25 Crazy Power Rangers Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got

The Power Rangers are known for their colorful spandex outfits almost as well as their campy schlock and cheesy adventures. There's nothing wrong with cheesiness either, as the Rangers have been inspirations and heroes for children all over the world for 25 years now. With that said, the Power Rangers can be so much more than the goofy spandex-clad teens you might remember. The 2017 movie reboot tried to make things darker and grittier, and the BOOM! Studios comics added some depth to the happy and wholesome team, but there are plenty of other ways to depict the Rangers.

For this list, we're taking a look at fan art that recreates the Power Rangers in ways that the show never has before. These original artworks all feature really unique takes on the teens with attitude — some are modern updates to the Super Sentai spandex, some are total overhauls of the original designs, and all of them are so much cooler than what '90s kids may remember.

Of course, this list wouldn't be possible without the fantastic work from the artists below. This article is not intended to bash the beloved kids show in any way, but instead to spotlight talented creators and their passionate recreations of these childhood superheroes. Full credit goes to the artists that follow for these imaginative renditions of the Power Rangers!

Alright, with that out of the way, it's definitely morphin' time. Here are 25 Crazy Power Rangers Fan Redesigns Better Than What We Got.

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25 The Imprisoned Rangers

From the colorful 1990s to the sleek future of the year 20xx, this Power Rangers concept by Bryant Koshu takes the teens with attitude and remakes them as criminals who are forcibly given superpowers via secret government experiments.

The five prisoners are mutated into colorful cyborg-looking super-humans known as the Power Rangers.

These designs are radically different from television, ditching the spandex all together for metallic armor and exaggerated physical features. The traits of each Ranger are still distinct and vaguely dinosaur-inspired — they all have their basic helmet features and their specialized weapons — but this artwork is a still a drastic reworking of the group.

24  Armored Rangers

You'll see plenty of designs on this list that ditch the classic spandex for more functional outfits. Fernando Peniche's design does just that while remaining in-line with the traditional Mighty Morphin look.

Peniche equipped the Rangers with padded, flexible suits that also feature some armor pieces. The diamond-shaped accents have mostly been removed, and all of the Rangers' physical features have been exaggerated. Some of them even align with their animal motifs — Black Ranger is well-built like his mastodon, Blue Ranger is low and stocky like his triceratops, Yellow Ranger is lean and agile like her saber-toothed tiger.

23 Power Rangers Neon

Artist Aioras redesigned the Rangers with a cyberpunk twist, dubbing this team the "Power Rangers Neon" as a tribute to the colorful aesthetic of '80s science fiction. Color is exactly the point here — the artist places a huge emphasis on vibrant and downright "gaudy" visuals.

From the shiny suits to lightsaber-inspired weaponry, you can almost hear some '80s synth revving up to that classic theme song.

Some other cool changes are the accents, which have gone from white cloth to metallic armor. The visors work in the fake mouths as well by revealing their lower faces through a semi-transparent visor. It's a clever way to adapt that original design quirk in a way that isn't campy.

22 Streamlined Suits

Sleek, simple, and modern, these redesigns by artist Dan Mora are the perfect update to the Rangers' retro spandex. Instead of a giant stretchy outfit with a big helmet, these suits are made up of armor panels on top of bodysuits. All of the helmets have received subtle changes as well, with the most obvious being wider, almost wraparound visors for most of the Rangers.

Dan Mora is the artist of the Saban's Go Go Power Rangers comic series. While that book consists of the classic '90s designs, these unused suits feel like a natural progression from the show's campy tights to a tactical-yet stylish upgrade.

21 Go Go Zeo

Older fans of the Power Rangers will remember these guys. These aren't the original Rangers but instead the second iteration of the team: Power Rangers Zeo. This season featured a "geometric shapes" motif alongside Egyptian iconography like Pyramids and a Sphinx-looking Megazord. It was odd to say the least. However, artist David Fernandez has taken that theme and given it a sci-fi twist.

His interpretation of the Zeo Rangers features chrome armor and colorful neon accents, giving the team a Tron-inspired look.

Even the visors light up with neon! The original Zeo Rangers might look silly, but this design makes them so much cooler.

20 Ronin Rangers

The Rangers have been samurai before, but this redesign takes that concept literally for jaw-dropping results. Artist Scott Wade swapped the superhero outfits with authentic samurai armor, as if the Rangers existed in the Hokusai paintings of feudal Japan. The designs were used as variant covers for the BOOM! Studios comics.

This particular image depicts Tommy, the Green Ranger, in armor inspired by his normal outfit. His top sports similarities to his padded chest-piece from the show, and his helmet even has the same dragon features. Of course, the Dragonzord is rising out of the water in the background. This is one warrior that other samurai probably shouldn't mess with.

19  Power Rangers: The Animated Series

This redesign by thecreator9 is a cartoony take on the Rangers. Somebody should hire this artist for a Power Rangers animated series because these look great!

These skintight suits are slightly protective, with armored shoulders and kneecaps.

