Power Rangers Actor Would Like to See A Female Tommy Oliver

Saban/ Lionsgate's Power Rangers movie teased the arrival of Tommy Oliver, aka the Green Ranger in subsequent installments, but didn't specify if the character would be a male or a female. However, one of the movie's cast members would like to see a female tackle the role. As it stands, the future of the franchise is uncertain given Power Rangers' box office performance, but there are certainly plenty of people out there who would like to see at least one more Power Rangers movie.

The arrival of the Green Ranger was set up in a post-credits scene at the end of the movie when Tommy's name appears on the Saturday detention roll-call. A shot of an empty desk is shown, with a green jacket slung over the chair, and the implication of their arrival in the future is clear. What's not clear, though, is the gender of Tommy. The original Green Ranger was male and played by Jason David Frank, but current Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) threw a spanner in the works when he stated that he and the rest of the cast would like to see a female take up the mantle and even out the gender balance within the team. Speaking to Screen Rant, Blue Ranger actor RJ Cyler echoed a similar sentiment when we asked if Tommy should be male or female:

"You know? I think Tommy as a girl would be so dang cool! Either way, Tommy as a character is so cool. If they switched it up and made Tommy Oliver into a girl? I would lose my mind."

Cyler's comments only serve to reinforce Montgomery's comments, and though it's far from confirmation that the future Tommy Oliver wold be female, it's certainly something that could be a really fun direction for the franchise to go in. After all, we are in an age where women supposed to be treated as equally as their male counterparts, so a third female Ranger wouldn't weaken the team in any way. If anything, it would enhance it, since there would be an even mix of guys and girls, and that would surely make for a more cohesive team.

Played by Jason David Frank in the original series, Tommy Oliver became one of the most popular incarnations of Power Rangers to date, so anyone- male or female- who takes on the role in the future, will have quite a tough act to follow. Power Ranger's future is unclear, and director Dean Israelite took a risk in not introducing Tommy in the first movie. It would be really great if the franchise had the chance to introduce him or her next time around, and we could see how the team cope with the arrival of a new Ranger.

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Power Rangers is out on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD from June 27th.

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