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After years of success as a TV series, Power Rangers is once again making the leap to the big screen. In the two decades since the last theatrical release from the franchise, things have changed across the genre and superhero landscape. As such, the new movie will provide updated takes on the Rangers, their villains, and even their Zords. The move will be in an effort to not only modernize the franchise, but give it a unique look among all the other action-packed blockbusters audiences get to experience each year.

Part of that modernizing has also affected the story. We've recently learned that the franchise would be making some firsts in the superhero movie genre, by focusing on issues of autism and the LGBTQ community. By doing so, they'll provide a new generation of marginalized kids with a voice, all while delivering the same action and adventure fans of Power Rangers have come to expect. So far, however, the movie's updated approach to the family-friendly-franchise has been met with mixed reviews. We'll still have to wait a few more days to know whether fans are more forgiving of the film's flaws than critics, but it hasn't hampered the excitement around the movie.

To keep the interest alive, CBR has unveiled some exclusive images from the new film, giving us our best looks yet at a number of characters. You can check them out in the gallery below:

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In the images, we get some up close and personal looks at the new suits of the Rangers. The Red Ranger in particular gets to show off his new costume, which looks quite different from the one Bryan Cranston recently dressed up in on TV. The details are exquisite, calling back to the original designs from the show while updating the look to be more practical. You can not only see the cosmic energy flowing in the chest emblem, but where the bulkier armor gives way to an under-suit similar to Superman's in the DCEU.


We also get to see Rita taking on the Yellow Ranger out of costume. This shot looks to be related to a clip we saw last week, where the villain attacks the hero in her home. We also see four out of the five rangers out of costume, presumably when they discover Zordon's Command Center. There's also a shot of the Blue Ranger up close, with the Black Ranger in the background. The coolest image, however, has to be the one of the Red Ranger with his sword arm. A nod to his weapon of choice on the TV show, it looks like this new blade will come straight from his suit.

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Source: CBR

Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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