Power Rangers: Every Green Ranger, Ranked Worst To Best

In their decades on the small screen, we've seen plenty of Green Power Rangers come and go. Here are the best (and the worst) of the bunch.

If there’s one thing we know about Power Rangers, it’s that those Green Rangers are something special. In the very first season of the series, the Green Ranger was introduced as a sixth Power Ranger, someone with abilities to rival those of all five of the core Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While that idea didn’t stay the same throughout the series, with the Green Ranger sometimes taking the place of the Black Ranger on core teams, it’s true that the folks in green always seem to have a strong leadership role within their respective teams.

We’ve taken a look back at all 24 seasons of the series, in every incarnation, to see just which of those Green Rangers come out on top. Now, not every season has a Green Ranger on the team, so some versions of the Power Rangers won’t pop up on this list. Where there’s a Green Ranger, though, we’ve spotted it and ranked it.

Read on to see Every Green Ranger In The Series, Ranked Worst To Best!

15 Elephant Spirit Ranger (Jungle Fury)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Green Ranger Elephant Spirit and Master Phant

Based on the name of this particular Green Ranger, even if you haven’t seen the Jungle Fury season, you might surmise that this isn’t exactly a character on the show, which is why it nabs the last spot in our Green Ranger rankings.

The Elephant Spirit Ranger was the embodiment of a Green Ranger in a season where there was no actual Green Ranger. Instead, this was the spirit that Master Phant, mentor to the Jungle Fury Rangers, could call on in battle -- if he were still battling. Eventually, with a whole lot of training, the spirit becomes one that the Yellow Ranger is also able to call into battle to help the Rangers in a pinch. Just like the original Green Ranger in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, the Elephant Spirit was like a sixth member of the team who was there when the core five needed a boost. Of course, unlike that sixth Ranger, this spirit couldn’t fight on its own or have a character arc of any sort.

14 Mike (Samurai)

Mike As The Green Ranger in Power Rangers Samurai

The Samurai Rangers are an interesting case in that they aren’t chosen to be Power Rangers -- instead, they inherit the honor. The powers and abilities are passed down through families. That means, whether someone is a good fit for the hero role or not, they can become a Power Ranger.

Mike (Hector David Jr.) is good to have on your side in a fight, as he does possess a lot of skills, but it’s a matter of whether or not you can get him to the fight and keep him focused that becomes the real issue. This is one Green Ranger who doesn’t like to put in the study time, and who will interrupt a mission to grab himself a cheeseburger. Unless something is important to him personally (like he wants access to a fancy new device the Rangers are using and someone else gets it first), he’s ready to forgo any practice, preparation, or advice in order to play video games instead. He’s also one of the first to rush into battle once he’s there, and usually one of the first to be knocked out and saved by his team.

Despite his slacker attitude, though, he is one of the many Green Rangers to emerge as part of the “Legendary Battle”, where as many of the Rangers as possible from every team (read: all the actors they could convince to return for a cameo) united for Super Megaforce to take on an evil Armada.

13 Joel Rawlings (Lightspeed Rescue)

Joel as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Just as the Samurai Rangers broke from the high school recruit tradition of the early seasons of the show, so did the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers. Here, being a Power Ranger was more like a civil servant job, as the identities of the rangers were known to citizens before they started saving people. The Rangers were also adults, making them more like police or firefighters than your standard teenagers with attitude.

Just because they were adults, however, didn’t mean all of the Rangers were mature. In fact, some were so cocky, they didn’t like to follow the rules at all, like Joel (Keith Robinson). Reluctant to even become a member of the team, the aerial stuntman was overconfident and unwilling to take help from those with more experience. He even went against the advice of the person who actually designed his zord when the series began, but over time, he’d become more willing to listen to those around him and keep an open mind.

12 Carlos Vallerte (Turbo)

Carlos as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Turbo

A high school student in Angel Grove, Carlos (Roger Velasco) was certainly in for a surprise when his helping kids during an emergency made an impression on the Green Turbo Ranger. Following the crisis, Carlos was chosen to succeed the ranger, who also happened to be his soccer coach. The superhero gig gave him a cool car to drive and an increased set of martial arts skills, so it definitely had its share of perks.

