Power Rangers: Rita's Green Ranger Costume Concept Art Emerges

Power Rangers - Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

A new piece of concept art for this year's Power Rangers reboot offers a much better look at the original Green Ranger armor for Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa. While Lionsgate's big screen reboot of Power Rangers wasn't quite the box office hit that the studio was hoping for and received a divided critical response, the film performed fairly well with the property's actual fanbase. There were a few, generally agreed upon critiques thrown towards the film by fans - most of which wished the film had featured more hand-to-hand combat sequences - but many also considered the movie to be an overall success at rebooting the franchise.

Power Rangers succeeded in even winning over some of its more unexpected naysayers, with a heavy focus on developing its lead characters and their lives in a way that most other modern day blockbuster movies rarely ever do. And in even more surprising form, the Power Rangers reboot also managed to play around with the mythology of the original films and series, offering up new connections and backstories that added extra layers of depth to multiple different characters in the film.

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One of the more surprising additions to the mythology was the film's decision to make Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa an ex-Green Power Ranger, who turned on and betrayed the rest of her comrades millions of years before the events of the actual movie. And since Rita was only glimpsed in her full Green Ranger costume briefly in the film's prologue, WETA Digital artist, Lindsey Crums, has revealed some of her original concept art for Rita's costume - offering a much better look at the details and the actual design of it. Check out the concept art for yourself down below:

My render of The Green Ranger! Another designer and myself passed these sculpts back and forth working together, and heaps of talented people added ideas to what became the final suits. Design is a very collobarative process! She was barely seen before she turned to Rita Repulsa in the film, but here she is! Please check my prior posts for mine and Weta's involvement with Power Rangers :) - - #powerrangers2017 #powerrangers #greenranger #conceptdesign #conceptart #digitalsculpting #digitalart #3drender #3dart #zbrush #keyshot #artistsofinstagram #armor #artist #sculptor #ritarepulsa @powerrangers @powerrangertalk @cg_station @3dspotlight

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Rita's backstory as the Green Ranger was only one aspect of an entire origin story for the Power Rangers that was added to the film - one that included the reveal that the modern Rangers' mentor, Bryan Cranston's Zordon was once a Red Ranger himself, the same one whom Rita betrayed. That conflict and history between the two characters gave the film an unexpected subplot and rivalry that was not only unexpected, but also one turned out to be one of the reboot's more effective relationships.

Obviously, the overall design of the Green Ranger costume isn't all that different from the other Rangers, though, that's not a surprising revelation. And for those who are hoping to see the costume in action at some point, the mid-credits scene for Power Rangers all but confirmed that Tommy Oliver - the character who became the Green Ranger in the original films and series - is going to be introduced at some point in the sequel. Now, the only question is whether or not Power Rangers will have made enough money in the end, for Lionsgate and Saban to deem it worth taking the risk of actually producing and releasing a sequel.

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