Power Rangers: Every Blue Ranger, Ranked Worst To Best

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In 24 seasons of the Power Rangers franchise, there have been a whopping 21 Blue Rangers on the core teams, narrowly beating out the 19 Yellow Ranger numbers. Unlike the Pink, Black, or Green Rangers, a team always has at least one Blue Ranger. Some teams even get a specialty Ranger in a shade of blue to back them up. The Blue Rangers started the series in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days by being the intellectual powerhouses of the teams. They invented gadgets for the teams to use and helped strategize complex problems. Over time, their roles would expand, and sometimes, Blue Rangers are even next in line to command a team behind the Red Ranger.

In the second spot or not, Blue Rangers are vital to their teams' success. They always seem to be the glue that holds different factions of the team together, whether they’re the one member of a previous team that moves on to the next one, or they’re the one with the most level headed approach to dealing with problems. Today, we're taking a crack at ranking just how good of a hero every Blue Ranger in the history of the series is.

Before getting into the list, we’ve got to give a shout out to some of those specialty Rangers. Not a part of the core team, but certainly worth an honorable mention, is James Navarro of the Dino Thunder season, who is the Aqua Ranger. James is the father of one of the Power Rangers who finds an energem that gives him his abilities an entire decade before the others. James, in addition to the Shark Animal Spirit in Jungle Fury, and Blake in Power Rangers Ninja Storm as the Navy Thunder Ranger, are the only Power Rangers outside of their core teams to be coded as Blue Rangers.

Now, check out just how the 21 different cobalt-colored heroes stack up as we take a look at Every Blue Ranger, Ranked Worst to Best.

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Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Blue Ranger Cestro
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21 Cestro (Alien Rangers)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers Blue Ranger Cestro

When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers found themselves unable to use their abilities near the end of the third season of the series, and subsequently turned into children, Zordon called on the Rangers from the planet of Aquitar to give Earth a little assistance. Cestro (Karim Prince) was the Blue Ranger of the team, and like Billy Cranston, whom he frequently worked with during the Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers season, he was a scientific genius, but that wasn’t enough to get him out of the bottom spot.

Though Cestro was the one who tried to find a way to age the Power Rangers back up, he and Billy couldn’t find a way to do it without the zeo crystals. He was also the member of the Aquitian team who most often found himself dangerously dehydrated. The Aquitians, as their name suggests, came from a planet that is primarily made of freshwater. That freshwater helped them keep up their energy levels, but they needed it almost as badly as human beings need oxygen, which meant a single battle drastically depleted their energy. Cestro was nearly always the first of the Alien Rangers to need a water source, severely limiting his efficacy in a fight.

20 Rocky DeSantos (Zeo)

Power Rangers Zeo Blue Ranger Rocky

For a lot of Power Rangers fans, it’s not going to be a surprise to see Rocky (Steve Cardenas) near the bottom of the list. It seems like nearly all fans of the early series think he’s just about the worst.

Originally, Rocky was chosen to take Red Ranger Jason’s place when he left the series in season two. When the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers became the Zeo Rangers with the help of the zeo crystal, Rocky was demoted from that position -- though he was never really a team leader anyway, since that Tommy fella was sort of a big deal -- and made the team’s Blue Ranger. Though technically considered second in command to the Zeo Red Ranger, Rocky didn’t ever seem to be the one making the big decisions. Instead, that role fell to Adam, the team’s Green Ranger, who was supposedly third in line (not that anyone was buying that for a second).

Rocky was also the only Ranger to injure himself so badly that someone five years younger than him took his place on the team. Rocky would have become the Blue Turbo Ranger if he hadn’t managed to somehow spin kick himself into a back injury while training for a martial arts tournament. As a result, he lost his chance to be a hero on another team up and was never heard from again on the show. Fans weren't too upset to see him go...until the got a look at his replacement, that is...

19 Justin Stewart (Turbo)

It was young Justin (Blake Foster) who took over for Rocky. In a season where the zords were essentially souped-up cars, someone not even old enough to drive ended up behind the steering wheel as the Blue Ranger. Of course, if the audience had that criticism floating around in their heads, it was supposedly taken care of when Justin revealed that Zordon taught him how to drive his zord before he surprised the other Rangers by joining them in their fight.

It’s not entirely Justin’s fault that he ranks so low on the list. Justin was an extremely intelligent kid who was fully committed to saving the day (and Blake Foster did a completely commendable job in the role). The problem was just that, though -- Justin was still a very young kid. He didn’t have the same level of experience as the other Turbo Rangers in a fight, or in life in general. This made him the least mature of the group, and the one most likely to jump to conclusions or run into a fight without considering all of his options. 

