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Power Rangers Zords Rising VR poster

'90s kids everywhere are rejoicing as Power Rangers is mere months away from its highly anticipated return to the big screen. As seen in numerous images, as well as the film's viral trailer, the Rangers and company will be sporting an updated look as the franchise looks to adapt in the 21st century. Additionally, news of a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers video game also hit the web last year, leaving fans excited for a potential full-on revival for the franchise.

Recent weeks have been booming with Power Rangers-related headlines – such as our first look at Bryan Cranston's Zordon as well as a potential tease for fan-favorite henchmen, putty patrollers – but the franchise's latest endeavor gives the world its first look at the heroes in virtual reality (VR).

ComicBook reports that a new VR experience titled Power Rangers Zords Rising will be available to try for both fans and press in attendance at this week's CES conference. Qualcomm and Lionsgate, both of which have teamed up to create this experience, are giving fans at home a little something to sink their teeth into as well. In fact, the two companies have just released a brand new poster (below) for Zords Rising featuring the Rangers as well as their robotic assistant Alpha 5.

Power Rangers Zords Rising VR

Whether or not this experience will be heading to home VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and PlayStaytion VR remains to be seen, but Lionsgate did release a statement concerning its partnership with Qualcomm Technologies.

We're delighted to team with Qualcomm Technologies on a virtual reality experience that will bring fans closer to the action of Saban's Power Rangers as they prepare for the film to arrive on the big screen. Qualcomm Technologies' cutting-edge VR technology provides a platform for a compelling Power Rangers experience and represents a major evolution in the fidelity and immersion made possible through mobile VR.

Virtual reality sparked some of 2016's biggest tech-related conversations, and while headsets have yet to see monumental mainstream success, many insiders still maintain that this technology is the future of gaming and potentially even film. For a franchise looking to assert itself back into the public consciousness before the release of a major Hollywood blockbuster, a Power Rangers VR experience could certainly create buzz inside the tech sector. An overall boost in brand recognition for moviegoing audiences as a result of this partnership, however, might be a bit of a stretch.

For those attending this week's CES conference, Power Rangers Zords Rising will be available to experience in VR at the Qualcomm booth #10948. So, head on over and try it out for yourselves.


Key Release Dates
  • Power Rangers (2017) release date: Mar 24, 2017
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