14Sarah Thompson (Ninja Steel)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Pink Ranger

Sarah (Chrysti Ane) doesn’t make the bottom of this list because she’s a bad Pink Ranger. She makes the bottom of this list by default. As the newest Pink Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel, she just doesn’t have has many

episodes under her belt yet for the audience to be able to fairly compare her to the Pink Rangers that have come before her.

While most of the Pink Rangers aren’t usually the brains of the operation (though you will find a few much later in the list), Sarah appears to be for the newest Ninja Steel season. She’s incredibly smart and plans on being an engineer, and even rides around on a hoverboard of her own design, which should mean she’ll add quite a bit of hardware to the Rangers’ arsenal over the course of the series. She is a bit of an adrenaline junkie though, which can make her reckless.

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