Power Rangers: The 15 Most Insane Monsters They've Ever Fought

We all remember the theme song, the Zords, and those insane morphin sequences. Though each of those components helped make The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers next-level entertainment, the villains were responsible for giving the heroes their purpose. Every episode was like an experiment in monster-making, and each week, an even zanier beast was stirring up trouble in Angel Grove. From torso-less pigs and scissor-wielding chickens to paste-smearing demons and cannon-blasting turtles, the monsters of Rita Repulsa are appropriately repulsive.

To prepare for the reemergence of the Power Rangers, we’re taking a gander back at the madness that dominated our childhoods. Though there have been hundreds of unique monsters across the show's countless seasons, some have inevitably been more terrifying and insane than others. Not all of the ones on this list will make you lose sleep, but should you have a sensitivity to truly strange monsters, then let this serve as your advance warning.

Here are the 15 Most Insane Monsters The Power Rangers Ever Fought:

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Robogoat in Power Rangers
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15 Robogoat

Robogoat in Power Rangers

An eight-foot tall, sword-wielding cyborg sheep – what’s wrong with that? Answer: everything. Robogoat is a complete abomination, and one of the scariest enemies the Powers Rangers ever battled. He’s basically an over-sized goat who baas and bleats his way into battle. If Baphomet were outfitted to take on the Green Ranger, he’d look like Robogoat. Lord Zedd is responsible for birthing this monster, and his inspiration came from the pages of Tommy’s Myths and Legends book.

This baddie not only has a berserker mode where he charges and headbutts his enemies, but he can shoot electricity from his paws like Emperor Palpatine. When Robogoat goes super-sized and takes on the Megazord, those high-voltage blasts leave the our heroes stunned, driving the Green Ranger to summon his Dragonzord for back-up. Robogoat doesn’t take the hint, and while he runs towards his enemies, the Rangers call out “Ultrazord now!” They then proceed to blast the goat back to the Stone Age.

14 Polluticorn

When Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini and Zack established the Clean-Up Club, they could never have imagined the consequences that would ensue. Digging deep to think up something truly wretched, Rita Repulsa’s monster-magician Finster created the flying freak-show unicorn bent on dirtying up Angel Grove. They called him Polluticorn. It’s not very subtle, but it’s the stuff of nightmares. With yellow eyes, a three-foot horn and a pair of wings, this upright devil horse wreaks absolute havoc on the Power Rangers.

Let it be known: that horn isn’t just decorative. It’s an electric blast cannon that fires projectiles at the Rangers. Jason knows it’s dangerous, but he should’ve left it alone. When he slices it off, Polluticorn becomes vulnerable and inspires Rita Repulsa to send him into overdrive. Just seconds later, Polluticorn becomes a skyscraper-sized beast that nearly knocks the Megazord to the ground. With a sickening laugh, Polluticorn flies around laughing at his enemies with a horse-cackle guaranteed to deprive you of a few winks.

13 Turkey Jerk

Turkey Jerk

If Mr. Turkey Jerk looks familiar, that’s because he's a Frankenstein of previous Power Rangers monsters. His main forefather is the Chunky Chicken, though all of the feathers on that feral beast have since been plucked.

Turkey Jerk is one weird bird, and he was brought to life by Bulk and Skull in a wild night of inspiration. Though he has perhaps the most cumbersome physique of any monster, and is truly an eyesore to anyone with eyes, Turkey Jerk’s makers intended him to cozy up to the Rangers and expose their real identities. The best-laid plans fell through, leaving Bulk and Skull with an armored buzzard who wields a turkey-basting cannon, throws cranberry-loaded frag grenades, and screams with the voice of death. Lord Zedd sent him to the frontlines and hoped for the best, but before he could do much damage, the turkey got blasted by the Power Cannon and was left for dead.

12 Pursehead


There’s no better example of Lord Zedd’s obsession with inanimate objects coming to life than Pursehead. The evil genius didn’t have to look far for this apply named creature, as he simply used Kimberly’s stolen purse as its foundation. He got a little carried away, of course, and made the bag-headed beast more top heavy than a water tower.

This is no ordinary handbag, mind you. Pursehead comes fully loaded with a freeze-gun that turns Tommy and Kimberly into ice sculptures. In classic Power Rangers battles, such a move is purely introductory. After Tommy is freed from his frozen state, Pursehead then reaches into his literal bag-of-tricks and whips out some magical dental floss to bind him like Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth. When Saba manages to distract Pursehead and protect Tommy, the Green Ranger roundhouse kicks Pursehead to the ground and instantly turns the monster back into a store-bought handbag.

11 Crabby Cabbie

Crabbie Cabbie in Power Rangers

When Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa send Crabby Cabbie to the fight, the first thing the Power Rangers notice isn’t what you expect. It’s not that there’s an oversized Yellow Cab destroying the city, or that a shriveled and yellow worm-like guy sits in the driver’s seat. Rather than be put off by his aesthetics, the Rangers remark, “Now there’s a gas guzzler!” With the Power Rangers, it's environment first, safety second. They don’t have long to react, however, before Crabby Cabbie floors it and trucks through Angel Grove, leveling buildings like it’s the final fight in Man of Steel. 

