Power Rangers: 15 Creepiest Things Bulk And Skull Ever Did

We take a look at the times Bulk and Skull crossed the line of comic relief and went straight for creepy in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Bulk and Skull bully Billy in Power Rangers

We all know the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fought a variety of colorful monsters set against them from villains on another planet, but there were a couple of antagonists a little closer to home in the form of Farkas Bulkmeier (Paul Schrier) and Eugene Skullovitch (Jason Narvy), better known to the world as Bulk and Skull.

Bulk and Skull began their time on the show as bullies who were content to make the lives of those “geeks” and “nerds” around them miserable. They seemed to have a particular fondness for picking on the teenagers who became the Power Rangers, but over time, the duo would become friends with them and loosen up, leaving most of their bullying ways behind.

Just because they eventually became good guys (we’re talking more than 100 episodes to get there) doesn’t mean that they didn’t make some seriously questionable decisions early on in the show. In fact, Bulk and Skull passed the bullying line and went straight to Creepytown on several occasions.

Don’t think these two comic relief characters have a creepy bone in their body? Then check out the 15 Creepiest Things Bulk and Skull Ever Did.

15 Encouraged Intimidation

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Bulk and Skull in Birds of a Feather

Bulk and Skull weren’t the only bullies on the show. In fact, they were ready to foster a whole new generation of bullies in the season one episode “Birds of a Feather.”

In this particular outing, the plot outside of the monster action involved Zack readying members of his hip-hop kido class for a martial arts tournament. Not to be outdone, Bulk and Skull have a student of their own they’re “training,” though most of his work is in learning how to bully someone rather than how to perform martial arts moves.

Throughout the episode, they encourage Biff (yes, someone was a Back to the Future fan) to intimidate Zack’s student Kameron, who already lacks confidence in his performance. Of course, Kameron pulls out a win in the end and increases his confidence level, but Bulk and Skull provided a new level of creep when they decided to pick on kids much younger than them.

14 Tried To Steal A Win

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Bulk and Skull in The Mutiny

“The Mutiny” was a three-parter that kicked off season two with Lord Zedd taking over the moon palace and knocking Rita Repulsa down a peg or two. Back on Earth, though, there was a four-wheeler race for charity going on.

Bulk And Skull, along with several other Angel Grove citizens (including the Power Rangers), were participants in the four-wheeler race, but they didn’t have a whole lot of luck. The duo crashed their vehicles just as Zordon summoned the Rangers to discuss Lord Zedd. Taking advantage of a few upright and empty four-wheelers, the pair decided to to steal vehicles to race their way to a win.

Bulk and Skull were foiled from their attempt at using a charity race to feed their egos when a group of Putties appeared, surrounding them, and prompting the Rangers to come save their high school bullies.

13 Pretended To Be Power Rangers For A Date

Bulk and Skull pretend to be Power Rangers in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers A Friend In Need

Bulk and Skull didn’t go out and save the day in order to get recognition. Instead, the duo put on a couple of poorly made costumes and tried to convince some teenage girls that they were the Power Rangers in hopes of getting a date. It didn’t exactly go according to plan.

Instead, they found themselves in hot water when a monster showed up while most of the Power Rangers were away on the planet Edenoi, and the Pink Ranger was left to protect Angel Grove on her own.

12 Forced Their Way Into A Tiny Plane With Kimberly

Kimberly Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers Foul Play In The Sky

Fourteen episodes into the series, the writers hadn’t quite settled on a path for Bulk and Skull. Sometimes, the two were angry and intimidating, others they were comic relief, and in the episode “Foul Play In The Sky,” they were prone to fainting spells.

The episode centered on Kimberly, who spent the day flying with her uncle in a private plane. Kimberly, despite already having spent time piloting her own flying zord, was super excited to go up in a real plane, and Bulk and Skull, who were watching planes at the airport, wanted to go too!

Instead of taking the not-so-subtle hints Kimberly was throwing, they needled her and her uncle into letting them come along. Kimberly wasn’t just forced into a confined space with the two boys who constantly bullied her, but she also had to save their lives when Rita plotted to send the plane to the ground - all while they fainted in the seats behind her.

11 Recorded Everyone’s Voices

Bulk and Skull in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Bloom Of Doom

During season two of the show, Bulk and Skull made it their mission to figure out who the Power Rangers were, but some of their methods were a little stranger than others.

In “Bloom of Doom,” while several students at Angel Grove High organized different clubs, Bulk and Skull took the opportunity to try and get more evidence for the identities of the Power Rangers. How? By recording everyone they came into contact with at the Youth Center.

