Gail Simone Wants to Write a Power Rangers Movie

Comic book writer Gail Simone appears interested in potentially writing the script for the Power Rangers sequel, should there be another installment. Dean Israelite's Power Rangers reboot released earlier this year, two decades after the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on television. Considering the recent trend of rebooting beloved properties with darker and grittier elements in mind, it wasn't too surprising that Lionsgate and Saban Films attempted to revive the Power Rangers franchise with modern audiences, especially since there has been an influx of superhero movies in recent years.

Although their attempt at rebooting Power Rangers scored well with casual moviegoers and longtime fans, the vast majority of critics were dissatisfied with the movie, citing the reboot's lack of campiness that the original series (and movies) were known for having. In fact, some of the original show's cast members echoed those same sentiments. From the get-go, it was no secret that the studios wanted to take the franchise in a different direction, one that worked more with modern moviegoers, and also one that took many liberties with the source material. Just because that formula didn't work with critics, that doesn't mean Power Rangers didn't find an audience somewhere (note the contrast between critics' Rotten Tomatoes score of 46 percent versus audiences' score of 70 percent).

Power Rangers released on home video last week (and it has already topped home video sales), and it seems like Gail Simone found herself watching Israelite's Power Rangers reboot over the holiday weekend. As it turns out, she fell in love with the characters (her favorite scene being the coffee shop scene with Naomi Scott's Kimberly and Becky G's Trini), so much that she now wants to write the sequel's screenplay.

Damn, this is weird, but I am actually invested in the kids' lives in this Power Rangers movie. How did this happen?

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) July 4, 2017

Dang it, now I want to write the Power Rangers.

— GAIL SIMONE (@GailSimone) July 4, 2017

For those that don't know, Simone is an iconic comic book writer whose bibliography includes runs for characters such as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey, and even Deadpool. She also has experience writing screenplays and teleplays for productions such as Wonder Woman (2009), Birds of Prey, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Given her résumé, if there's anyone who could effectively modernize the Power Rangers for wider audiences, it's Simone. The question is, will there be another Power Rangers movie?

Lionsgate and Saban Films initially planned on Israelite's reboot on launching an entirely new movie series, one that could compete with the industry's other superhero movies (and potentially fill the void left open by The Hunger Games' conclusion in 2015). However, the movie failed to rake in enough money -- grossing $140.2 million worldwide, against an estimated production budget of $100 million -- to immediately justify another chapter. Still, thanks to merchandise sales, there's still hope for another Power Rangers movie. We'll just have to wait and see if that happens or note -- and whether Simone is involved.

Power Rangers is now available on Blu-ray and digital.

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