Power Rangers 2 May Yet Happen, Thanks to Toy Sales

A Power Rangers movie sequel could still happen, thanks to the massive amount of toy sales that the franchise has enjoyed.

A Power Rangers sequel could still happen, despite the first movie's box office under-performance. The big screen reboot of Saban's Power Rangers didn't exactly go as planned; the movie received mixed reviews, grossing a meager $85 million domestically. Though it enjoyed a healthy opening weekend, ticket sales quickly slumped.  In China, where expectations were high, Power Rangers didn't fare well at all, taking just $1.2 million on its opening day, and a total of $4.2 million thus far. Altogether, that puts Power Rangers with a global figure of around $140 million.

Figures like that sadly mean any subsequent Power Rangers movie sequels are unlikely - something director Dean Israelite couldn't have been expecting, when he added a mid-credits scene that hinted at the arrival of the Green Ranger in future movies in Power Rangers. In fact, it wasn't just one Power Rangers sequel planned; multiple movies were rumored. Hope is not lost, though, because ultimately, Power Rangers' toy sales could be its saving grace.

The main cast of Power Rangers and Alpha 5 (Bill Hader)

A report by Toy News states that NPD data has Power Rangers listed as the number one action figures brand, with a massive increase in sales this past year. In the last year to date, figures are up 122.8%, with April 2017 listed as an increase of 185.9% on the same month in 2016. That puts Power Rangers as the 11th best seller across all toy properties. In fairness, those figures cannot all be attributable to the Power Rangers movie; Power Rangers: Ninja Steel has enjoyed huge popularity on Nickelodeon this year, with a second season, Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel, confirmed for 2018.

Given that kids are reliant on adults taking them to the movies, and Power Rangers was rated PG-13, it seems likely that Power Rangers: Ninja Steel is why the toy sales have lifted so massively; kids can enjoy free access to the show whenever they like. However, such an increase can only be looked upon favorably by Hollywood execs, who might just think a second movie in the franchise will be viable, especially if they can tie its release to the back of a Ninja Steel season.

Power Rangers is, arguably, deserving of a sequel due to its groundbreaking depiction of superheroes, which is hugely influential to a young audience. The Blue Ranger, Billy, lives with Autism, while the Yellow Ranger, Trini, identifies on the LGBT spectrum. Going forward, if another Power Rangers movie does happen, it can only be a good thing for these characters stories to be expanded upon.

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Source: Toy News

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  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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