The Rangers are truly intimidated by this insane driver, and they waste no time before powering up. When the Rangers enter the skyline with their Shogunzords, Cabbie shouts one of the best-worst lines of any villain in the show: “don’t tell me! You’re the Rockettes!” Whatever they are, the Rangers morph to Shogun Megazord power and crush the Crabby Cabbie in an instant.

10 Karaoke Org

Karaoke Org Gets to Work

Master Org dominated the Power Rangers: Wild Force storyline. As the primary villain and head honcho above all the “Orgs,” he created some seriously weird villains to take on the eponymous heroes. His most inexplicable baddie is Karaoke Org, the Terminator-like cyborg who uses his screeching voice to attack the Rangers. In addition to looking like a failed creation from Tetsuo, the Iron Man, Karaoke Org has a handful of powers that make him surprisingly dangerous in the line of battle. Due to being a hybrid Org Spirit and karaoke singalong machine, it can capture people’s voice boxes and swap them out with a meowing cat sound. The Org can also sing so poorly that his screeching voice renders the Power Rangers virtually useless.

Overall, Karaoke Org is a pretty feckless villain, and it’s unsurprising that the Predazord took him down in one fell swoop. Still, Master Org wasn’t going to let his Frankenstein go to waste, and he used Karaoke’s broken spirit to make Tombstone Org all the more dangerous.

9 Amphibitor

Amphibitor lays Waste to Power Rangers

In smaller form, Amphibitor is a slimy nuisance that looks like a slightly meaner form of E.T. Big deal. In battle stature, however, he’s a full-blown threat to humanity. With salamander eyes, human hands, and zombie-blue gums, it’s hard to feel bad when the ectothermic villain got blown to smithereens. Though Amphibitor was sent to Earth by Divatox to keep Zordon from entering a wormhole, he ultimately got distracted by his rapacious appetite.

Indeed, all the bug-eyed monster really wanted to do was eat the Power Rangers one bite at a time, a desire he repeated more times than we can count. That’s why he stomped through Angel Grove while wielding an oversized fork and carving knife, even when fighting the Turbo Megazord. Thanks to his meddling, we got to see the Turbo Megazord come together in truly grand fashion, wielding a devastating coup de grace for the ages.

8 Shellshock

Shellshock on Power Rangers

When Squatt and Baboo created Shellshock, they left nothing to the imagination. By taking an oversized turtle, jamming a super-powered traffic light in his shell, and giving him brass knuckles, the monster designers wound up with a true freakshow. There’s nothing this tortoise terrorist can’t do. His traffic light shoots blasts of energy that makes the Power Rangers helpless. Bursts from the green light turn the Rangers into marathon runners, as they lose control of their bodies and involuntarily run in any direction. The red light freezes them in motion and makes way for Shellshock’s number one weapon: a full-on head cannon. By drawing his head back into his shell, a Panzershreck rocket launcher emerges and unloads on the Rangers.

In addition to his brass knuckles and a random hook, Shellshock also has a baseball bat that he swings rapid fire to keep his enemies at bay. Ultimately, the souped-up tortoise proved more powerful than the Rangers, and if Trini hadn’t shown up with Deandra flowers (read: a MacGuffin), he might’ve won the day.

7 Mr. Goorific

While we’re all for creativity, especially when it comes to monsters, things get a little bizarre when your lead villain beats his victims by putting a mysterious paste on them. So it was with Mr. Goorific, a monster who specialized in converting human beings into four-legged animals by sliming them with his homemade goo. Indeed, he never went anywhere without carrying his tube of paste, looking to turn the Power Rangers into cats and dogs. He succeeded on a few occasions, even turning Cassie’s dog, Jetson, into an actual human being.

When the Power Rangers took on Elgar and his Evil Zord, they opted for the Rescue Megazord to take him down. Mr. Goorific then super-sized himself and entered the field of battle just as Robo Racer emerged. Now armed with his humongous goo-tube, the cone-headed monster attempted to squirt it on the Megazord but ended up dousing the Evil Zord, converting it into a lowly camel. You can’t make this stuff up.

6 Guitardo

Guitardo on Power Rangers

He’s a guitar-wielding locust whose chords have the power of hypnosis. Meet Guitardo, the most obnoxious beast the Power Rangers have ever met. According to Lord Zedd, this fella is actually based on a cicada, which might explain his wings and appropriately buggy eyes. What still needs explanation is his high, Alvin and the Chipmunks pitched voice and the destructiveness of his guitar. Until the very end of the fight, the Power Rangers literally never lay a fist on Guitardo because his music keeps them at arm’s length. In addition to giving them migraines, his strumming elevates the Rangers so they are unable to move and suspended in mid-air.

“Seems like everyone is getting into the act! But like I told you, I work solo!” Guitardo is an egomaniac, so it’s unsurprising that when Kimberly shows up with her musical power bow, he loses his mind. The Pink Ranger turns her weapon into a makeshift harp and plays counterattack chords that torture Guitardo. With showtunes out of the picture, Guitardo chooses the nuclear option and unloads machine gun fire from his eyes. This makes you wonder why he didn’t do that from the start. Before he offers the coup de grace, however, Kimberly and Tommy launch the Dragon Dagger at Guitardo and blow him to smithereens.