18 Preston Tien (Ninja Steel)

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Blue Ranger Preston

The newest Blue Ranger for the Power Rangers series, Preston (Peter Sudarso) is the Ninja Steel Blue Ranger, which means in addition to the martial arts the franchise has its main characters employ in every incarnation, Preston also uses ninja throwing stars and a special blade.

Preston comes in just above the worst Blue Rangers in history because he’s only made eight appearances in the franchise so far. That’s not enough time for the audience to know just what he’s bringing to the heroic table. What we do know about Preston so far is that he loves magic. Before becoming a Power Ranger, he loved to do magic tricks and entertain people. Since becoming a Ranger, though, his magical prowess is no longer just an illusion. With his Ranger powers, he can wield real magic, but there is a catch: he can only use his sorcery for selfless reasons, not just to show off. He’s sure to be a great addition to the ranks of Blue Rangers once he has more opportunities to show the audience what he can do.

Fun fact: Peter Sudarso’s older brother Yoshi also played a Blue Ranger for a Power Rangers series -- Dino Charge. We'll get to him in a bit.

17 Theo Martin (Jungle Fury)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Blue Ranger Theo

Intelligent and stealthy, Theo (Aljin Abella) was the one member of the Jungle Fury team who was constantly worried about breaking the rules. Despite continuing the tradition of the Blue Rangers being the big thinkers of the teams, Theo was often too scared about consequences to think outside of the box, which is why he’s not higher up on the list.

As a Jungle Fury Ranger, Theo’s primary spirit that he called on in battle was the jaguar, the first time any Power Ranger had been associated with that particular animal. While jaguars are known for their strength, in Theo’s case, that also meant there was a lot of style associated with his jungle spirit. His zord spun and flipped before it attacked opponents, a technique that was reminiscent of Theo’s own combat methods. This increased when Theo learned how to call on the spirit of the bat as well, which was also associated with grace and speed. It makes Theo’s fighting style more evasive and defensive rather than offensive like most of the other Jungle Fury Rangers, though it was definitely fun to watch.

16 Sky Tate (SPD)

Power Rangers SPD Blue Ranger Sky

The only Power Ranger to initially be disappointed by his assignment, Sky (Chris Violette) had hoped he was going to be the Red Ranger before finding himself assigned to Blue. Sky, who had been top of his class at the SPD academy and the B-Squad member with the most experience, fully expected to be made team leader, and was disappointed when he didn’t get it.

This meant that for the first few missions Sky was sent on with the team, the dude went out of his way to be insubordinate to the Red Ranger that was chosen, Jack, who also happened to be a former criminal that Sky had arrested at one point. When Power Rangers are essentially the police force, any kind of dissension in the team makes the work vastly more difficult. Sky’s attitude disrupted the group from being able to effectively do their job, though he did eventually come to accept Jack as the team leader.

Sky did have one pretty cool genetic quirk that gave him an edge in a fight: force fields. Not only could he put up a force field to separate himself from the bad guys, but much like the Fantastic Four's Sue Storm, he could also use them offensively to create a propulsive blast.

15 Lucas Kendall (Time Force)

Power Rangers Time Force Blue Ranger Lucas

When traveling to the past to stop a monster in Time Force, it was the Pink Ranger who led the team, but her second in command was Blue Ranger Lucas (Michael Copon), since they didn’t have an experienced Red Ranger. While Lucas was tough in a fight and, like the rest of his team, willing to sacrifice his own future to make sure the rest of the world got one, his attitude could get in the way of him doing his job.

Cocky, obsessed with cars, and a confirmed ladies man, Lucas was the kind of guy that might have been called the big man on campus if the Time Force Rangers had been one of the high school teams instead of adults doing their jobs. He wasn’t always happy about following the Pink Ranger’s lead, and his overconfidence got him in trouble during a few fights. When he was focused on getting the job done, though, he was nearly unstoppable.

14 Koda (Dino Charge)

Power Rangers Dino Charge Blue Ranger Koda

Who ever thought that Power Rangers would make a caveman a team member? Probably no one, unless there's a faction of fans out there that had their fingers crossed for a series set in a more ancient time period. (Actually, that'd be pretty awesome, wouldn't it?) Koda (Yoshi Sudarso) bonded with an energem thousands of years in the past before being frozen solid. The energem allowed him to survive that freeze, pretty much making him immortal, which should make him rank higher on the list, but his story relies way too much on fish-out-of-water tropes for a laugh.