A bit of a hot head, Carlos is the kind of person who runs into situations without thinking about the consequences. He’s also not the greatest at being a team player as a result. Over time, he does overcome those traits to become more understanding. A lot of that occurs through his experience getting to know the youngest team member, Justin. Though Justin was the veteran team member when four new teens joined the Power Rangers, at five years younger than his teammates, they often looked out for him. It was Carlos who took on that role primarily, becoming a surrogate big brother and maturing as a result.

11 Camille (Jungle Fury)

Camille in Power Rangers Jungle Fury

If you’re at all familiar with the Jungle Fury season of the series, you might be wondering just how in the world Camille (Holly Shanahan) ended up on this list. After all, she is one of the primary antagonists for the Rangers throughout that particular era of the show. Camille draws on power from the spirit of the chameleon, allowing herself to camouflage, and even use her tongue as a weapon, but she’s not a Green Ranger then, though she does heavily favor the color.

In fact, over the course of the show, even though Camille is working for the bad guys, she shows time and time again that her humanity is still somewhere deep inside as she spares the lives of people she’s supposed to kill. In the end, she even saves the Rangers and joins up with them, which is where the Green Ranger bit comes in. In the history of the series (so far), there has never been a female Green Ranger (unless the Pink and Yellow Rangers using Green Ranger abilities in Megaforce are counted), but Camille just might become the first -- if she’s ever seen again.

Her final moments in the series show her training with the other Rangers, and given her predilection for the color green throughout her history and her connection to chameleons, plenty of fans have theorized that she would be a Green Ranger. What’s more is that she wasn’t drafted by the other Rangers or their team leader, but she chose to align with them.

10 Jake Holling (Super Megaforce)

Jake as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

A Megaforce Ranger has the ability to call on the powers of all of the Rangers who came before them. They don’t even have to stick to their primary color, though they do seem to have a preference for one over the others. In the case of Jake Holling (Azim Rizk), he started off as the Black Megaforce Ranger before becoming Green during the upgrade to Super Megaforce.

Jake, like many a Green Ranger, is a bit of a class clown, though he’s also someone who wishes he could be taken seriously and get the recognition the Power Rangers deserve. On more than one occasion, he wishes the world knew exactly who the Power Rangers were. Like most versions of the super team, though, this is one where their identities have to remain secret, and that quest for glory sometimes gets in his way. 

Wanting a bit of glory doesn’t stop him from being a good fighter, thankfully. He’s always ready to save the day. If anything, the biggest distraction in his life is actually one of his teammates. His feelings for Gia -- though she doesn’t seem to return his initially -- often leave him doing outlandish things to impress her or treating her badly to get her attention. It takes him a long time to mature.

9 Xander Bly (Mystic Force)

Xander as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force

The Power Rangers in the Mystic Force seasons take a step away from alien beings and civil servants to tackle something other series have incorporated in small doses: magic. While original series villains like Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd might have used magic, the focus was always on alien forces intent on harming Earth. In Mystic Force, there’s a whole realm of magical beings, with the Power Rangers having abilities rooted in sorcery.

Xander (Richard Brancatisano) is what we might call a charmer. He often finds himself getting into trouble and attempting to charm his way out of it. While a few choice words and a smile might work on the average person, his attempts at talking his way out of monster attacks don’t work out very well. He’s also got a good-sized ego that makes him think he can get out sticky situations on his own, but he’s always willing to admit when he’s made a mistake too, showing that he learns from his mistakes.

Xander, along with former Green Rangers in their own seasons, Adam Park and Bridge Carson, would come to the aid of the Overdrive team when they needed help to take on the son of Rita and Zedd. Xander was the only one of the three Green Rangers to appear in Green, as Adam appeared as his original Black Ranger and Bridge as a Red Ranger for the team up.

8 Bridge Carson (SPD)

Bridge as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers SPD

Space Patrol Delta, like Lightspeed Rescue, was one of the few Power Rangers series to make being a Ranger a job rather than something like a secret club. Set more than 30 years after the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, the Space Patrol Delta squads are responsible for keeping the peace on Earth, which is now a refuge for aliens from all over the galaxy. It just so happens that some of those aliens aren’t so friendly.

When the S.P.D. A-Squad goes missing, the B-Squad is called up to defend the planet. Bridge (Matt Austin) begins the series as the team's Green Ranger, though by the end of the audience’s time with them, he becomes the Red Ranger, getting two promotions during his time with the team. Though he’s incredibly long winded and has a reputation for being the weirdest member of the squad, his promotions are well earned. He works hard to maintain his place on the team and to control his special abilities. In this era of Power Rangers, they all have certain genetic abilities. Bridge can not only sense the auras of those around him, but he also demonstrates some additional extrasensory perception, precognition, and even has super strength when morphed.