The artist also exaggerates the dinosaur features on the helmets by omitting the fake eyes and the weird mouthpieces that the suits usually have. This allows room for a larger visor too. The costumes are also gender-neutral, removing the skirt from the Pink Ranger's suit (as the female Rangers almost always have skirts added to their outfits).

18 Realistic Rangers

2017's Power Rangers film chose to go with an transluscent aesthetic for the Rangers, but artist Carlos Dattoli created designs fit for the screen that manage to stay faithful to the original show. Here's a look at his take on Billy, the Blue Ranger.

These skintight suits look way more durable than spandex, while the muted color gives it a grittier feel than the suits we got. The shine on the armor almost looks like the suits from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie--except these actually look cool. Check out Dattoli's work to see the other Rangers, but this design is infinitely more intimidating than the reboot, let alone the original show.

17 Warrior Rangers

Faithful to the show and way more practical, this redesign by Isaiah Stephens gives the Rangers metal armor as if they were medieval knights.

Aside from the new material, there are only two big changes. The first is the new belt design, now curved around their waists with only a Power Coin and no Morpher.  The second is the mouthpieces — they've been removed all together to expose the mouth of each Ranger.

At least now they can speak and express themselves without a pair of fake, unmoving lips in the way.

Other than that, the designs are nearly identical to those on the show. Who says they need a drastic reinvention to look cool?

16 Sleek Red

Looks like the Rangers paid Tony Stark a visit! This redesign by artist Tom Wholley depicts the Red Ranger in a futuristic exoskeleton. Gone are the spandex and white accents. In their place are metal, neon, and even the addition of exhausts — presumably for jets that enable flight.

The helmet has been overhauled as well. Most of the dinosaur features have been removed, with only a vague animalistic shape remaining. Of course, the tyrannosaurus logo is worked into the shoulders to let you know that it's still a Power Ranger. The artist's other designs reveal that the logo is on the chest too, omitting the diamond motif altogether.

15 Retro Rangers

Brandon Johnson's Rangers redesign is a little on the retro side.

The wide visors, helmet decorations, and capes are all features reminiscent of the older Super Sentai shows.

Of course, Super Sentai is the long-running Japanese television show that Power Rangers is adapted from. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was originally Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger  in Japan, the 16th season of the show. It's safe to say that Western audiences were late to the craze — the first SentaiGorenger, aired way back in 1975! These designs specifically look a lot like Gorenger, which also featured a cape-wearing team with the exact same color set.

14 Fashionable Rangers

While many of these redesigns fundamentally change the Rangers' outfits, artist Dave Rapoza goes back to basics with this trendy non-armored look. Rapoza's Ranger concepts sport subtle changes to the classic designs, mainly through some sensible fashion choices instead of the ubiquitous bodysuits.

Each Ranger suit is outfitted with unique clothing. The Pink Ranger now wears a different skirt, taller boots, longer gloves, and even a high collar. A Power Coin has been added to the chest as well, much like the original movie.

13 Power Rangers Angel Force

Here's another redesign by Bryant Koshu. This rendition of the Power Rangers is radically different from the TV series, even more so than the artist's previous design. His original concept remains the same here: prisoners forced to become Rangers and take on evil. Instead of of sci-fi visuals and bright colors, though, these are much more organic.

This concept adds a spiritual element to the mythos, as the image states that the Ranger forms are a result of humans merging with angels.

An "angel" theme hasn't been used on the show before, so it's safe to say that these designs are unique based on the aesthetic alone.

12 Modern Rangers

This is a pretty faithful update to the original Rangers. Like his Zeo redesign, Dave Fernandez gives the team the sensible upgrade of armored suits without compromising any of the original design details. The colors are all vibrant, the animal accents are all obvious and intact, and there are even Power Coins on the chests like in the '90s movie.

The skintight suits are still present, though now black underneath the armor. These Rangers are almost designed like stormtroopers from Star Wars, wearing black suits underneath white armor pieces. Why haven't the movies gone for a look like this? No need to reinvent the wheel!

11 Dark And Gritty

Another piece by Dave Rapoza, this "redesign" is pretty much identical to what is used in the original series. However, the surroundings and small details are what make this artwork stand out. First off — the flaming city in the background? How often does the show have the Rangers fight at night, let alone in a city that is actually on fire? Then there's the battle damage on the Red Ranger.

You'd be hard-pressed to find any kind of "injury" on the show, let alone blood and tears in the suit.

This redesign relies on tone. The Rangers don't need new suits to be grounded, gritty, and intimidating.

10 Power Rangers Olympic Strike

How about some designs for an original Power Rangers team? This is artist PeaceGuy's concept for his original Rangers, Power Rangers Olympic Strike.

These Rangers are all based on Greek gods. Specifically, they're based on Poseidon, Athena, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Hermes (from left to right). Passionate mythology lovers will get a kick out of these Rangers — they even have weapons that reference their mythological backgrounds. Also notable is the fact that the Red Ranger is a woman. This shouldn't be such a revolutionary change, but seeing as the show has never truly had a female Red Ranger in its 25-year run, it's a welcome addition.