While Koda was incredibly strong and loyal, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. His learning curve wasn’t exactly consistent within the series, either. While he picked up on some things quickly, like how to be a Power Ranger, in other areas, he was incredibly resistant to change. His distaste for wearing shoes or combing his hair were played for laughs, but they’re just small examples of his dislike of contemporary society. He didn’t trust modern technology, which is understandable, but in many cases, it prevented him from using different weapons and vehicles the Power Rangers team needed in a fight.

13 Max Cooper (Wild Force)

Power Rangers Wild Force Blue Ranger Max

One of the earliest to be recruited as a Wild Force Ranger, Max (Phillip Jeanmarie) became the Blue Ranger after aiding in the rescue of two girls. He was the third recruit before the team-leading Red Ranger even gained his abilities. He was always willing to help in a crisis and always ready to do the right thing, but like Blue Turbo Ranger Justin before him, he was the youngest of the group, and the least mature of those chosen to combat the forces of evil.

Thankfully, Max wasn’t quite as young as Justin when he was recruited, but because of his age, the series still liked to use him in the comic relief role, making him someone who was always joking around and playful, but longing to be taken seriously. Max was constantly trying to prove that he was just as mature as the rest of his team when on missions, but the others still treated him like a younger sibling.

12 Bridge Carson (SPD)

Power Rangers SPD Bridge Promoted to Blue Ranger

Most of what we know about Bridge (Matt Austin) is actually from his tenure as a Green Ranger for SPD. He spent the majority of the season as the third in line for command of the team, even when the team only consisted of three members. He was the comic relief of the team, cracking jokes, and landing himself in the middle of many of his teammates’ arguments. He also has the genetic extra ability of psychometry - the ability to read people’s auras - which came in handy when he was able to control it.

Bridge lands so high up on this list, despite the audience not seeing much of his tenure as the Blue Ranger, because he’s the only Ranger on the list to see multiple promotions during his time as a Power Ranger. While he begins his time as the Green Ranger, he earns the Blue Ranger spot after Sky is promoted to Red Ranger at the end of the season. While there is a ranking in the SPD team that’s labeled right on their uniforms, supervisors can ignore that ranking, so him getting that step up is a big one for him since prior to SPD, a change in Ranger colors usually meant a step down (like Red Ranger Rocky becoming Blue), or a lateral move because one color replaced another (like Mighty Morphin Black Ranger Adam Park becoming the Zeo Green Ranger).

By the time the audience sees Bridge again in a later team up episode, he’s been promoted yet again, this time to Red Ranger. He’s seen the most movement as a Power Ranger, proving just how much he learned and grew during his time on the show.

11 Dax Lo (Operation Overdrive)

Power Rangers Overdrive Blue Ranger Dax

Originally a stunt man, Dax (Gareth Yuen) had a dream of being the leading actor in a film, not the guy whose face no one recognized. Instead, he ended up being a Power Ranger. While he loved getting to save the day, he also spent much of his time on the team reminiscing about his days working amongst the glitz and glamour of movie sets.

That happens to be Dax’s biggest flaw. Nearly any fight he was a part of, he found a way to compare events to a film he'd worked on or one he'd seen. He also dated a woman named Mira, whom he appeared to mostly be interested in because she treated him like a hero after saving her. Mira, however, was discovered to be the evil Miratrix, whom the Rangers would have to repeatedly go up against.

Dax did have a great advantage as a stuntman and as a Power Ranger, though: he was genetically gifted with super agility. He was able to jump incredibly high and over great distances, which meant he was great at dodging blows in a fight.

10 Flynn McAllistair (RPM)

Power Rangers RPM Blue Ranger Flynn

Growing up a fan of comic books and superheroes sounds like just about any kid out there these days. Flynn (Ari Boyland) was one of the rare kids whose love for superheroes translated into adulthood and instilled in him a need to help others. Flynn tended to take his desire to help one step too far, however, never knowing just when a job was done. When trying to put out a fire, he once continued to let the water run until the point of causing water damage long after the fire was out.

He was second in command of his team, though, a nice nod for a Blue Ranger since many teams featured the Black or Green Rangers as second to the Red team leader. He also had a special ability as a Power Ranger. Flynn could stop time, though only for ten seconds, just enough to give him an edge. He was also very mechanically inclined, so much so that he’s one of the few Rangers to actually create a new zord!

Once his official duties as a Power Ranger were complete, he continued to help people, but in a different way. He and his father decided to create new computer networks for Corinth, the city that had previously been ravaged by dangerous technology.

