Power Rangers: Dacre Montgomery Cast as the Red Ranger

Power Rangers (2017) - Dacre Montgomery cast as Red Ranger

While the new Power Rangers movie won’t be coming out until 2017, a new casting announcement has revealed that the Rangers have found their leader. However, the announcement brings up some questions about the new film: Will they be mighty? Will they be morphin?

Bringing the Power Rangers to the big screen for the third time, Lionsgate and Saban have trusted screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (ThorX-Men: First Class) and director Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) to helm the new movie. With the Pink Ranger already announced, the Power Rangers movie have already begun to assemble their new team when production begins in early 2016.

Announcing through Twitter, the official Power Rangers account revealed that the new Red Ranger has been found, in the form of Dacre Montgomery (see below). With only a short and TV movie to his credit, Montgomery has been picked out of relative obscurity to play the lead role in the movie.

Every #PowerRangers squad needs a leader. Welcome Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger in the 2017 #PowerRangersMovie!

— Power Rangers (@PowerRangers) October 20, 2015

For those who have not kept up with the show since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there have been a total of 22 seasons of Power Rangers with 19 different Ranger teams. Currently, there is one Power Rangers show airing as we speak, Power Rangers Dino Charge, which began premiering episodes on Nickelodeon in February 2015. With a Power Rangers show airing on television, there stands to be a possibility that the TV show and the new movie could overlap.

Power Rangers Wild Force TV Series (2002)
Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

While earlier news seem to confirm that the new Power Rangers movie would be a reboot of the Mighty Morphin version of Power Rangers, it seems like that might not be the case. Casting news for the new Power Rangers movie have been quite strategic in how they have announced these new Rangers - making sure to avoid the actual names of the Rangers. As such, it's possible those rumors that the movie will follow the continuity of the most recent Rangers television show (rather than reboot MMPR) might be accurate.

While many fans of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers might be disappointed by this news, aligning the movie with the current TV show would make more sense to drive the younger TV viewers to the theater - while still attracting fans who grew up watching the original show in the '90s. Hopefully, we will find out for certain if that is, in fact, the case, sooner than later.

Power Rangers opens in U.S. theaters on January 13th, 2017.

Source: Lionsgate/Saban

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