9 King Tyranno

While the comics have been plagued by the villainous Lord Drakkon, a version of Tommy Oliver with a fusion of his Green and White Ranger powers, artist Tinh Hung Vo Tran has reinvented Jason Scott in the same vein. As many fans remember, the original Red Ranger went on to be the Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo.  This is an amalgam of those two Rangers: King Tyranno.

Tyranno is mainly Jason's original Red Ranger outfit with the armor and accents from his Zeo powers.

It's an undeniably cool mashup, and it feels like something that the show should have featured a long time ago.

8 Hi-Tech Pink

The redesigns featuring armor are all nice updates, but few are as intricate as Donovan Liu's sleek and futuristic designs. While his other Ranger reworkings veer closer to those found in the show, the Pink Ranger looks way less childish.

Dinosaur features have been downplayed in favor of a high-tech suit that looks like a jigsaw puzzle of metals panels. The armor retains the visor shape and bright shade of pink found in the show, but these visuals are way more sci-fi and technology-based. Such an aesthetic is too expensive for the show to properly implement — though it makes the Rangers way easier to take seriously.

7 Jurassic Rangers

Bringing the Rangers into the future is a go-to for many fans and artists, but Kyle Fast went a different route-- into the distant past. Instead of giving them a tech-based makeover, the artist dialed the prehistoric motif up to eleven.

It looks as if the Rangers are hunters who wear the dinosaur skins and pelts as trophies.

There are some traditional elements in the designs — namely the diamonds and visors — but this is still a pretty drastic overhaul.

6 Heavy Armor Ranger

Artist Ryo Tazi redesigned the Red Ranger in the hopes that Power Rangers would one day be rebooted like the Transformers franchise. The reboot came and went in 2017, and his concept still looks infinitely better than the costumes they wore in that film.

This suit is way bulkier than any of the standard Power Rangers outfits, looking more like something out of a Halo video game than a Sentai series. With that said, it's a refreshing change to the mobile, skintight Ranger costumes we're already familiar with. While the design omits the fake lips, it retains the white diamonds and even the T-rex eyes so the dino-iconography isn't lost.

5 Power Rangers Hyperforce

While technically canon, these Rangers deserve their very own show. Power Rangers Hyperforce is a streaming show that explores the adventures of this team through a tabletop RPG. The show streams on Twitch with plenty of celebrity guests. Paul Schrier (Bulk from the original show) even acts as this team's Yellow Ranger, Jack Thomas.

The Hyperforce suits are based in Greek mythology, with animal visuals worked into the suits.

These are also based on the Time Force outfits as well, including the same belt buckle and arrow motif on the sleeves. The designs are simple, clean, and totally in-line with the the visuals expected from the franchise.

4 Painted Power-Up

Here's an extremely intricate redesign by artist James Zapata. This complex, painterly artwork makes the Yellow Ranger look fiercer than ever. The suit has tons of small pieces on it, as if it were a flexible armor resembling those found in the Dead Space video games.

The design's coolest changes are on the helmet. The mouthplate has been removed, the jawline is sharp, and the animal features have been exaggerated. The result is an extremely wide visor on a helmet that looks like the roaring jaws of a saber-toothed tiger. Can you imagine what the other Rangers look like in this style?

3 Power Rangers Super Cyberpunk

James Choe's take on the teens with attitude is futuristic without being completely made of armor. These Rangers wear tactical cyberpunk fashion instead of spandex — jackets, vests, utility belts — the costumes act more like "uniforms" rather than gaudy superhero outfits. The dinosaur motif is gone and even the colors aren't as prominent, as the suits are mostly black with vibrant accents. The helmets are especially unique.

Not only does each Ranger have their own specific helmet and visor shape, but each visor is actually a kind of LED display.

This feels like a design that the show could actually use if a futuristic season ever comes along.

2 Power Rangers Mythic Champions

Animal themes are used pretty often in Power Rangers, but the-newkid uses it with a cool new twist. These are the Mythic Champion Rangers — each one based on an animal and ancient warrior culture of the past. As the artist states, the team consists of the Japanese White Dragon, Viking Blue Wolf, Egyptian Pink Griphon, Greek Black Lion, Roman Yellow Owl, Irish Green Hound, and Chinese Red Tortoise Dragon.

Like Mighty Morphin, the helmets all emphasize the animal motif. Meanwhile, subtle nods to the respective cultures feature in the various armor designs. They all have the team's logo emblazoned on their chests: a golden crown.

1 Mighty Morphin Megazord

You didn't think we'd forget about the Megazord, did you? Every Power Rangers team needs their own super-mech, and while not all fan designs come with one, artist Bryant Koshu once again wows us with a hi-tech reinvention of the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord. The dinosaur theme is absent this time around, as only color distinguishes the different Zords that make up the robot.

The complex structure makes it look like something out of Michael Bay's Transformers films, though it still retains the shape of the original Megazord.

It even still has the white stripe across the chest!


Which Power Rangers redesigns do you like the most? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section and tell us your favorite!

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