Green Ranger Actor Wants a Logan-Like Sendoff Movie

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver/The Green Ranger

When Green Ranger actor Jason David Frank is finally done with Tommy Oliver, he wants the character to go out in the style of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in Logan. Though the dark tone contrasts with what fans are accustomed to with the Power Rangers franchise, the actor believes that a solo Green Ranger project is something that could definitely happen.

Frank has been associated with the Power Rangers brand since he first appeared in the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. Frank later became the White Ranger in the same series, and changed his color from white to red for Power Rangers Zeo, and Turbo. Frank left the series during Turbo, but came back to the franchise seven years later as a series regular in Dino Thunder. No longer a teenager, Tommy had become a paleontology professor secretly operating as the new Black Ranger. Frank's last appearance in the series was in an episode of Super Megaforce in 2014. As the most popular Power Ranger in the history of the franchise, Frank still has a passion for his character and regularly makes appearances at conventions.

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In an interview with Syfy Wire at New York Comic Con 2017, Frank discussed the role of Tommy Oliver and how he would like the character's story to end. According to Frank, he would like Tommy to have a sendoff similar to what 20th Century Fox did with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in Logan. Logan, which is considerably darker than anything Saban has ever done with Power Rangers, provided a deep, emotional story that ended with Wolverine's brutal death.

Jason David Frank, aka Tommy Oliver on Power Rangers

Not only does this sendoff face the challenge of being made considering the drastically different tone, there's also the problem of where it would fit in with the franchise. However, Frank says that there's been discussions about a solo project for the Green Ranger and that he "still feels strongly that the Green Ranger can hold down his own series."

I have talked to Saban, we've talked numerous years about doing a solo Green Ranger project. I'm not giving up on it and it's not a firm no.

It remains to be seen just how dark Frank wants the Green Ranger project to be. His response to the Power/Rangers fan film suggests that he would be opposed to the story being too dark. Calling himself a "PG-13 guy," Frank said in 2015 that profanity and drugs "don't fly" for him.

Whether the actor gets the Logan-like ending he wants or not, Frank remains confident that an ending for the character will come at some point.

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Source: Syfy Wire

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