The Mightiest Power Rangers Gift Guide

For generations, people have been able to enjoy Power Rangers. There are comic books, TV shows, films, toys and products that allow fans of all ages to watch these heroes in action and even pretend to be them, too (since we all had our favorite one, with their unique color).

Due to the large following behind the Power Rangers, this gift guide was created. These awesome items can be kept in mind when shopping for birthdays, holidays or other celebrations. They make cool “just because” presents. And they are things we are probably all going to want to buy for ourselves, as well!

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10 Saban's Power Rangers


This movie follows five ordinary teens who become stronger together when they learn that the world is on the verge of being destroyed by an alien menace. They have to overcome their own real-life issues and band together as the Power Rangers to save the world.

It is the classic story, in an updated form and starring some popular actors and actresses, as this film came out in 2017. Any fan of this story definitely needs to own this DVD, so the action (and the surprising amounts of comedy) can be enjoyed over and over by fans of all ages.

9 Power Rangers Character Crew Sock


Socks are always a smart gift option: Everyone has to wear them or does at some point, they are affordable ways to spread some love, and this product makes for a neat way to show off a fandom. Anyone who is rocking a pair of Power Ranger socks is making a big statement, which could lead to meeting other fans!

This comfy pair has knitted-in graphics that show off the Red Ranger, and they are an officially licensed product. Keep these in mind when having to buy a gift for someone in the near future - someone who likes this action.

8 Power Rangers: The Ultimate Visual History


This book is a must-own one for those who love Power Rangers! It is filled with artwork, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and a history of everything from the conception of the television show to the present-day seasons, films, toys, video games and comic books.

It also has special inserts, charts, art replications and badges that make it a true collector’s item. Yes, the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, from 1993, became the most-watched children’s television program in the United States, and the popularity of these heroes only increased from there. Learn all about it through this awesome hardcover book.

7 Power Rangers Water Bottle


Things from the kitchen - like coffee mugs and water bottles - are also great gift options, as we all use these, as well. Instead of having some boring water bottle, though, make sure all the fans out there have one like this! It proudly features the Green Ranger, it will stand out from the rest, it will lead to conversations about our favorite moments and episodes, and it will be cool to put on display.

From a kid’s birthday party that is coming up and a stocking stuffer during the holiday season to a party favor to give out at a Power Rangers-themed watch party, this is another product we highly suggest getting.

6 Funko Hero World - Power Rangers 5 Pack


When it comes to superheroes and other action stars, figurines are a must. For one, younger fans can play with these action figures, as they reenact thrilling scenes. And older fans can put these items on display, whether they just have their favorite character sitting out somewhere or whether they have entire bookshelves filled with tiny replicas of all the well-known stars out there.

This particular gift idea is so amazing, because it comes with five different Power Rangers - not just one - meaning fans of the Black, Yellow, Red, Blue and Pink Ranger will all enjoy this.

5 Funko Pop Television: Power Rangers - Black Ranger Collectible Figure


On a similar note, there are Funko Pop action figures, like this Black Ranger. As mentioned, kids can play with these little guys, as they recreate all the exciting action with their friends who own the other Rangers. And those who have maybe outgrown playtime can still enjoy these figurines.

They make superb gifts, and they are collectibles, allowing fans to add to, trade out and show off all of their Funko Pops - like this awesome Black Ranger, which is tiny yet very detailed, looking like the true hero that he is. We want them all, but we mostly want this one!

4 Funko Pop Television: Power Rangers - Yellow Ranger Collectible Figure


Don’t forget about the leading ladies! There are just so many cool collectible figures out there, so we wanted to show off a couple. Up above, we featured the awesome Black Ranger. Now, we have the Yellow Ranger, which many fans - especially girls - looked up to while growing up and watching this show (and which many still look up to today, as well!).

Plus, this particular Funko Pop comes without a helmet. So, she is still wearing her iconic outfit, but we can see her face, and she can talk to other heroes while children are playing with this figurine.

3 Funko Pop TV Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink Ranger Limited Edition Vinyl Figure


Has anyone ever seen a Funko Pop like this one?! The Pink Ranger is a fan favorite, and now, she just got even cooler. She is made out of a see-through-ish pink glitter material, making this one of the best products on this list.

Anyone can own any ol’ toy or action figure, but not everyone will have a Pink Ranger like this one. Giving this as a present to someone will be a gamechanger, and that fan/recipient will love showing this unique figure off to everyone around them. Yes, we definitely wish we owned this one!

2 Power Rangers 3D Foam Key Ring - 5 Pc Set


This is one of the cutest things we have ever seen. The Power Rangers are not usually described as “cute”, since they are strong and tough fighting machines. But anything miniature just becomes adorable. Therefore, someone invented these little Rangers, which are 3D foam keychains! Sets like this are super wise to give out at parties, to gift to several fans at once and to keep on hand, in case - Yikes! - one is broken or lost.

Friends can all take their favorite Power Ranger, and like some of the other products on this guide, these keychains can act like toys and collector’s items, as well.

1 Power Rangers Retro T-Shirt


And, of course, every real fan needs at least one T-shirt that tells the world how much this story is loved. This particular tee is slightly distressed, which gives it a retro vibe, and it is made from 100 percent cotton, meaning it is extra cozy.

While there are so many different versions of the Power Rangers out there, this shirt is inspired by the version from the 1990s, which is the best, many would argue. In short, whether we are getting a present for someone or whether we are shopping for ourselves… Buy this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shirt!

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