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Power Rangers (2017) Trailer #2

The Power Rangers are some of the most beloved TV characters for those that grew up with the team in the '90s. Now, after years on the small screen, the young heroes are finally being given a chance to show what they can do on the big screen with Power Rangers. With a movie adaptation comes plenty of benefits, such as an increased budget to raise the VFX, the settings, and more importantly the costumes and Zords.

The high tech look of the costumes and Zords for Power Rangers has been a polarizing topic for some. While there are those that appreciate the studio for upgrading the suits, those upgrades have come with the cost of continuous comparisons to Iron Man's suit. Even though the first teaser trailer did not give a full look at them, the first full trailer showed them in their full glory - whether that be action scenes, inside the Zords, or simply showing off the new designs. Now, the latest piece of marketing has provided another look at the team assembled in their suits.

Power Rangers Now unveiled a new poster for the film that features every Ranger suited up and ready to try to save the world. This poster follows the release of one featuring both the Rangers and their Zords prominently, but for the purposes of this one, it is the Rangers themselves that are the focus.

Power Rangers Go Go Team Poster

This latest poster continues to put every Ranger in the front of the marketing, as they should be, and continues to solidify that Jason aka the Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) will be the leader of the new team. As for the rest of the Rangers, their roles within the team as they pertain to the movie adaptation have not been made blatantly clear. Billy aka the Blue Ranger (RJ Cyler) could be the comedian of the group; Trini aka the Yellow Ranger (Becky G) looks to be more rebellious than the rest; Kimberly aka the Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott) is trying to find who she is; and Zack aka the Black Ranger (Ludi Lin) may be the loner.

Regardless of how each character operates within the team, hopefully this recent influx of promotional material will be capped off with a brand new trailer released during Super Bowl LI. Power Rangers is among the list of expected properties to be featured in some capacity during the big game, so hopefully they come prepared with new footage to boost excitement on a large stage, and not use recycled material that may have already turned some away.

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Source: Power Rangers Now

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