Power Rangers: Becky Gomez Cast as the Yellow Ranger [Updated]

Power Rangers movie - Becky Gomez cast as the Yellow Ranger

The Power Rangers are headed back to the big screen, in a 2017 feature film rumored to be titled Saban's Power Rangers. Saban and Lionsgate - which are producing the movie together - have yet to confirm any plot details from the script by Ashley Miller and Zach Stentz (X-Men: First Class, Thor). However, if recent reports on the matter are accurate, the project will fit in with the current continuity of the Power Rangers franchise and pick up sometime after the events of the most recent TV series installment, titled Power Rangers Dino Charge.

If nothing else, we can now formally confirm the main cast lineup for the 2017 Power Rangers movie - as the final of the (assumed to be) five main Ranger actors in the film has been formally announced.

Lionsgate/Saban have announced (via the official Power Rangers accounts on Twitter and Instagram) that the Yellow Ranger in in the upcoming Power Rangers movie will be played by the pop music star Rebecca Marie Gomez - a.k.a. Becky G. or Becky Gomez, as she is referred to in the Power Rangers casting reveal, embedded below:

#BeckyG (@iambeckyg) is going to be bringing the action as the #YellowRanger in the @PowerRangersMovie! Let the countdown to 2017 begin.

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UPDATE: The official names for the characters in the 2017 Power Rangers movie have been revealed, so it looks like the final lineup will be as follows:

  • Jason (Dacre Montgomery) – The Red Ranger/Tyrannosaurus
  • Kimberly (Naomi Scott) – The Pink Ranger/Pterodactyl
  • Billy (RJ Cyler) – The Blue Ranger/Triceratops
  • Zack (Ludi Lin) – The Black Ranger/Mastodon
  • Trini (Becky Gomez) – The Yellow Ranger/Sabre-Tooth Tiger

NOTE: The rest of this report has not been changed to reflect the above update.

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Power Rangers movie director Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) will reportedly be working from a $35 million budget on the project - meaning, the film may bear a resemblance to the recent TV iterations of the franchise, in terms of the action and spectacle, rather than being the big-budget re-imagining of the Power Rangers property that some fans have been hoping for.

Collider is also reporting that Saban will continue to push the Power Rangers TV series brand too, as a deal has reportedly been set for the 24th Rangers TV show season overall (one titled Power Rangers Shuriken and based on the Japanese TV series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger) to premiere on Netflix. We await more official details on both the 2017 Power Rangers movie and the next TV show alike, but for now these signs don't indicate that Saban is looking to re-invent the franchise over the next few years so much as reinvigorate it - and, in turn, expand the fanbase, in the process.

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Saban's Power Rangers opens in U.S. theaters on January 13th, 2017.

Source: Lionsgate/Saban, Collider

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