Those abilities give him a slightly unfair advantage over the other Green Rangers on this list, but we’ll let them slide.

7 Cameron Watanabe (Ninja Storm)

Cameron as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm

While the Ninja Storm Power Rangers are still students, in contrast with many of the newer series, these students don’t just attend the typical high school. Instead, they train at a secret ninja academy knowing that they’ll eventually be charged with protecting the world. For this particular incarnation of the series, there were only originally three Ninja Storm Rangers, though, and the Green Ranger wasn’t one of them.

Though his father was actually the sensei at the academy, Cameron (Jason Chan) was never allowed to become a ninja. That didn’t stop him from sitting in on his father’s classes and learning all he could, of course. When the entire academy was taken by the enemy except for three students, it was Cameron who awarded them their Power Ranger status by providing them with their morphers. It was also Cameron who made improvements to their weapons and designed their zords -- both before and after he went back in time and gained the Green Ranger powers for himself. He's not the most skilled of the Green Rangers, but Cameron makes up for it with his technical know-how and his willingness to do whatever it takes to help the team.

6 Riley Griffin (Dino Charge)

Riley as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge

Quiet and focused, Riley (Michael Taber) is a Power Ranger who becomes one by accident. Unlike many Rangers who are recruited by former team members or even by the mentors that guide them throughout the series, Riley became a Ranger after his dog discovered an energem and was attacked by a Fury. Riley was able to activate the energem to fight off the Fury, accidentally making himself the Green Ranger in the process.

Riley is super logical and skilled with puzzles and critical thinking. He can quickly complete Rubik’s cubes and beat just about anyone at chess, but when you ask him to get down in the dirt, he’s ready to walk the other way. Those qualities make him a good strategic planner for the team, but not always someone who’s ready to jump into action. Lucky for him, he also happens to be a great fencer before he becomes a Power Ranger, translating that skill to his use of weapons for the team, and making up for some of his shortcomings.

5 Ziggy Grover (RPM)

Ziggy as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers RPM

Set in a post-apocalyptic alternate timeline, RPM is as though Power Rangers and Terminator met up to make a slightly more kid-friendly tale of a bleak future. In this version of the Power Rangers timeline, a computer network attempts to take over the entire planet, and human beings are living in domed cities, cut off from the dangers of the outside world. It’s the job of the RPM Rangers to go up against the corrupted machinery.

Ziggy (Milo Cawthorne) might just be one of the most interesting Power Rangers the franchise has ever had. A former thief, he worked for one of the biggest cartels out of Corinth. Before he ever became a Ranger, he was using his job within the cartel to funnel cash to an orphanage, and even stole millions of dollars worth of medical supplies for the kids at the same orphanage. He actually ended up becoming an assistant to the Power Rangers instead of serving a prison sentence. He tried to help the team find themselves a Green Ranger, but when an enemy tried to take the morphing technology, Ziggy used it on himself.

An accidental Ranger, Ziggy’s heart and commitment to doing good more than make up for his lack of actual skills in the fighting department. Even when he’s clowning around and trying to make everyone else smile, he’s working his hardest to be the best Ranger he can be.

4 Damon Henderson (Lost Galaxy)

Damon as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Spinning out of Power Rangers In Space, where there was no Green Ranger, Lost Galaxy featured a group of young adults from a human colony amongst the stars who found themselves thrown together to become the Power Rangers.

Damon (Reggie Rolle) takes his job as a superhero very seriously, though he’s also got a quick sense of humor. Originally a mechanic on Terra Venture, and employed as one on the Astro Megaship, Damon became a Green Ranger in a right-place-right-time scenario, as he was on the ship when it dispatched to save the group that would later become the Galaxy Rangers. In addition to his mechanical skills, Damon also trained to be an amateur boxer, which means he doesn’t just have the smarts to get the Rangers out of a sticky situation, but the fighting skills as well. Damon even has the opportunity to take on a higher level mechanic’s job, but he chooses to remain in his position so that he can keep fixing things as they break down and help his fellow Rangers. Now that’s commitment!

