Original Green & Pink Ranger Cameo in Power Rangers Deleted Scene

The original pink and green rangers nearly had a very different cameo in Power Rangers. With so many films and TV shows getting remakes or reboots, it's become common for actors from the original version to appear in small cameos. Nearly every lead role from the original Ghostbusters popped up in the recent version of the film. On Supergirl and The FlashHelen Slater and John Wesley Shipp play the superhero's parents - and both played those same heroes previously. And at the end of Power Rangers Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank - the actors who played the original Pink and Green Rangers - were at the front of the crowd taking pictures after the Rangers saved the day.

On the series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Kimberly and Tommy we fellow rangers, and also romantically interested in each other. Their love story survived Tommy being evil and multiple other obstacles. Eventually they both left the Power Rangers behind, though Tommy returned a few times and as several different types of Rangers - with several different colored uniforms as well.

While fans enjoyed their cameo in the new movie, Jason David Frank recently took to Instagram to show that they could have popped up someplace else entirely. He shared a deleted scene from the film, which featured an alternate cameo from him and Johnson.

We shot two cameos for the @powerrangersmovie. Unfortunately this one was cut to make a better one, but at least I have long hair in this deleted scene @atothedoublej @powerrangersmovie @lionsgate @powerrangers #powerrangers #powerrangersmovie #powerrangerscameo #tommyoliver #kimberlyhart

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The scene is a cute one, where Kimberly and Trini use their newfound Ranger skills to playfully fight over the last bite of food at a restaurant. When the girls stop showing off, they realize that a couple of people saw them. Those people - seated at a nearby table - were played by Frank and Johnson. As Frank pointed out when posting the video, his hair was long when they filmed this scene, but short by the time their other cameo was filmed.

It should also be noted that in this scene, both Frank and Johnson appear to be in jackets that match their original ranger colors, green and pink. Though since the restaurant light is pink, it is possible that Johnson's jacket is actually white and the light pink is just a reflection. The jacket colors follow the show's tradition of always having the rangers wear at least one article of clothing that is the same color as their Ranger color.

Since their time on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, both Frank and Johnson have remained busy. He stayed with the show through several incarnations and returned a few times over the years. Frank is also a mixed martial artist. Meanwhile, Johnson had lead roles on Felicity and Flashpoint. She also has a singing career, and is directing her first full-length film - The Space Between.

No matter which scene, it's a treat for longtime fans to see Frank and Johnson in Power Rangers. While they've both had fantastic careers, it's nice that they got to go back to where it all began - if only for a moment.

Power Rangers will be available on Blu-ray June 27, 2017.

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Source: Jason David Frank

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