5 Oysterizer

Oysterizer Strikes Again

To be attacked by a living, breathing oyster – the horror! This uncommon nightmare is made real in the Power Rangers’ struggle against an anthropomorphic seashell, who walks and talks like the most caricatured pirate of all time. That’s all well and good, but it’s Oysterizer’s choice of weaponry that verges into questionable territory. Armed with two strange orifices in the center of his frame, Oysterizer blasts pink mystery liquid at the Power Rangers like it’s the waxing part of an automatic car wash. You’d think with all of these villains and their weaponized fluids that the Rangers would start wearing raincoats, right?

In his battle against Oysterizer, the Black Ranger gets coated in the steaming acid that starts to burn him alive. While panicking from the pink substance that covers his suit, Zack gets blasted from Oysterizer’s flamethrower that comes straight from the pearl itself. Even when Tommy comes to the rescue, Oysterizer is impenetrable, and when things get tough, he simply dives into the ocean to take a breather. Fortunately, all of this madness culminates in an underwater war between the Dragonzord and Oysterizer, where the villain gets defeated in his own domain.

4 Gnarly Gnome

Gnarly Gnome is a Freakshow

Garden gnomes are one thing, but the gnarly gnome is another. Courtesy of evil-genius Finster, this terrifying troll has a handful of tricks up his sleeve. Though he looks scary enough to be an extra from The Lord of the Rings, Gnarly Gnome carries around a garden rake to beat his enemies into submission. If that doesn’t do the trick, he simply plays on his mystical accordion to force his victims to do the dance of death.

Garden Gnome is so morally depraved that he actually did this on the show, kidnapping an innocent deaf girl’s friends and hiding them in a cave while he gave them a private concert. Though the Power Rangers came to the rescue and defeated Garden Gnome in dwarf form, they struggled against his supersized frame where his accordion made them go crazy and nearly lose the fight. There’s a reason Gnarly Gnome was a major villain in the Super NES game.

3 Mr. Ticklesneezer


When Squatt snuck into Trini’s bedroom (already a red flag), he turned her troll toy into a life-sized monster. This is 100% why you shouldn't have dolls in your home. Though he seemed relatively harmless in his miniature state, Mr. Ticklesneezer became an absolute menace in human form. This elf-like, marionette-ish, Yoda-looking dude also happens to be a kleptomaniac who hordes anything and everything he can get his hands on.

From collecting skyscrapers, cars, and even the Power Rangers themselves, Ticklesneezer stores everything in his pint-sized glass bottles. To be fair to the elf-troll-Yoda-beast, Ticklesneezer didn’t have a particularly malicious intent in fighting the Power Rangers. Rita Repulsa set him up to wreak havoc, but his heart wasn’t really in it. While fighting and getting beaten by the Megazord, he realized he had stolen more items than he could count and felt something most Power Rangers villains never feel: regret. Borrowing a page from The Wizard of Oz, we later find Trini back in her bedroom. It was all just a dream.

2 Pudgy Pig

Porky Pig is Terrifying to Power Rangers

Take a good look at Pudgy Pig and ask yourself: does this creature sound as ugly as it looks? We can answer in the affirmative, because this torso-less, helmeted swine sounds absolutely detestable. When he’s not oinking and grunting from location to location, he repeats his mantra, “I’m hungry! Hungry! Hungry!” Pudgy Pig then seeks out the nearest trash cans and dumpsters, even charging into a middle school cafeteria to satiate his vile appetite. For whatever reason, the villainous pork monster wears a Roman centurion helmet that’s bigger than the rest of his body.

When fighting the Rangers, Pudgy Pig swallowed his enemies’ weapons whole. This upset the team, prompting their barrage of heckles: “Okay porker! Your feast is over!” “You’re finished, pig!” “He is so disgusting! Come down and fight like a pig!” Thanks to his garbage breath, Pudgy Pig sucks the Power Rangers into a spinning vortex and sends them into a temporary black hole. That's what they get for body-shaming.

1 Chunky Chicken

Chunky Chicken is a Nightmare

What could be scarier than an over-sized, technicolor buzzard with a weaponized pair of gardening shears? Not much. Chunky Chicken is a monstrosity and the result of Rita Repulsa commanding Finster to make his meanest creature yet. The evil genius passed with flying colors, and by giving the creepy chicken a massive set of scissors, he let Chunky rip holes in the time-space continuum in which the Rangers lived.

Of all the creatures you could imagine destroying your city's skyline, Chunky Chicken is easily the worst. Sure, Godzilla would sound the death knell of human existence, and King Kong would definitely get your attention, but it’s the flightless mega-bird walking around with a slicing kit that would send real shivers down your spine. Indeed, Chunky Chicken proved so effective in scaring audiences that they brought back him back in the form of Turkey Jerk, just without the feathers and the pair of scissors.


What other Power Rangers monsters were so utterly insane that you couldn't believe they appeared in a children's show? Let us know in the comments!

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