3 Trip (Time Force)

Trip as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force

In the year 3000, the Time Force are essentially the police. They’re responsible for rounding up all of the criminals, but when one manages to escape back to 2001, they’re forced to follow. While Power Rangers had used time travel as an occasional plot device before Time Force premiered, it had never been done to the extent it was in this version of the series. Trip (Kevin Kleinberg) marked another milestone: the first time a non-human was made a member of the core Power Rangers team.

From the planet of Xybria, Trip’s home is one without secrets. That means Trip doesn’t always understand the nature of lying, and he can be incredibly naive. While that might make him a little childlike, it also gives him a trusting and caring nature usually found in the Pink Rangers more than the Green. Always willing to see the good in those around him -- even his enemies -- Trip goes so far as to put his own life on the line when his teammate is ready to destroy a mutant who doesn’t want to be a monster. Trip is also the Ranger responsible for showing one of the Time Force team’s enemies, Nadira, that she doesn’t have to be evil. 

When the Time Force Power Rangers are sent back to the year 3000 by their ally in 2001 to stop their doomed future, they all decide to return to 2001 anyway to help. Trip also joins his team in assisting in the Wild Force season’s big fight, and later returns in “The Legendary Battle” in Super Megaforce.

2 Adam Park (Turbo and Zeo)

Adam as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo

Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch) actually made his debut as the second Black Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers after a contract dispute saw three of the original cast members replaced. He and two of his friends, who were competing in a martial arts tournament, helped the Power Rangers out on several occasions before they actually became members of the team. When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers lost their powers and gained a whole new set of abilities and zords through the zeo crystal, though, he was promoted to the Green Zeo Ranger, and would later become the Green Turbo Ranger.

Adam was one of the more serious and quiet rangers in all three of his teams, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have fun, just that he was more observant. Adam was frequently the Ranger in both the Zeo and Turbo seasons to notice when something was off in Angel Grove, and also one of the first to have to take on the monster of the episode as a result. He was also quick to reach out to “enemies,” whether on the battlefield or in the hallways of his high school, even encouraging Skull to be himself when discovering that he was an excellent pianist who loved classical music. When it came to the fight against the forces of evil, he was also the one ready to try incorporating new techniques -- whether it was trying out boxing or teaming up with someone new to see how it panned out.

Adam also happened to be the last of the first group of “replacement” Rangers to stay with the team. He outlasted Aisha, who opted to stay in Africa to save animals (even though her only experience was volunteering at an animal shelter), and Rocky, who severely injured his back when practicing for a martial arts tournament and had to retire.

1 Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin)

Tommy Returns as the Green Ranger in Power Rangers Super Megaforce

This is it. We've reached the end of the road for Green Rangers, and we’ve saved the first (and best) for last. Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) began his time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as an enemy of the Rangers, brainwashed by Rita Repulsa into being her own personal fighter. He overcame her brainwashing (and a whole lot more through the years) to become one of the most memorable characters in the franchise, though his time as a Green Ranger is actually shorter than his time as a White or Red Ranger.

Perhaps Tommy is so memorable as the Green Ranger because it was the first role he played on the show. Or perhaps it’s because his time as the Green Ranger is the time on the show when his powers were actually failing. The longer he was the Green Ranger, the weaker he became, as that particular power coin lost its luster and its ties to the forces of good. Despite knowing his time would be up, Tommy continued to jump into the fight, take on a leadership role, and put himself into sacrificial positions to make sure the team won the battles.

Eventually, Tommy would become the White Ranger, and the full-on team leader, of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When those abilities expired, he would become the Red Ranger on the Zeo and Turbo teams before ultimately passing the torch to a new generation. But that’s not all! He would even go on to become a teacher and mentor in Dino Thunder and return to fight with the Rangers in “The Legendary Battle” decades after first becoming a Power Ranger. The longest serving Power Ranger of all time, Tommy Oliver proves that Green Rangers really are something special.


We don’t yet know what kind of appearance (if any) a Green Ranger will make in the upcoming Power Rangers film, but the running theory is that Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) herself will be revealed as a former Green Ranger. This would provide fans with an explanation for just where the sorceress got the green power coin in the original series, but we won’t know for sure until the movie lands in theaters. Plenty of fans are also hoping for some sort of hint as to who the next Green Ranger will be, since there’s been no hint of a Tommy Oliver character in the new franchise launch. Find out when Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24!

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