Power Rangers Causes Final Fantasy XV DLC Delay

Final Fantasy XV Exosuits

Final Fantasy XV has largely been received as a major revival for the long-running video game RPG series, winning praise from game critics, longtime fans and newcomers for marrying the series popular aesthetics and gameplay with a new story centered on a road-trip among a group of close friends. With many players having already completed the main storyline of the game itself, anticipation had been high for a big DLC release that would add (among other things) power-armor for the main characters called "Magitek Exosuits."

But now, it seems fans will be waiting a bit longer: The DLC release has reportedly been delayed because of a similarity to Lionsgate and Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie reboot.

As reported by Forbes, the issue appears to be that the designs for the color-coded Magitek Exosuits were found to be too similar in overall appearance to the redesigned armor suits being used in the new Power Rangers movie. One reason for that: The Exosuits themselves were clearly designed in homage to Super Sentai, a long-running children's action franchise from Japanese television (the Final Fantasy games are developed primarily in Japan) which also served as the "foundation" for the Power Rangers franchise in the west.

Power Rangers (2017) Trailer #2

All 23 seasons of the Power Rangers television franchise have been created by repurposing action footage from Super Sentai -- editing said footage together with new footage of English-speaking actors performing as the unmasked versions of the heroes. However, the new film directed by Dean Israelite from a screenplay by John Gatins was created new from the ground up, through the premise and character/vehicle designs are loosely based on the original Mighty Morphin incarnation of the property.

The film stars relative newcomers Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, R.J. Cyler, Becky G and Ludi Lin as the core Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Black Rangers, respectively. Their characters maintain the same names from the series, but with largely new personas and backgrounds. Bryan Cranston co-stars as the Rangers' mysterious alien leader Zordon, with Bill Hader as his robot assistant Alpha-5 and Elizabeth Banks as the villainess Rita Repulsa. Rita is an ancient alien witch whose return to Earth after a 10,000 year exile serves as the impetus to assemble the Power Rangers and thwart her schemes.

An official new release date for the Final Fantasy DLC was not announced, nor any indication of what the re-designed suits will end up looking like.

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Source: Forbes

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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