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Kat (Catherine Sutherland) was only the second person to don the Pink Ranger uniform. She made her Power Rangers debut in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as an enemy of the Rangers, though

they didn’t know it. Overcoming the brainwashing of Rita Repulsa, she eventually became an ally and was given a spot on the team.

Here are the best things about Kat: she’s the only Pink Ranger to serve on three different Power Rangers teams, and she’s the only person in the Power Rangers franchise to break out of brainwashing without any outside help. The downside is that Kat is actually her strongest self before she even becomes a Power Ranger. Before becoming a Ranger, she’s able to find the goodness within and save Kimberly from getting hurt. When Kimberly passes her place on the team on to Kat, though, Kat suddenly becomes the typical damsel in distress. She’s kidnapped on more than one occasion, and not a group fight scene goes by when she’s not reaching out for help or calling someone to get her out of a monster’s grasp. As a friend and a good person, she’s top notch; as a Ranger, not so much.

It really is a shame because she shows so much potential before she wears the pink suit.

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