickstarter page. Jason David Frank has also unveiled an official poster.

While there's still no official word on the title of this project, the posts are almost certainly building towards some kind of more mature, darker Power Rangers story. The cast is made up of different colored Rangers from across the franchise's history and previous posts depict each actor in the hue of their corresponding Ranger. Additionally, there are clear elements of both the Green and White Ranger outfits in Frank's latest posts, including the sharp Dragonzord styling and Tommy's original gold breastplate. Frank has previously expressed a desire for a Logan style Green Ranger movie, and this mystery film may be well be the result of that wish.

Since the designs are so far removed from previous Power Rangers offerings, however, it's difficult to be completely certain about what this is all building towards. The costumes are far more ornate and barbaric than anything seen previously in Power Rangers and the other characters appear to be wearing suits more akin in style to the Halo universe. Bat In The Sun productions has previously released a crossover venture between Power Rangers and Street Fighter, as well as numerous superhero beatdown bouts with high quality production and this latest effort could be following a similar path, combining the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers with some serious science fiction elements.

While fans continue to debate the nature of this new Power Rangers project, tomorrow's trailer release should finally lift the curtain on what Jason David Frank and his fellow fully grown adults with attitude have in store.

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