Power Rangers: Every Yellow Ranger, Ranked Worst to Best

Power Rangers Yellow Rangers

With audiences seeing a new version of the original Power Rangers on the big screen this past month, it’s time to take a look back at all of the Power Rangers who came before them. Before Becky G played Trini Kwan, 19 different Yellow Rangers were brought to life on the small screen for the 24 seasons of the Power Rangers franchise.

What makes a good Yellow Ranger? Is it fighting skills, loyalty to their friends, a take charge attitude, or some combination of the three? (Hint: it's the latter option.) Beginning with the previous version of Trini in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and going all the way up to the most recent series, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, we’re ranking all 19 of the Yellow Rangers that are part of the continuity in the television series. Since Becky G’s portrayal rewrites the original Trini, she won’t be on the list, but if she was, she’d definitely deserve a top spot, as she was a standout amongst the new cast.

See where your favorites wind up in the list of Every Yellow Ranger, Ranked Worst to Best.

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19 Calvin Maxwell (Ninja Steel)

Confident in his mechanical abilities, Calvin (Nico Greetham) is introduced as the love interest of one of the other Power Rangers before he actually becomes the Yellow Ranger. He knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to cars, but maybe not so much when it comes to his Ranger duties, but that’s okay, because he’s brand new.

Calvin is the first male Yellow Ranger in more than 10 years. The series usually elect to put a female character in the Yellow costume, so he’s one of only four men to take on the role of a Yellow Ranger. With Power Rangers Ninja Steel only having eight episodes broadcast for audiences so far, we haven’t had the chance to get to know Calvin very well yet. He might turn out to be one of the best Yellow Rangers of all time, but for the time being, he’s still a novice. We’ll have to wait and see.

18 Tideus (Alien Rangers)

Power Rangers Alien Rangers Yellow Ranger Tideus

The very first male Yellow Ranger for U.S. audiences, despite most of the Super Sentai in the various Japanese series being male, Tideus (Jim Gray) made his debut when the Power Rangers needed a little help from a surprising source. Zordon called on the Rangers of the planet Aquitar to come and bail the Mighty Morphin team out of trouble. While the Power Rangers the audience already knew couldn’t use their powers, the writers expanded the world to indicate that similar teams with abilities existed elsewhere in the universe, enriching the mythology of the franchise.

Physically speaking, Tideus was the strongest of his team, but that didn’t stop him from having the same anatomical liabilities that the Aquitians had -- a need for water. The entire team had a difficult time withstanding a fight that wasn’t on their home planet because they needed fresh water to energize them in extremely large quantities. While this led to a lot of Power Rangers episodes that featured the beach and lakes, it ultimately meant that Tideus and his team had an easy weakness to exploit. Plus, let's face it, that whole team was way too dorky looking to be taken seriously.

17 Ashley Hammond (Turbo/In Space)

Power Rangers Turbo and In Space Yellow Ranger Ashley

Though Ashley (Tracy Lynn Cruz) proved herself in Power Rangers Turbo before she was actually given abilities, it was after becoming a Ranger that things went a little downhill for her. While she was so committed to the cause that she, along with three of the other Turbo Rangers, left Earth to search for Zordon during the events of In Space, she was the Ranger on both teams who was most easily distracted by one thing: boys.

As a Turbo Ranger, she allowed herself to get so caught up with a new boy in school that she and her Pink Ranger teammate constantly fought over him, even almost losing a battle against a monster because of their infighting. In Space saw her frequently distracted by her relationship with the Red Ranger, and she even ends up getting captured and impersonated by Astronema as a result. Ashley’s heart might have been in the right place with her desire to help people, but her own feelings repeatedly got in the way, and frankly, she wasn't the most progressive character around.

16 Kelsey Winslow (Lightspeed Rescue)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Yellow Ranger Kelsey

An adrenaline junkie who's quick to rush into danger, Kelsey (Sasha Craig) is the Yellow Ranger on the first team whose identities were known to the public from the beginning of their series. The stars of Lightspeed Rescue was more like a group of government employees, civil servants who were responsible for protecting the world from larger threats.

