This Power Rangers LEGO Set Is The Toy We Want To Be Real

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The forthcoming Power Rangers movie, a modernized reboot of nineties favorite Might Morphin' Power Rangers, is continuing to garner anticipation ahead of its release next year and as with the original series, merchandise is likely to be a key factor in the project's financial success. Indeed, images recently surfaced giving fans a first look at the Rangers' newly designed Megazord, continuing the trend of key information on upcoming movies being debuted via toy designs.

One product that isn't currently part of the movie's merchandise range however, is an authentic replication of the original Command Center interior as well as all of the Mighty Morphin' era Rangers in LEGO form. The Danish toy giants have a policy whereby if a fan-designed LEGO set gains 10,000 supporters online, the idea will be taken into consideration by LEGO themselves and potentially turned into an official product, from which the original designer will receive a share of the profits.

A user by the handle of bruceywan decided to put forward his idea, inspired by a love of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series, and the results are seriously impressive. The set features a detailed interpretation of the Command Centre, complete with a LEGO-faced Zordon and an Alpha 5 mini-figure. The real icing on the cake, however, is the Rangers themselves. Each of the five original characters, as well as both Green and White iterations of latecomer Tommy Oliver, are loving reproduced and each figure comes with a removable helmet which reveals the Rangers' LEGO-ized faces hidden underneath. Introducing his creation, bruceywan writes:

“I’ve loved the concept of LEGO Ideas from its inception and have been impressed by every set released. I’ve been waiting for the right idea and the right time to try my hand at a project. As a lifelong LEGO builder (and Power Rangers fan!), and now the proud father of two Power Rangers fans, this set seemed like a no-brainer. Please help me make LEGO Power Rangers a reality; if not for me and my sons, than for everyone to celebrate the upcoming movie and/or the Power Rangers’ 25th anniversary in 2018!”




For any fan of the nineties series, the set is both a glorious exercise in unashamed nostalgia and a direct invitation for fans to release their inner child and relive their Power Rangers fantasies in LEGO form. As bruceywan himself alludes, many of the franchise's first fans now have children of their own, providing the perfect excuse for twenty or thirty-somethings to purchase this set - if it did indeed go into production. At the time of writing, the design is closing in on the 2000 supporters mark and with around 600 days left on the allotted time limit, it's a safe bet that the project will achieve the 10,000 supporter milestone.

The set provides further proof - if it were needed - that the Power Rangers series still holds a fond place in the hearts of many fans and the new movie will surely have an eager, ready-made audience when it is finally released next March. No doubt many of the series' original followers are keenly looking forward to introducing their own kids to Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Billy.

However, the LEGO set - and the wide praise it has so far received - also proves that fans are looking for an element of fun from their Power Rangers and what has been unveiled of the new movie so far has erred more on the serious side. The lack of light-heartedness in the most recent trailer has been picked up on and criticized by some sections of the fandom, as have the designs of Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa and the Rangers uniforms themselves. At least if the film doesn't live up to expectations, fans may have the opportunity to create their own stories in LEGO form.

Source: LEGO Ideas (via CBR)

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  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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