Power Rangers: Green Ranger Motion Poster Confirms Fan Theory?

Power Rangers - Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

The new Power Rangers reboot is on the horizon, and it has the potential to draw a big worldwide audience in its opening weekend. The film is ushering in a new era of the Rangers and overhauling the look of the heroes and villains, but it’s also drawing upon plenty of nostalgia for the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series. It certainly would not be the same Power Rangers without the signature Red, Blue, Pink, Black, and Yellow Rangers in tow.

One of the reboot’s great mysteries, however, surrounds the potential involvement of the popular Green Ranger in the film or future sequels. The character, long portrayed in past Power Rangers series and films by Jason David Frank, is also known as Tommy Oliver in his everyday human form. The character is reportedly introduced after the end of Power Rangers in a mid-credits scene, but it’s still largely unknown what kind of involvement the Green Ranger could have in potential future installments of the rebooted franchise. There are reportedly five Power Rangers sequels planned, so there's plenty of time to establish the character.

A cryptic new promotional poster for Power Rangers, however, adds tons of fuel to the Green Ranger fire - and could possibly confirm an interesting fan theory. The official Power Rangers Twitter account shared a motion poster depicting a Green Ranger helmet shrouded in smoke. The fan theory in question concerns villain Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), whom a perceptive Redditor believed could have once been the Green Ranger due to the similarities between her suit and that of the Power Rangers.

— Power Rangers (@PowerRangers) March 23, 2017

The film’s opening scene is rumored to be a flashback depicting Rita as the Green Ranger betraying and destroying Zordon (Bryan Cranston) as the Red Ranger, which would also confirm the fan theory. However, if the opening scene does reveal Rita as the Green Ranger, it does not explain Tommy Oliver’s involvement in the mid-credits scene and the future of the franchise. Regardless of its meaning, the Green Ranger helmet in the film’s own official motion poster ostensibly confirms that the character is involved in some fashion.

It would be a mind-blowing revelation if the fan theory, first predicted last May, turned out to be correct. The fan who proposed the theory was acting solely on a set photo of Banks in her Rita Repulsa costume and a green-tinted version of the Pink Ranger’s suit. The two suits are not exactly alike, so until the film itself confirms it, there’s still room for interpretation as to the Green Ranger’s true identity. It's possible that both are true, that Rita used to be the Green Ranger and that Tommy Oliver is set to become the new one. Whatever the story turns out to be, longtime fans of the franchise will almost certainly be excited to know that the character will eventually make an appearance.

If the responses to the film’s tweet are any indication, fans of the Power Rangers franchise are no doubt floored by the inclusion of the Green Ranger in the new franchise in some capacity, whether it’s in the reboot or potential sequels. Many followers also expressed disappointment that they were spoiled before they had a chance to see the film. But considering the Green Ranger’s legacy and widespread popularity, the addition of the character to the new Power Rangers franchise was practically inevitable.

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Source: Power Rangers Twitter

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