9 Madison Rocca (Mystic Force)

Power Rangers Mystic Force Blue Ranger Madison

Madison (Melanie Vallejo) was only the second female to wear the Blue Ranger garb. She didn’t just get to be your standard, run of the mill Ranger either, but one with magical abilities that included channeling what a mermaid could do and, like the other Rangers in the Mystic Force season, the ability to actually become her zord instead of just piloting it. Compared to her sister, who was the Pink Ranger on the team, Madison was much more level headed. Unlike Vida, she wasn’t prone to rushing into situations, usually stopping to consider her options first. She was also consistently pegged as one of the kindest members of the team.

The only real downside to Madison is that, despite her being a main character, the audience doesn’t really get to know her very well. She was shy and spent a lot of her time filming those around her and allowing everyone else to get the spotlight. While that made her a great team player, it didn’t make her a standout Blue Ranger.  

8 Ethan James (Dino Thunder)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder Blue Ranger Ethan

An avid gamer with a strong interest in technology, Ethan (Kevin Duhaney) has a lot in common with original Blue Ranger Billy Cranston. Given that the Dino Thunder season intentionally provided fans with callbacks to the Mighty Morphin era, complete with original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver as a teacher, that’s not too surprising. Despite his similarities, Ethan was most definitely his own man.

Ethan was ready to stand up to bullies, whether they were in high school hallways or monsters outside of them. As a member of the Dino Thunder team, the energem he used also gave him an extra ability - impenetrable skin. Anyone who has seen Luke Cage knows how useful that superpower can be. In Ethan’s case, though, when he used his extra ability, his skin hardened like scales and turned slightly blue.

His biggest flaw was an insistence on taking the easy way out. Entering a contest? Ethan didn’t think he needed to practice if he’d already won a similar contest in the past. Playing a video game? Ethan thought cheat codes were no big deal -- until he got sucked into a video game courtesy of a monster and learned his lesson. His penchant for technology also made him something of a Power Ranger legacy. A few decades after he was a Ranger, software he developed was used by the SPD Rangers in the field.

7 Kai (Lost Galaxy)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Blue Ranger Kai

Kai (Archie Kao) was used to following a very strict set of rules. As the child of military parents, and as a navigation officer aboard the Terra Venture, it was important that he always stay within the set parameters. Beginning the series as someone rigid and afraid of breaking those existing rules, it took a long time for Kai to trust his instincts, despite breaking one major rule in the very first episode Lost Galaxy; he took the Astro Megaship, which was serving as a museum instead of an active spaceship, out to rescue his friends.

Once Kai learned to better trust his instincts, he was able to take the reigns more effectively as a Power Ranger and a navigation officer. Not only was he second in command of the Lost Galaxy team, but he was also next in line to lead the colony. When Terra Venture’s captain was influenced by a monster to lead the colony into danger, Kai was the only one who stood up to him, and as a result, he was the one left in charge of day-to-day operations when the captain needed the day off. That’s a lot of extra responsibility for a Power Ranger!

6 TJ (In Space)

Power Rangers In Space Blue Ranger TJ

Like Rocky before him, TJ (Selwyn Ward) found himself facing a demotion on his second Power Rangers team. He was handpicked by Tommy Oliver to become the next Red Ranger on the Turbo team, but when the Rangers lost their abilities and followed Zordon to space, there was already a Red Ranger flying the Astro Megaship, using his own resources to fight evil and search for his sister. As a result, TJ became the Blue Ranger and the second position Ranger on the team. TJ wasn’t disappointed with the step-down, however. Always a team player, he’d wanted to be a Power Ranger since he was a little boy, so he was just happy to get to do the job.

TJ was also still the first to put himself in the line of fire for his team. As a result, TJ ended up seriously injured more often than the rest of the team members did. In fact, two of those serious injuries were blows to the head; one left him with amnesia for a while, and the other put him in intensive care. Talk about taking one for the team!

5 Chad Lee (Lightspeed Rescue)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Blue Ranger Chad

Chad (Michael Chaturantabut) is known mainly for his skills in the water, which is a definite asset, since the Power Rangers have an underwater base in Lightspeed Rescue. Previously working in a marine park show and studying karate under a master, Chad was hand picked for Lightspeed Rescue by the commander of the program. He proved his worth by repeatedly taking on monsters on his own.

Chad was also the first Power Ranger to discover that mermaids were real. He met Marina, the daughter of Neptune, while out surfing and stopping beachgoers from dumping their trash in the water. The two would become close friends and even work together to get her father’s trident back. He’s also the first Blue Ranger that was part of the core team in the franchise to get his own armor like the Red Ranger’s Battlizer, which would become more common in later generations of Rangers.