On the one hand, we’ve got to give it to Bulk and Skull: they’ve found a hobby they wanted to stick with. On the other hand, shoving recording equipment in the face of everyone you talk to in order to see if their voice matches that of the Power Rangers isn’t just weird - it’s creepy and invasive.

10 Spied On Billy And Kimberly

Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers Switching Places

One of the first of many times that Bulk and Skull elect to spy on their fellow teenagers occurs in the season one episode “Switching Places.”

Bulk and Skull decided to spy on Billy while he’s discussing a new invention with Kimberly - one that was supposed to allow the users to read each other’s minds. Thanks to some meddling from one of Rita’s minions, they actually switched bodies instead. Of course, Bulk and Skull missed that bit because their spying was interrupted by a dog chasing them, and they ended up switching bodies as well later.

Not only do we have a spying Bulk and Skull here, but a breaking and entering duo, and one that wants to read people’s minds. It’s a creepy trifecta! After Billy returned them to their bodies, they even tried to convince him to switch with Skull to help the latter pass a test.

9 Used Saving The Rangers As Leverage For A Date

Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger

In the season two episode “When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger,” Bulk and Skull actually did a good deed - saving the Power Rangers - but they promptly made it creepy by using that good deed for their own gain.

This particular episode saw all of the Rangers lose their memories thanks to a monster called Scatterbrain. It was up to Bulk and Skull, who witnessed the transformation of the so-called dweebs they bullied into superheroes, to face off against the monster, and they did the good deed at the expense of their own memories.

Of course, by the end of the episode, they decided to tell everyone they knew that they saved the day by helping the Power Rangers. When no one believed them, Kimberly and Aisha offered the duo support, only for Bulk and Skull to try to use their new heroic status as a way to score dates with the young women. Classy.

8 Smelled Everyone

Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers The Beetle Invasion

Another one of Bulk and Skull’s schemes to figure out who the Power Rangers were made an appearance in the early season two episode “The Beetle Invasion.” This time, the duo weren’t focused on sounds, but on scents.

While the teens that made up the Rangers were busy preparing for a broomball game, Bulk and Skull were interviewing people in Angel Grove, but the interviewing isn’t the creepy part. While they spoke with people, the two had their own unique piece of machinery (made behind the scenes with the snout of the Pudgy Pig costume) with them that smelled their interview subjects. They collected the information about people’s scents, intent on comparing it to the Power Rangers to sniff them out. Great plan, guys.

If smelling everyone in town wasn’t strange enough, the fact that the two did it without, you know, getting permission makes it all the more creepy.

7 Tried To Win Skull A Date With Kimberly

Bulk and Skull try to win a date with Kimberly in Power Rangers Power Ranger Punks

Thanks to some Rita Repulsa-infused drinks, Billy and Kimberly got a punk attitude adjustment in “Power Ranger Punks,” which led to the promise of a date for Skull. He didn’t take kindly to not getting one.

One constant for Bulk and Skull in the first two seasons was that Skull had a crush on Kimberly, despite his insistence on calling her a “dweeb” or a “nerd” whenever he got the chance. As a result, there are a ton of moments where he and Bulk attempted to get the Pink Ranger alone or to go out with him.

After “Punk Kimberly” was gone and she’s back to normal, she said no to that promised date, but Bulk wouldn’t take no for an answer. His solution? He and Skull get to take her out if they beat her in a game of volleyball - because treating a girl like a trophy instead of a person is their best option in his mind. Also, why do you guys want to take her out as a duo? How much do you guys do together, exactly?

6 Kept Rito And Goldar As Servants

Bulk and Skull have Goldar and Rito as servants in Power Rangers Zeo

Bulk and Skull have certainly done some strange things over the years, but the decision they made in the Power Rangers Zeo season might be the weirdest of all: keeping monsters in the house.

Rito and Goldar, who worked to act out Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd’s schemes, had set out to destroy the Command Center, but ended up injured and lost their memories. The two, stranded on Earth, not knowing who or what they were, ended up being taken in by Bulk and Skull, though they weren’t exactly cared for.

At times, the duo treated them like pets, but most of the time, Rito and Goldar were treated like their servants, complete with aprons and feather dusters to get the job done. When the two finally recovered their memories, they went right back to their nefarious ways, having not learned a single worthwhile thing that could've steered them towards non-villainy.

5 Spied And Broke Into A Cabin To Steal Study Notes

Bulk and Skull as maids in Power Rangers Crystal of Nightmares

When Bulk and Skull were worried about failing another test, the duo decide to follow the Rangers and steal their study notes in “Crystal of Nightmares.” While much of the episode focused on the Rangers being given bad dreams and having their confidence ripped away, the Bulk and Skull storyline featured them following the group up to Billy’s uncle’s cabin, where they intended on stealing from the other teens. The duo had to wait until the other teens left the cabin to go grab some food, and then, they broke in.