Kelsey was a decent enough fighter -- in fact, she outlasted the Red Ranger in many one-on-one fights with monsters over the course of the season. It’s her love for an adrenaline rush that got her in trouble, though. Kelsey had a love for extreme sports and a strong nose for danger, and that’s even what got her recruited for the Power Rangers. She’s in the middle of a treacherous climb up the side of a mountain when she’s initially tracked down. This meant that she was often the first one running into danger, and like a lot of the members of the team during her season, she often didn’t take anyone’s advice or opinions into account when she did. She was nearly always on her roller blades when out of uniform, almost getting herself seriously injured on several occasions when she wasn’t even on duty!

15 Ronny Robinson (Operation Overdrive)

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Yellow Ranger Ronny

The incredibly optimistic Ronny (Caitlin Murphy) wasn’t someone who ever thought she’d be a superhero, but once she was, she never gave up. A race car driver before she was tapped as a Power Ranger, Ronny loved getting to use the Overdrive vehicles. Considering she essentially had a bulldozer for her zord, it’s a little different than the cars she was used to driving. Unlike a lot of the earlier Power Rangers, Ronny had a genetic skill that gave her a bit of an edge over some of her enemies -- super speed. It’s a fitting ability for someone who likes to move fast, though we never find out what exactly her top speed is.

If Ronny had one downfall as a Power Ranger, it was her competitive nature. It’s no surprise that someone who is used to racing for a living would always want to be the best, but that could get in the way of her contributing to a unified team. When she first began her time as the Yellow Ranger, she was constantly trying to find ways to one-up her teammates. It’s not until they find a way to show her that winning isn’t everything that she starts to mellow out a little bit.

14 Summer Landsdown (RPM)

Power Rangers RPM Yellow Ranger Summer

Long before Rose McIver was playing a zombie who could solve crimes over on The CW, she was saving the day as a Power Ranger, specifically as Summer, operator of the Bear Crawler in Power Rangers RPM.

Her upbringing made Summer the farthest thing from a Power Ranger when the series began, and that’s where her faults come in. Despite her possessing some seriously impressive martial arts skills, she lived a life of wealth and privilege before the Venjix minions attacked. Spoiled and selfish, she didn’t consider how other people were affected until her friends and family abandoned her and only her butler was there to save her life. It was her self-sacrificing butler that got her to turn over a new leaf.

Summer’s old selfishness sometimes resurfaced, but she also overcompensated by being too trusting of those she first met. Sometimes, her instincts were spot on, like when she gained the Rangers a new teammate, but other times, she missed the mark, putting her team in danger. Still, she was a solid Ranger in her own right.

13 Emily (Samurai)

Power Rangers Samurai Yellow Ranger Emily

The only Yellow Ranger to appear unmasked in the Super Megaforce team-up episode “The Legendary Battle,” Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle) is a clear fan favorite. She shows a lot of determination and adaptability as a Ranger, especially considering that she was never even supposed to be one! Her determination and willingness to learn aren’t quite enough to nab her a top spot on our list, however.

Emily only became a Samurai Ranger because her sister, who was supposed to take on the role, fell gravely ill. Emily’s loyalty to her family had her wanting to make her sister proud and do the best job she can, but being a Samurai Ranger wasn’t something she ever prepared for, leading to a fish-out-of-water situation for her. She did her best to adapt, but with her sweet disposition and naivete, she wasn’t necessarily the best person for the job.

That being said, Emily did prove on more than one occasion that she was a formidable force for good, especially when she had to take on monsters on her own when the rest of the team was compromised!

12 Kira Ford (Dino Thunder)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger

A talented singer, Kira (Emma Lahana) is one of many Power Rangers who pursued a career as a musician. Unlike many of those other Power Rangers, however, the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger also used her vocal chords as part of her skill set in a fight. One of her specialized abilities was the Ptera Scream, a Black Canary-like sonic scream that flattens anything in front of her and damages the hearing of the monsters she aims it at.

