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Power Rangers star Jason David Frank is teaching a How to be a Power Ranger Acting Class. This year, the franchise celebrates its 25th Anniversary.  The Official Power Morphicon Convention, a convention devoted to the worldwide franchise, announced a new traveling version, Power Morphicon Express.  It will begin by visiting Pasadena, Texas in 2019.

Power Morphicon is the largest convention devoted to Power Rangers and the only one officially recognized. Started in 2007, Power Morphicon takes place in Southern California every two years. Power Morphicon Express will visit multiple cities and be led by Ranger superstar Jason David Frank.  Over the franchise’s 25 years, Frank has continued to be the series most popular and active actor.

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For those fans who cannot travel to Southern California, Power Morphicon Express with bring the same opportunities closer to their homes.  Just like the larger show, Power Morphicon Express will feature chances to interact with Power Rangers actors, panels on the franchise, a vendor’s hall, and Power Ranger inspired art by local artists.

One panel in particular should be attended by any fans aspiring to become a future Power Ranger.  "We are going to give back to the community by charitable events. Also, I’ll be running the first time how to be a Power Ranger acting class,” said Jason David Frank.  An opportunity to get acting advice from the original Green Ranger himself should not be missed.

At 2018’s Power Morphicon, Frank dressed as Lord Drakkon, an alternate version of his Power Ranger’s character Tommy. One hundred percent of the money made by auctioning off photo ops were given to charity. "For me, I'm not about money," Frank said. "I'm about, if someone wants something, I want to put it to good use.”

The Green Ranger

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/The Green Ranger

Frank joined the cast of Power Rangers as Tommy Oliver in the first season story arc “Green With Evil.”  Part of a five-episode event, Tommy is a new student at the same high school as the Power Rangers. He would be turned into the evil Green Ranger by the series antagonist Rita Repulsa and temporarily defeat the other Rangers. Eventually, Tommy is restored to his right mind and join the Power Rangers in defending Earth.

While the Green Ranger was written out of the show, Tommy’s popularity was so large that he would be reintroduced as the White Ranger and be given leadership of the team. After five seasons as Tommy, Jason David Frank left the show with most of the other current cast members. This began the tradition of changing the setting and characters for Power Rangers every few years.

Tommy Returns as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

Frank returned to the show as Tommy in 2002 for a special 10th anniversary episode, “Forever Red.”  He would continue to return for anniversary specials including this year’s 25th anniversary on Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the current incarnation of Power Rangers.

In 2004, Frank returned to the franchise in Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Tommy Oliver had earned a doctorate in paleontology and began mentoring a new generation of Power Rangers when the Earth was once again threatened by evil.  He would later join the fight as the Black Dino Ranger.

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