Bulk and Skull didn’t just break into the cabin; they did it dressed as maids...for some reason that wasn’t entirely clear. They tried to locate notes to steal, but wasted too much time, and ended up spending the night hiding under someone’s bed.

All that sneaking around and they don’t even get the notes they want, and fail the test!

4 Joined The Police Force To Pick Up Women

Bulk and Skull become junior police in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season three

Bulk and Skull didn’t quite make it all the way to officer status, but they were Junior Police at the start of season three and through most of the season, making the decision to join in “Ninja Quest.” Did they do this out of the goodness of their heart? Of course not.

It wouldn’t be wrong to think that someone wanted to become a civil servant to help their community. Police officers, firefighters, and paramedics usually want to contribute to the world around them and help make it a better place. Bulk and Skull, however, were just hoping to pick up women.

They overheard the comment that women “love a man in uniform” and decided to try their luck, not realizing just how difficult of a job it would be. After messing up one too many times, they would eventually be canned along with their supervisor, and attempt to become private detectives later on. That went pretty poorly too.

3 Cornered Kimberly At Her Locker

Bulk Skull Kimberly and Tommy in Power Rangers Calamity Kimberly

Just when Kimberly thought her day couldn’t get any worse, she had to deal with Bulk and Skull.

“Calamity Kimberly” saw the Pink Ranger hit with a string of bad luck that she just couldn’t seem to escape. She broke a mirror, she got caught in the rain, her notes for a meeting with the principal were ruined, and when all she wanted to do was open her locker, she’s had Bulk and Skull cornering her, trying to get under her skin. Why? Presumably, just because they could.

Luckily, Kimberly didn’t have to bust out any of her own martial arts moves on the two, as Tommy came to her defense, getting Bulk and Skull to back off. Considering how often the two target her throughout the first two seasons of the show, it probably would have been more fun for the audience if she got to do it herself.

2 Interrogated A Kidnap Victim

Bulk and Skull interrogate Hallie in Power Rangers Welcome To Venus Island

They had already influenced one child to intimidate another, so why not do the job themselves?

In “Welcome to Venus Island,” Trini and her friends were supposed to be looking out for her neighbor Hallie. Lord Zedd decided to kidnap the little girl after Bulk and Skull attempted to ferret out the Power Rangers by dressing as Putties. Hallie ended up on the magical Venus Island, a place that could turn her evil.

Once Hallie was rescued by the Power Rangers, though, Bulk and Skull corner her at the Youth Center, with a sketch artist in tow, and ask her questions, needling her to get close to the identity of the Power Rangers, complete with a flashlight shined in her face. Lucky for the Rangers, Callie gives overly romantic descriptions that prompt a drawing of Renaissance figures!

1 Followed The Rangers And Let Them Get Captured

Bulk and Skull in Power Rangers Missing Green

During the storyline that followed Tommy losing his Green Ranger powers, he spent a lot of time away from his Power Ranger friends. In “Missing Green,” it’s on a trip to locate Tommy that Bulk and Skull go from creepy to dangerously negligent.

Jason was still wallowing in guilt about his role in Tommy losing his powers, and the group thought talking to Tommy could help cheer him up. Not in the days where everyone has a cell phone, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini decided to take a ride out to a cabin that belonged to one of Tommy’s relatives when they discovered that Jason wasn’t in top fighting form. Bulk and Skull overheard the word “Ranger” in their conversation and decided to follow them, thinking they might get a lead on the identities of the superheroes.

Instead, the bullies spent their time following the quartet, then standing by and doing nothing when Goldar appeared and captures the Power Rangers - because they got distracted. Sure, Bulk and Skull aren’t martial artists or Power Rangers, but they prove they can fight later in the series, and even practically keep Goldar as a pet a season later, so the two could have at least made an attempt at helping out the heroes since they wanted to know their identities so badly. If only the things they were obsessed with meant they had a longer attention span too.


With moments like these, it’s no wonder the young audience was afraid of them before Bulk and Skull became the full-on comic relief for the series. The more slapstick they got, the more the audience loved them.

Over time, Bulk and Skull grew to become allies of the Power Rangers, actually saving them on more than one occasion, and during the events of Power Rangers In Space, they even offered themselves up to the villains, pretending to be the Power Rangers to protect the real heroes, then led the citizens of Angel Grove to take on an army of monsters. They came so far over those six seasons!

What’s your favorite Bulk and Skull moment? What about their worst moment? Let us know in the comments!

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