Her fierce determination and ability to wield that scream got her noticed by other teams as well. Kira was the only Yellow Ranger to be tapped to team up with Power Rangers from other teams without her own teammates to back her up. Not only does she get brought to the future to assist the SPD Rangers, but she also assists the Operation Overdrive Rangers. It’s rare for any Ranger to end up assisting more than one group of Power Rangers. In fact, the only other ones who do are Tommy and Adam from the Mighty Morphin era, both of whom Kira gets to work with.

As a result of the many team-ups she’s involved in, Kira sits atop the list of Yellow Rangers (and female ones, for that matter) who've interacted with the most other Rangers. 

11 Dustin Brooks (Ninja Storm)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Yellow Ranger Dustin

If a Power Rangers fan became a Power Ranger, the result would likely be Dustin Brooks (Glen McMillan), who serves as the Ninja Storm Yellow Ranger. Dustin has a deep love for comic books and Power Rangers lore. When everyone else thought the heroes were simply an urban legend, Dustin stood as a true believer. But just because Justin believed in Ranger lore didn’t mean he was the best equipped to strap on a pair of tights, however.

As the series began, Dustin was ranked in the bottom of his class at the ninja academy. He was also incredibly gullible and easily tricked. Considering he was only one of three students not captured at the academy, though, pickings were pretty slim in terms of who could suit up as a Ninja Storm Ranger, so he ended up getting the nod.

As the season progressed, Dustin gained better control of his abilities, and his trust in people outside the team wasn’t entirely misplaced, as it gained the Rangers a few allies. He still had a few missteps, like believing their enemy’s daughter had actually turned over a new leaf, but his wanting to believe the best in people made him a better Ranger in the long run. When the team’s mission was complete, he even became an instructor at his former academy to help guide the next generation.

10 Lily Chillman (Jungle Fury)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger Lily

Sweet as can be and incredibly protective of her friends, having a cheetah as her jungle spirit almost seemed like too fierce of an animal for Lily (Anna Hutchison). But it didn’t take long for the audience to realize that sweetness can line steel, as Lily is one of the toughest Power Rangers out there.

In addition to channeling the strength and speed of a cheetah as the Yellow Ranger, Lily was up for anything. She was outgoing, confident, and a cheerleader outside of her Ranger duties. One jungle spirit wasn’t enough for her, either. Master Phant, who appeared to be a former Green Ranger with his mastery of the green Elephant Spirit, taught her how to use his preferred weapon -- the mace -- and call upon the Elephant in battle, making her double the trouble for her enemies.

As an added bit of trivia, Anna Hutchison and Power Rangers Ninja Storm’s Sally Martin both appeared in the Disney Channel movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior as friends of the title character. They also both sported the names of their Power Rangers characters, leading fans to wonder if they might have existed in the same universe as the Disney movie, or if it was just a fun nod to the folks at home, since Disney owned the franchise at the time.

9 Aisha Campbell (Mighty Morphin)

Karan Ashley as Aisha Campbell for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The second Yellow Ranger under the Mighty Morphin banner, Aisha (Karan Ashley) took over for Trini in the middle of season two. Before even joining the superheroic squad, Aisha, along with her friends Adam and Rocky, were already accomplished martial artists, competing in tournaments on behalf of neighboring school Stone Canyon. The trio also helped the existing Power Rangers take on Putties in the park, and even went up against full-on monsters on more than one occasion before they were selected to become the new Rangers.

Once becoming a Power Ranger, Aisha wasn’t just concerned with the safety of Angel Grove when it came to the dangers of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, either. She became the fire safety captain at Angel Grove high school, teaching her classmates how a simple household mistake like overloading a circuit could put them in danger. She was also very community conscious, organizing clean up drives and volunteering at an animal shelter. But in the end, this desire to help actually ended up taking her away from her superhero duties.

Ultimately, while on the hunt for her piece of the zeo crystal, she opted to stay in a small community on the African continent to help researchers find out what was going on with the sick animals instead of returning to her Power Ranger duties, sending someone else back in her place.

8 Chip Thorn (Mystic Force)

Power Rangers Mystic Force Yellow Ranger Chip

Like Dustin in Ninja Storm before him, Chip (Nic Sampson) was a lover of the magical and the mystical long before he found out he was going to be a Power Ranger. Though in this case, Chip wasn’t a fan of the Power Rangers specifically, but of fairy tales and magical beings. Finding out he was a Power Ranger who could use magic was exactly the kind of news Chip was looking for.

