New Power Rangers Clips Showcase Rita Repulsa and Zordon Performances

Power Rangers (2017) - Zordon (Bryan Cranston)

After years of anticipation for the reboot of the franchise, we're now less than a week away from the premiere of the new Power Rangers movie. Taking the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series as inspiration, the upcoming film will rework and flesh out a lot of the backstory surrounding the Rangers, their allies, and their many enemies. There's also going to be a more alien design to the Zords as well as the overall look of the costumes and sets.

With the film right around the corner, marketing has been ramping up to get people excited. We've seen a couple of cool TV spots recently, with one featuring the Zords charging into battle and another giving us our best look yet at the fully formed Megazord. Even better, Lionsgate and Saban have been dropping a number of clips from the film, allowing audiences a glimpse at what the final product will look like. A few days back, we saw Black Ranger Zack take his Mastodon Zord for a ride. Before that, we got a set of back-to-back clips showing the teenagers of the film diving underwater, only to surface in Zordon's Command Center where they met Alpha 5.

Now, two new clips have arrived, courtesy of Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston appearing on the TODAY Show. In the one up top, Banks' take on Rita Repulsa is highlighted as she effortlessly takes down the Yellow Ranger. Banks not only brings her prestigious acting talents to the table as the villain, but looks to be adding some signature mania to Rita's menace. Meanwhile, the clip below gives us our longest look yet at Cranston as Zordon as he hilariously dresses down the prospective Rangers.

During the interview, Cranston was also asked about his introduction to the Power Rangers universe. The new movie won't be Cranston's first time working with the franchise; back in 1993, during the first season of the show, Cranston provided the voice for two of the monsters on two different episodes. Though uncredited, nothing stays buried on the Internet. It's nice to hear Cranston openly discussing the matter, saying that it was a great gig and the voice work helped improve his emotive skills as an actor.

If the film's a success, we're likely to see both Cranston and Banks return for the sequel. Last week, director Dean Israelite confirmed that the movie would have a post-credits scene setting up future adventures. Lionsgate certainly seems to be confident, and we'll know for sure how big a hit Power Rangers is and what its chances of a sequel are this time next week.

Source: TODAY

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