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After over two decades of popularity as a television show and a series of movies, Power Rangers is getting a reboot thanks to a new film from Saban and Lionsgate. The film will reinvent a number of the classic characters and concepts, giving the story a more alien approach as it explores the franchise's misfit heroes and the villainous Rita Repulsa. A recent TV spot put the focus on Rita, while an international trailer teased the story of the new film and the powers the Rangers will have.

For Rita's part, we know some of her might will come from Goldar. Her henchman in the original series, a fan theory based on the reveal of a toy made it look like the new Goldar would be Rita's Zord. We now know it will act more as an extension of the rogue, causing even more trouble for the Rangers. Though there will be five of them, they're still just figuring out their powers. Part of the story will involve them discovering their abilities, something that's teased in a new clip from the film.

Released by Lionsgate, the clip up top shows a scene where the Rangers head underwater in search of their burgeoning abilities. Directly preceding a clip we saw earlier this week, the aquatic scene will lead them to Zordon's lair where they'll discover what it means to be a Power Ranger. Black Ranger actor Ludi Lin also took to Twitter to share some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, which you can check out below.

Amazing shots by our film crew during our underwater scene! "Underwater" teaser here: #PowerRangersMovie

— LudiLin (@ludi_lin) March 10, 2017


Between the two clips, we get an idea of how the Rangers transition from wayward teenagers to powerful warriors will manifest. While the clips don't give too much away, they do tease the scope of the film. With a mix between practical sets and plenty of CGI, the film's estimated $105 million budget should result in an action-packed film full of plenty of spectacle. Hopefully, it'll be accompanied by plenty of strong character work as well, or else the budding franchise likely won't take off the way the studio intends.

Though the film is just two weeks away from being released, many fans are more than eager to see it already. After years of waiting, Power Rangers die-hards are excited for the reinterpretation to take the kid-friendly franchise to a new level. While you not-so-patiently await the film's debut, check out our list of similar movies to get you excited for when Power Rangers hits theaters at the end of the month.


Source: Lionsgate and Ludi Lin

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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