Chip might not always have had the best grip on reality as a result of his love for all things magical, and that didn’t always serve him well, since it made him easily distracted. What did serve him well in his role as a Power Ranger was his sense of loyalty. There’s not much he wouldn’t do for his teammates, even if one of them was turned into a vampire, which he proved when Vida found herself in that position. Chip was always willing to go to bat (mild pun intended) for his friends and his team, no matter what the consequences were.

7 Trini Kwan (Mighty Morphin)

Thuy Trang as Trini in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The very first of the Yellow Rangers, Trini (Thuy Trang) captained the saber tooth tiger zord for one and a half seasons before leaving the series. Trini was kind and considerate, not to mention soft spoken, considering that she was one of the most powerful fighters on the team. Not only was Trini capable of utilizing a wide variety of weapons, she was also proficient in kung fu. She spent extra time mastering the art of the praying mantis, which came in handy when she had to take on monsters on her own.

Trini didn’t get to experience the next level of power the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tapped into -- ninja power -- because in season two, she, along with original Power Rangers Jason and Zack, were selected to participate in a teen-run United Nations Peace Summit. In reality, the actors that played the roles had attempted to negotiate for better pay on the non-union series, and were let go as a result. In the fictional world, the group sent letters back to their friends from the summit, though Trini never returned to the series in person, as actress Thuy Trang pursued other projects before she was tragically killed in a car accident in 2001.

Trini’s story lives on in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink comic book miniseries that focuses on Pink Ranger Kimberly’s life after leaving the team. She recruits Trini for one last effort to save the day. With BOOM! Studios having several mini series and spinoffs planned for other characters in the future, fans could still see more of her in the future.

6 Z Delgado (SPD)

Power Rangers SPD Yellow Ranger Z

Not your typical Power Ranger recruit, Z (Monica May) was actually a thief before strapping a yellow morpher to her wrist. In the SPD version of the series, the Power Rangers were law enforcement officers, keeping people in their city in line. Z was one of the thieves pursued by the Pink, Blue, and Green Rangers before she helped them in a fight against a common enemy. Since she’s a great fighter and she had the genetic gift of being able to multiply herself, she’s given the choice between prison or signing up to be a Ranger. Obviously, she opted for the latter.

Quick witted and sarcastic, Z was ready for a verbal or physical fight at a moment’s notice. She didn’t use her special abilities unless she had to, instead preferring to get things done the old fashioned way. Her theft? It wasn’t even to benefit her. She and her partner, who eventually became the Red Ranger, stole to make money for those less fortunate than them, Robin Hood-style. She’s not just a skilled fighter, but she’s got a heart of gold underneath all that bravado as well.

5 Gia Moran (Megaforce)

Gia (Ciara Hanna) was one of those people who just seemed to be good at everything she did. Intelligent, confident, and a stellar martial artist, she was someone who could seemingly do it all, something that frustrated her teammates on a handful of occasions. Despite that frustration, they couldn’t be mad at her forever, since Gia was the kind of person they knew they could count on in the clutch.

Gia lands such a high spot on the list primarily because of the abilities she had access to during her days as a Power Ranger. In addition to her own Megaforce abilities, she was able to call on the powers of any of the Power Rangers that came before her. While she primarily stuck with Yellow Rangers, she could summon others as well if she needed a specialized skill in a fight. Her most used form outside of her own? That would be a fellow Yellow Ranger -- the one from Jungle Fury.

4 Katie Walker (Time Force)

Power Ranger Yellow Time Force Ranger Katie Walker

The only Yellow Ranger to earn a spot amongst Screen Rant’s “Most Powerful Power Rangers” list, Katie (Deborah Estelle Phillips) just had to rank amongst the top five Yellow Rangers.

Physically speaking, Katie was the strongest Power Ranger on the Time Force team, and certainly one of the strongest Rangers in franchise history. She could easily lift pieces of wreckage, and even people, if necessary, without any assistance. Despite her superhuman strength, she was really quite sensitive and gentle. In fact, Katie was always open and honest about how she felt with everyone around her, and was incredibly affectionate. She was always the first to dish out a hug when she thought someone was feeling down. Katie wasn’t just the muscle of her team, but the beating heart of it as well.

