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Power Rangers is under new ownership after being purchased by Hasbro, meaning a new movie with a new cast could be just around the corner. With 25 different iterations of the color-coded heroes over the past 25 years, as well as three feature-length movies, the Power Rangers might be equipped to save the world from aliens, but they can't seem to save themselves from change. In fact, after Hasbro recently acquired the rights to the franchise from Saban Entertainment, change is in the air yet again—more than likely in the form of a simultaneous film and TV revamp.

So, assuming Hasbro eventually gives the big screen greenlight to a new Power Rangers movie, their approach is key. Given the criticisms aimed at least year's lackluster attempt to rejuvenate the franchise, their best course of action is nailing the ingredients that count (i.e. a raw and realistic look at its teenage characters, impressive action set pieces to rival modern blockbusters, and an evolution of the mythos to feel grounded in an updated take on the universe). Basically, imagine the Avengers version of Power Rangers, but written by John Green, showcasing dark, worldwide catastrophe from an adolescent perspective.

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With a reboot, Hasbro can still capitalize on nostalgia and measure up to the competition without disrespecting the source material; it's just vital to secure a distinct tone that appeals to the masses (something that major tentpoles still struggle with). And with a cast to complement that mass-appealing sensibility, a new go (go) at Power Rangers could potentially turn out be the game-changer this series needed.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. - Jason, the Red Ranger

Kelvin Harrison Monster

As the leader of the Power Rangers, Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott is as confident as he is physically capable. And though these might be two key qualities necessary to wrangle in a young television audience, the same isn't quite as true when depicting a budding hero. The best kinds of heroes are flawed and imperfect. They're the outcasts seeking a purpose whose heroism is all the more earned on account of how well they ultimately subvert expectations.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. has already proven to nail these characteristics in his young career. Having starred in It Comes at Night and the Oscar-nominated Mudbound, as well as the upcoming adaptation of Walter Dean Myers' novel Monster, Harrison has the subtle combination of sensitivity and strength to breathe new life into this character.

After all, as Alan Turing said in The Imitation Game"Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine." To feel relevant, that's the kind of hero the Power Rangers universe needs.

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Jessica Barden - Kimberly, the Pink Ranger

Jessica Barden in The End of the F***ing World

In the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series, Pink Ranger Kimberly Ann Hart is bubbly, but badass. And that's about it. In last year's Power Rangers movie, however, screenwriter John Gatins thankfully complicated her pristine personality by removing her from the center of her high school's social circle. She's jaded, rebellious, and actually feels human; and Hasbro would do well to more or less copy these cues in the remake, while also expanding on the character's inherent grit. The next step is finding someone who fits the bill, and Jessica Barden has more than proven her ability to imbue an electric kind of punk-pathos in the Netflix series The End of the F***ing World.

The modern teenager isn't just angry at the world, they're active. So, in tackling a character that may well explode if they don't find something worth fighting for, Barden would be a volatile force to be reckoned with as a Ranger.

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