4 Kevin (Samurai)

Power Rangers Samurai Blue Ranger Kevin

It’s hard to imagine a more devoted Power Ranger than Kevin (Najee De-Tiege). Trained practically from birth in the way of the Samurai by his father, Kevin knew the ins and outs of all things Power Rangers. He also gave up the possibility of a career as an Olympic swimmer to become a member of the Samurai team. While that devotion is admirable, it also means that sometimes, he doesn’t know when to take a breath and relax.

In addition to his devotion, Kevin also had a head for strategy and mechanics. It was Kevin who, while laid up in bed recovering from an injury, actually sketched out plans for combining zords to help the Rangers in later fights. Kevin was also the Ranger responsible for tracking down and securing the Swordfish Zord when the entire rest of the team was incapacitated. He’s a huge asset to this particular group of Rangers.

3 Noah Carver (Megaforce)

Power Rangers Megaforce Blue Ranger Noah

Noah (John Mark Loudermilk) was, like so many of the Blue Rangers on this list, something of a techie. He loved science and technology and spent most of his time immersed in his studies before becoming a Power Ranger. He might not have been the most physically coordinated of the team, but he was always ready with a plan to help them save the day, and he was always ready to step up to the plate, no matter how difficult the challenge.

At several points throughout the Megaforce season, Noah doubted whether or not he was really cut out to be a Power Ranger. While that led to a few episodes with his teammates giving him different versions of a confidence boost, it also meant that Noah trained harder as the season progressed. Much like the original Blue Ranger Billy, Noah had a definite skill arc on the show, gradually becoming more confident in his fighting skills and more competent in a one-on-one match against the villains.

2 Billy Cranston (Mighty Morphin)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Blue Ranger Billy

The Blue Ranger who started it all, Billy Cranston (David Yost) also happens to be the Blue Ranger with the most episodes under his belt.

Billy began the series as someone who didn’t know how to fight, though there was no question that he was the smartest person in Angel Grove. He took martial arts lessons from Jason, who would go on to become the Red Ranger, so that he could learn to defend himself. Once becoming the Blue Ranger, his skills gradually increased over time, but he made one lasting contribution to the team when he designed their communicators. The communicators didn’t just put the Power Rangers in contact with the Command Center either; the Rangers could also use them to teleport without asking Zordon or Alpha-5 to bring them in.

Following his Mighty Morphin Power Rangers days, Billy didn’t get to continue his Blue Ranger status when the zeo crystal gave the Rangers a new set of powers. Instead, the significantly less popular Rocky stepped into the role. That didn’t stop Billy from aiding the heroes of Earth, however. He continued to advise them in a technical capacity, finding ways to help them without suiting up. He also worked to help the Alien Rangers of Aquitar find a way to survive for longer stretches of time on Earth and even, eventually, was called to Aquitar to help them with a problem on their home planet. Ultimately, Billy decided to remain on Aquitar and live out his days there. Presumably, he kept advising the Rangers the same way he did those on Earth.

1 Tori Hanson (Ninja Storm)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Blue Ranger Tori

That's right, folks, the first female Blue Ranger in the history of the franchise nabs the top spot on the list. Tori (Sally Martin) was not only a Power Ranger, but due to the nature of the season she appeared in, she was a specialized ninja as well. Her abilities allowed her to move faster and jump higher than most humans, resist mental manipulation, and with the added master of water, she could use the wet stuff as a projectile in a fight or even run across it as if it was solid ground.

She had a vast array of tricks up her sleeve as a Power Ranger, but that’s not all! She was the only member of the Ninja Storm team actually confirmed to still be in school during the season, as she was the only one shown studying or doing any kind of homework at all. While the rest of her team was able to focus on their Ranger duties, she also had to tend to her academic life.

Tori is also the only member of the Ninja Storm team to participate in three different team up episodes. She, along with her fellow Ninja Stormers, take part in a team-up with the Dino Thunder Rangers, and, like all the other teams, in “The Legendary Battle” with the Megaforce Rangers. After losing her abilities like the rest of her team at the end of the season, she opened up her own surf shop. It was while living as a civilian that she was called on by the Sentinel Knight to help the Overdrive Rangers and given her powers back. She was the only member of her team to return to Ranger status post-Ninja Storm.

After her days as a Power Ranger were over, Tori also became a teacher at the academy where she learned most of her ninja skills, passing on her talents to the next generation of warriors. 


How did your favorite Blue Ranger do? Do Rocky and Justin get too much hate from the fandom, or are they deserving of their bottom of the barrel status? Let us know in the comments!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is currently airing on Nickelodeon. The other 20 Blue Rangers on the list can be seen in every Power Rangers series, streaming now on Netflix. You can also catch the newest version of Billy Cranston, played by RJ Cyler, in Saban’s Power Rangers, which is currently playing in theaters.

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