The one thing that keeps her out of the top three? She was a little too overprotective of those around her, worried about what might happen to them. When the people closest to you are time-traveling superheroes, you have to trust them to be able to handle themselves when things go south.

3 Maya (Lost Galaxy)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger Maya

Growing up on the planet Mirinoi, Maya (Cerina Vincent) knew the legend of the quasar sabers, and had even tried to pull one from the stone, but was unable to. It took her accidentally running through a wormhole and finding help when her people were attacked before the quasar sabers responded to her and those who would become the Galaxy Rangers. Maya had to leave Mirinoi behind when her entire planet was turned to stone in the following battle.

Though Maya was happy climbing trees and communing with animals, she had never lived in an advanced community; certainly not one as high-tech as the space colony ship Terra Venture, anyway. Not only was she forced to learn just what it meant to be a Power Ranger, but how to fit into a society that she knew nothing about. Maya’s ability to talk to animals came in handy for the group, as they had no mentor and had to discover their zords on their own, which were living creatures this time around instead of simply robots.

Of course, her entire time with the Power Rangers was spent so that she could find a way back home to Mirinoi and save her people. That said, she committed to the team as they all eventually wind up on the same planet, and she even traveled to Earth to help the Power Rangers in the next season.

2 Tanya Sloan (Mighty Morphin/Zeo/Turbo)

Power Rangers Zeo and Turbo Yellow Ranger Tanya

Tanya (Nakia Burrise) has the honor (?) of holding the shortest tenure as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It’s so short, in fact, that she didn’t even get to morph. She took on Aisha’s spot on the team when the two met while Aisha was on the hunt for her piece of the zeo crystal, but when she returned with it to Angel Grove, the group was upgraded to the Zeo Rangers, where Tanya was the Yellow Ranger for the entire stretch before becoming a Turbo Ranger as well. She’s the only Yellow Ranger to belong to three teams in the history of the franchise.

Tanya was sweet and thoughtful, just like the Yellow Rangers that came before her on the Mighty Morphin team, but she was also the kind of person who told it like it was. When her insecure boyfriend began mistreating her after she became the pitcher for the baseball team, she broke up with him and kept right on pitching. She was quick to learn moves for a fight, despite not having as much experience with martial arts as the rest of her teammates, and she supported Adam in all of his martial arts tournaments, picking up skills from him along the way. She also turned down a recording contract in order to stay with the Power Rangers, despite the possibility that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Such was her level of dedication to the team.

She’s one of the only characters in the franchise to be put in the middle of an established team with no previous knowledge of the Power Rangers, and she never wavered in her commitment to fighting evil, which is why she lands so close to the top of the list.

1 Taylor Earhardt (Wild Force)

The only Yellow Ranger in the history of the franchise to lead a Power Rangers team, this one was sort of a no-brainer.

Taylor was the first Power Ranger to be recruited for the Wild Force team, meaning she’s got the most training and the most experience when it comes to saving the day. As a former military pilot, she also had the tactical know-how to get things done. Like any good leader, she also knew when to take a step back, as she gives up her spot as team leader when a Red Ranger was finally found.

While it seems ridiculous that Taylor lost her top spot simply because someone else was destined to be the Red Ranger, Red has pretty much always been the color in charge, so the writers expected the audience to just accept it and move on. Helping them accept it was the fact that Taylor was a little rigid in the way she ran things. While she was in charge, she even created a book of rules for the team that she expected everyone to follow, something the Red Ranger promptly threw out. Over time, though, Taylor learned to loosen the reigns a bit and trust that the others knew what they were doing.


Did your favorite Yellow Ranger come out on top, or did someone great end up at the bottom of the list? Tell us who you think is tops amongst the Yellow Rangers in the comments!

You can catch Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Nickelodeon, and the rest of the Power Rangers series are available to stream on Netflix. Over on the big screen, Saban’s Power Rangers is currently playing in theaters.

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